29 January 2005

Lucky I live Hawaii

This is what I woke up to this morning. A beautiful sunrise over a beautiful ocean in the most amazing colors (the picture doesn't do it justice).

So, I've given myself a break and taken the last few days off. I realized this morning I have a race next Sunday that I hope to place in. So, after being greeted with this sight today I have decided to use it as the signal for a new start. I am going to the open market today to stock up on veggies. I am going to plan out my meals for the week. I'm going to do some cooking to make sure I have stuff and starting tomorrow I'm getting right back on track.

As I was laying in bed last night I realized I was having trouble falling asleep. Now I NEVER have trouble falling asleep. But I haven't exercised since like Tuesday and it's starting to effect my normal routine. When I exercise I sleep much better and fall asleep much faster. I also wake up much easier. Okay, that's it. Today is a day of planning and preparing and tomorrow it begins once again. I'll be back later to post my specific game plan for the week.

Now, it's off to the open market!!!!!

28 January 2005

Here is DH and I. I kind of like this picture. We don't have many pictures of us together as one of us is usually taking the picture.

I've given myself some time off but I think I may be nearing the end of that. I'm starting to feel like I need to exercise again. I need to get back on track and start making better choices. The 1/2 container of Hagen Daazs I just ate was not the best choice I've make all week......

And when I die, and when I'm gone......

I am going to die at 88. When are you? Click here to find out!

Since I'm 45 I have half my life left. I guess I better take good are of myself :)

27 January 2005

What the hell is going on???

I really don't know what's happening. I didn't exercise last night and I blew it off again this morning. I usually look forward to exercise but this week I've just had zero motivation. Maybe instead of fighting it I should just give in to it and go with the flow. My gut has really been bothering me for a couple of days too and this may or may not be related. I think I will give myself the rest of the week off. No exercise tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend. There, I've taken the pressure off myself thereby eliminating the guilt associated with not exercising. I'm on break. I will eat properly (I need to do this to get my gut back in shape) and when I feel like it or Monday, whichever comes first, I will resume my exercise program.

I have come to the decision that I do have IBS. Apparently it's not really severe but it is incredibly annoying. It comes and goes and I really have no idea why. Maybe I should keep track of it in my food journal and see if I can spot any patterns. There's nothing that can be done about it but it can be controlled through diet. Maybe I need to figure out what sets it off and try to control it that way.

Sometimes I get really tired of being a grownup. I'm tired of being responsible. I'm tired of worrying about things. The thought of chucking it all and running away is really, really attractive right now. Buying a bike and just biking around the country. I am planning to do something like that for my 50th but I would like to go right now......

26 January 2005

Another Day

I know I've used that title before but that is just what today feels like; just another day.

I'm not sure what is going on with me but I guess I just have to roll with it. By the time I got home last night I was pumped and ready to go. I did my new weight workout (which was very tough) and then ran 3 miles. Granted, I was supposed to do those workouts on different nights but I was trying to play catch up on a new workout regiment. Maybe I just over did it. This morning I did some aerobics and felt fine but tonight I'm totally uninspired. I am a little sore from last night and now that I think about it that may be what's wrong. Oh well, it's not the end of the world.

I have joined Runner's World training program and started that last night. I think it will be good since I'm just kind of floundering along with my running. But, according to Jeff Galloway you can train for a marathon running 2 days a week and on long run on the weekend. Oh, I don't know, I'm so stinking confused.

Okay, that's enough for tonight, my mind is fried.......

25 January 2005

This too shall pass,

and it really has. Yesterday, no wait, this actually started Sunday. I got up and went for a bike ride but wussed out and only went about 9 miles. Then proceed to laze around the rest of the day; not too bad. Yesterday I got up and did a step aerobics tape and totally was not into it. Usually once I get going I get into it and really start working; not yesterday. I did the whole thing but my heart just wasn't in it. Then all day yesterday I had a headache that was just killing me. When I went home last night I stopped on the way and got Reese's peanut butter cups and coconut taffy cookies which I ate most of on the way home. Once I got home exercise was completely out of the question and Charlie had dinner ready - UGH!!! I ate, but not all of it. Then proceeded to laze on the couch all night watching tv and doing absolutely nothing. I did manage to finish off the rest of the cookies with some milk though :-/ Charlie went to work early today and I decided to sleep in; which I did. I did no exercise this morning but did wake up with my headache gone. Now I'm feeling great. I may even exercise tonight when I go home, or not I haven't decided yet. I don't know why I go through these down times and I wish I knew when they were coming so I could predict them. Oh well, I guess I should be glad it's over.

Since I haven't posted in a couple of days I need to do a gratitude entry.
I'm grateful for how very lucky I am. I get to live in a house on the beach in Hawaii - HELLO!! Not many people have that opportunity and I am very, very thankful for it.

Okay, nuff said. Back to work.....

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