04 March 2005

See, I just did it again!!!!!!!

Before lunch I got really, really, really, hungry. So I sat down and ate lunch; large salad with tuna; and it was yummy. After I finished eating I was still a little hungry. I gave it about 10 minutes and I was still feeling slight hunger. Having nothing else to eat I decided to have a couple of cookies. Well, I ended up eating about 30 cookies and they are 130 calories for every 9. So I just polished off about 500 calories in cookies!!! Why, oh Why???? I never even thought of writing it down I just shoved them in my face. Of course, I feel good now so maybe I really needed those calories?? Or am I just trying to justify bad behavior??? I don't know; I really don't, but I do know that awareness is the first step............

Here I am having lunch at Gordon Biersch on Sunday 2/27. I love GB and totally pigged out while there.. And no, that is not a cigarrette in my hand, it's the stylus from my Palm (Charlie was taking the picture with the Palm and I was holding the stylus)......


It's been a long week and I have been totally uninspired the entire week. I've taken the week off and I'm noticing some effects of that desicision. I'm much more tired than I am when I exercise. I eat whether I'm hungry or not. I don't think I've felt hungry in 2 days. I'm eating more than I normally do. I fully expect the scale to show an increase tomorrow morning. I don't like the way I feel and it's got to end. I am convinced that the week of rest is overall good for my body though so I have followed through and been a slug all week.

Working through the Bob Greene book is proving to be very interesting. He has some issues you should discover about yourself before weight loss will be really successful. I really feel I've tackled most of these issues and faced my demons so to speak. My problem really is consistency. I will have major determination for days and then suddenly it will be gone. I need to develop a strategy for those times when determination leaves me. First thing I'm gonnna do is post some inspirational messages around my room here. I need to just power through those times of low motivation. That's what I really need to work on. I also need a reward system and I need a program for dealing with food. Some days I just really want something sweet and it's just really hard not to eat sweets. How do I deal with that? Maybe I make deals with myself. If I want a sweet I will need to exercise enough to work it off BEFORE I eat it. That may work. I really need to develop some new tricks to get me through this. I have only 20 lbs to lose and I really, really want to get rid of them. I have to focus on what I want most, not what I want now.

Wow, that's some heavy thinking for so early in the morning. Now it's time for some pictures....

03 March 2005

The end is near

I really need to get my act together as far as weight loss goes. I'm working on doing that this week. I have taken the week off as the bod was really hurting and it was scaring me a little. Yesterday I pigged out completely on baked goods :) When I woke up this morning I felt so pudgy and soft, I really dislike this feeling!!! I have decided to push my self imposed 'rest break' to tomorrow. I want to be sure the body is in good shape before I start on my next journey.

I purchased Bob Greene's 12 week makeover and am reading that. I've decided to start it on Saturday since I've been such a slug this week. I think I need a structured plan in order to jump off this plateau I've been hanging on for months now.

The body pain was kind of scary. My lower back, my right knee, my left IT band, and my hips hurt for like 2 weeks. The hips were the scariest part cause they really hurt bad. I've had that pain before but never this bad. I kind of decided it was due to running 8.15 miles without really building up to it but it took a long time to recover. They feel good now and my IT band is even going away.

I just can't get over how pudgy I feel. I feel like I've gained about 10 lbs. I know I haven't because my clothes still fit, but it sure feels that way.

Not much more to say. It's boring and I have lots of time on my hands when I don't exercise. Yet, another good reason to exercise.

28 February 2005


I have to decide what I want. What is my goal as far as weight loss and exercise go? I need to spend a few minutes and try to get a handle on this.

Exercise: What do I want???
I want to be able to run easily and well. I'd like to do about a 9-10 minute mile. I'd also like to have endurance. I want to be able to run a marathon; not necessarily fast just to finish, 5 hours or so would be great.

For strength training I'd like to be strong. I'd like to have definition in my arms and legs. This is harder to define a goal as I want to do it to help with weight loss. Okay, I know. How about a goal of strength training 3x a week. That way I have a goal of time not accomplishment!!!

My nutritional goals are to eat healthy. Limit my consumption of sugar to once a month. Eat 3 fruits a day and a veggie with every meal. Also, keep my calories at around 1500 - 1700 a day in order to facilitate weight loss.

Finally, my mind-body goals are to do yoga 2x a week and pilates 2x a week.

I think this has been missing - a real game plan. I've been floating around for awhile now, time to move on.......

Okay, I have a plan and I'm off to work it....

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