18 February 2005

Day 5

Okay, doing good. Things are back to normal (well, almost)!! My sinuses are killing me but other than that I feel great. Overslept a little bit this morning so I only did 1/2 hour of aerobics. But tonight I did Pilates. I'm saving Yoga for tomorrow night and possibly Sunday night too before my big race Monday.

I'm a little nervous about the GAR on Monday but I've done this race before with absolutely no training so I should be fine. I've set my goal on 1:15 and I think that is totally and completly doable. That's an average 9 minute mile which is a little fast for me but I think it's not out of the question completely. I'm going for a 6 mile run tomorrow and then Sunday is a day of rest. I'm going to run errands with Charlie.

Okay, enough rambling I'm off to get some dinner and relax - IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!

17 February 2005

Day 2, no 3, no 4 I think

So I got sick and wasn't able to exercise as much as I wanted to this week. I did maintain my eating (mostly) because I didn't really feel like eating; except for the ENTIRE BOX OF FUDGE COVERED CREME WAFERS that I ate last night. Oh well!!!! Today though I'm feeling wonderful and am right back on track. I did Crunch Dance Party this morning and my Boot Camp training this evening. That was hard. I was puffing and panting by the end begging for the timer to ding so I could stop. But it was great, the tougher the better. I got new weights for Valentines Day so tomorrow morning when I do the FIRM I'll have heavier weights to use, woohooo!!!

When I got sick I used that new Zicam spray that's supposed to shorten the lenght of a cold and I really think it worked. Tuesday night and yesterday morning I was feeling like crap but by last night I was feeling almost normal. I highly recommend that stuff, it works.

I guess that's all I have to say. Things are going well and that's really all I can ask for.

14 February 2005


Day 1 of my bootcamp and things are going well so far. I did the FIRM this morning and ran this evening. For the running I changed something every 2 minutes either the speed or the incline and it was a real workout. For valentines day Charlie got me weights (how romantic but it's what I really wanted) and made a lovely salmon dinner with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. It was really great. Even with all that I ate 1700 calories and banked a total of 620. An excellent start to this bootcamp thing.

I have had the feeling that I'm getting a cold. Nose has been stuffy and head a littly foggy. Hopefully it will pass quickly....

13 February 2005

An a one, an a two, an a three.....

At weigh-in yesterday I was down 1.4 lbs. I want to keep that momentum going and that means keeping all my good habits up. So I have a goal and a plan for getting there this week. My goal is to go down 1 lb., that's all 1 measly little pound no biggie right??? My plan to get there:

Aerobics 6x this week: 3 Firm and 3 other
Running: 3x this week: Mon, Wed, Saturday
Yoga: 2x Fri, Sat
Boot Camp workout: 2x Tues, Thurs
  • Do 5 minutes on the treadmill at 3 mph on a 12 incline, or as close to that incline as you can. Everytime you get back on the machine you increase the speed and lower the incline.
  • Next 5 minutes: Get off and a floor series of biceps curls, lateral raises, squats, and situps.
  • Next 5 minutes: Back to the treadmill 3.5 mph and a 10 incline.
  • Next 5 minutes: Then do your floor routine: biceps curls, lateral raises, squats, and situps.
  • Next 5 minutes: Back on the treadmill at 4 mph and an 8 incline.
  • Next 5 minutes: Do your floor work series.
  • Last 5 minutes: Back on the treadmill at a light jog, 4.5 mph, and a 4 incline

Okay, this is a tough schedule but I'm going to do it. I have the GAR on Monday and I need to be in shape and rested for it (that's why Sunday is a rest day).

I still haven't solidified my mental vision, it's coming but it's slowly evolving. One thing I do know for sure is that if I don't work hard I'm never going to achieve it.

Do or do not, there is no try.

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