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This may get gross... You've been warned!!!!

So my activity this week has been awesome. Aerobics in the morning, running or aerobics at night, and I'm feeling incredible. My legs feel strong and firm; my back feels full of muscles; my arms feel thin and muscular; but my stomach feels terrible.

My lower abdomen feels full and slightly painful. The running causes more activity in the intestinal tract and the adjustment is not always pleasant. Apparently all the up and down pounding loosens some things and compacts others. I know this is disgusting but it's been a really problem this week.

On a good note, my flap of fat that hangs off my lower stomach seems that it may be on it's way out. I've noticed that things like this tend to get looser and larger before they leave and that's what is happening. It's much looser than it was last week and I think of it in this way; this bunch of fat had a death grip on my muscles/organs. Now the muscles/organs have broken free of the fat and the fat is just blowing in t…

The new year is 4 days old

and I am already loving it. I have exercised every day of the new year so far and my eating has been darn good. I'm very, very pleased with myself.

I've signed up with for a couple of races already. I figure this will keep my training on track. I want to run 3 days a week and I want to do the Maui marathon in September. My first race is Sunday, a 5k that should be fun. I ran tonight on the treadmill and did really well. Of course, watching The Biggest Loser while your training is the way to go.....

I have noticed some effects of my training already. My legs are feeling the work. I really hope my thighs get thinner. I think my stomach is shrinking. I have this little flap of fat that I am bound and determined to get rid of. It's getting smaller and flappier and I think that's a good sign. I will not quit until it's gone forever.

It's kind of scary and exciting to realize I am going to reach my goal. I am going to get to my goal weight and for the first time in …