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Yesterday's sunrise. Unbelieveable. You can see the Mok's (those islands) and behind them Molokai and Lanai. When it's clearer you can see Maui and we have seen the tip of the Big Island. Off on the right that piece of land that looks like a turtle is the Kaneohe Marine Base. Of course by late yesterday afternoon it was raining really hard and there was flooding, just lovely!!!

Today doesn't look a whole lot better although it's not raining right now and the clouds do look pretty high. I can't decide if I should prepare for my walk or not. I don't particularly want to get caught in a real downpour.

I haven't been writing as much as I wanted to mainly because I've just been busy. I'v been exercisng and the eating has been pretty good. I did the FIRM 3x this week; after being off them for awhile they really kicked my butt. I ran 2x; so basically I'm pleased with myself. Last Sunday I had a race that went up Diamond Head. I was incredibly sore f…

What do you REALLY want???

That saying is put up at our Weight Watchers meeting every week and you know how things go, you see something so often you stop seeing it. Well some things this week has caused me to do some major thinking and reevaluating things in my life.

First, I really slacked this week. I didn't exercise near as much as I should have and my eating sucked most of the week.

Second, I had a race this morning and I did way worse than I planned on (of course the not exercising may have something to do with that!!!!)

Third, our WW meeting was about getting a vision of yourself at your goal.

These three seemingly unrelated things have caused major thought processes. I think what's been lacking, and thereby undermining myself, is that vision of myself at goal. Because I don't have that vision getting up out of bed every morning to exercise is harder than it should be; and following WW is definitely harder than it should be. That is why I did so poorly at the race this morning. I had set …