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Nothing much going on

I'm sitting here at work with nothing really to do. Things have been slow here for the last week or so. Things are in the process of picking up but as of this moment I have nothing to do.

I feel like a little piggy this week. I've been eating slightly out of control and have been slacking a bit in the exercise department. Today I begin a new plan. I will eat 1500 calories a day. Once those are gone that's it!! I will exercise 2x a day and begin weight training again. I'm going to do aerobics in the morning and lift weights at night while I'm watching tv.

I'm also determined to get my craft business going. I went through all my stuff last night and found a number of projects I can finish and sell; so I am. This weekend I want to work on getting a website up and running and start selling this stuff. I know it will be slow starting that's why I want to get it up and running since it will take time to really catch on. So I'm going to be busy at night …