24 December 2004

Planning for the New Year

So I've begun my plan for the New Year. I want to accomplish 3 things this year:
1) Begin running again and enter some races
2) Enter some sprint triathalons
3) Lose the last 12 lbs and make my goal weight.

Now that the money is in order and I can stop thinking about that it's time to focus on me. I bought a couple of books today on running and triathalon training. Over the next week I'm going to read them; develop a training plan and develop an eating plan so I can succeed in my goals. I will do all the necessary shopping and stocking and get all the prep and mental work done. Then on January 3rd the real work begins. Now I did this last year with the Firm workouts and that worked well. I lost 20lbs over the course of the year and developed some serious muscles. Well, now it's time to take it to the next level.

Okay, back to reading up on training :)

The sun came out this morning......

I know this is a weight loss blog but I just have to celebrate. I got my bonus today, it was more than I thought it would be and it's enough to get everything caught up. I'm so excited; and relieved. I can now get caught up on all the bills and start the year clean. I have a plan to get everything paid off in a year so by June of 2006 we'll only have Charlie's truck payment. I'm so stoked I just can't believe it. It's the beginning of the end. By 2007 we can buy a place - woo hoo!!! I can't believe things are working out so well!!! They are working just like I planned them too all becaue I believed that it would work out. I'm going to get my business up and running and making a little extra money on the side. Finally, things are really looking up!!!!

22 December 2004

Everything is not political.

I was cruising through some blogs and came across some folks who are not going to link to Amazon.com anymore because they donated 61% of their donations to Republicans; where does the other 39% go????. BUT, it's okay for Barnes & Noble to donate 98% of their donations to Democrats; and their remaining 2%???. I just get so sick and tired of how everything gets turned into a political issue. Abortion is the prime example in my opinion. Abortion is something between a woman, her partner, and her god. I think it's not the best choice but I will tell you what, if I want an abortion; even if it's illegal; I'm getting one. It's the same with stem cell research. I'm very sorry about Chris Reeves but why the hell should we spend tax dollars on basically an injury that was self-inflicted???? Yes, I know, I evil, cold, uncaring, whateva!!!! I think people should absolutely stand up for what they believe but if you want me to read; buy whatever, keep your politics to yourself. I will never under any conditions buy a Japanese car but I don't sit and rag on Japan all time (although I could believe me!!!).

Okay, so all the blogs are talking about setting a date to restart their healthy eating program. That definitely has some appeal especially since I'm PMSing and in no mood to pay attention to anything. On the other hand, I really want to reach 155 by New Years. Tomorrow we are doing lunch so that is kind of shot. I don't know.... We are really not doing anything special, we're not even going out to dinner Christmas eve like usual so it seems silly to write off my eating program just because it's Christmas. So that settles it; I'll stick to my program the best I can.

Now, my next problem is having to find a dentist cause my tooth is acting up..........

21 December 2004

Monday, Monday

It's the final Monday before Christmas; can you believe it??? Today was good. I have seen the body I want (not sure I'll ever get it but it's something to shoot for). I don't want to be fat anymore. I don't want to feel fat anymore. I don't want to have to work so hard to lose; I want to work to maintain. I'm going to work really hard to get there. I want to be thin. I want to be at goal. I want to feel thin all the time. Okay, enough whining!!! I think I have PMS and that's why I'm so down on myself... Otherwise it's been a great day and I have to focus on that....

19 December 2004

It's a brand new day!!!

So far so good today. I got up and did my new Crunch Boot Camp; whew, what a workout!!!
Went to work and then went out to breakfast with Charlie. Did over eat a little BUT I ended up not having lunch, so I guess it really balances out. I am however, ready for dinner.

It's been a good rest of the day too. I got lots of coconuts done. 5 will be ready to send Tuesday and the rest will be ready to go by Wednesday. Some may not arrive by Christmas but they will be there by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'm addressing my website: www.dakinelocalstuff.com to the folks I send the coconuts to so they know who it is and what's going on. It's funny how ambition goes in cycles. Some days, like today, I'm a whirling dervish and get tons done. Other days I just can't be bothered. Oh well, as long as they get done. I'm going to read some blogs now and then go hunt down dinner...

Okay, so I'm really, really serious this time...

Tomorrow I start anew. I did pretty good last week, I just want to do better this week. Today I purchased 4 new workout DVD's; Crunch Dance Party, Crunch Boot Camp Training, Karen Voight Core Essential Fusion, and The Lotte Berk Method Basic Essentials. I've read in a number of different places that Crunch Dance Party is a great workout and fun, so I decided to get it. So tomorrow I become really serious again. I will exercise when I get up; one of my new ones, and I will eat well all day. We are going out to breakfast and I will eat but most likely then I won't eat lunch. I will cook some stuff tomorrow so I have food for the week. It's a short week and then it's Christmas. I plan on doing some serious exercise next week and over the 3 day weekend. I will hit 155 by New Years........

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