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Day 1

So Day 1 is now over. It didn't go as well as I hoped but it wasn't all that bad.

I ate well, not including the cake at lunch, the bratwurst and the 2 pieces of cake tonight. Hey, it was my birthday!!!!

I did run 2.3 miles this morning and I swam after walking the dogs and did weights and functional training. So I feel excellent about the exercise.

So while today wasn't perfect it was a start and the main idea is to be accountable.

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!

I turn 46. I really can't believe I'm that old. I don't really feel any different than I did when I was 16 but in some ways I feel completly and totally different; like I'm not even the same person. I don't really like birthdays. I never really understood why exactly we celebrate them. Are we happy we survived another year?? Are we celebrating the fact that we didn't kill ourselves or anyone else in the last year? I really don't get it. It's not like I did anything. I understand, and like, New Year's because it's a new beginning. A birthday is just another day in the life. I'm gonna get up and go to work tomorrow just like regular. Not much will change, I'll just be older. UGH!!!!!!

I have decided to make tomorrow a new start. I have come far from last year at this time but I'm not where I want to be yet. So I have decided to make this year my year. Starting tomorrow I am into a total training program. I will eat "clean…

Okay, so I went from a super high on Sunday to

the dregs last night and today. I just don't understand why I can't find consistency. I try so hard and then suddenly it all falls apart.

So Monday I took off because of my very busy weekend and that felt good. I should note that I kind of ate whatever I wanted on Sunday though I wasn't toooo bad. Yesterday I got up and ran for 3 miles. Actually it was more of a walk/run but I put in 3 miles and that was the point. My right knee was acting up a little all day. It's not pain just a feeling like something is a little out of whack there. Anyway, Charlie wasn't home last night and I had every intention of doing a serious workout; strength and functional. On the way home I stopped at Safeway to pick up something for dinner and that was the end of my best plans. I decided I would get something for dessert and one of their large cookies really sounded good. As I walked around I talked myself into getting the new Jello Sundaes (which are only 100 calories) and I was very …


I DID IT!!! I can't believe it but I did it. I did 2 10K's back to back.

Saturday was the Ford Island Bridge 10K. I've always wanted to do that but for one reason or another never had a chance to. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I finally got to do it. I did the run in 1:10 - it was awesome. It was a hot day and I was getting sick to my stomach towards the end but I did it :)

Today was the inaugral Jamba Juice Rock around the Park. That started at Niketown on Kalakaua and went down to Kapioloni Park and around the park. They had a 5K option and a 10K option. The 5k did one lap of the park; the 10k did 2. When I signed up I was feeling pretty brave and signed up for the 10k even though I had a 10k the day before. When I got up this morning I was feeling a little nervous. My right knee was a tiny bit sore and I was just feeling like I might be crazy. But I overcame my nervousness and got to the start line (Charlie got up early and came with me:)

Having decided I was absol…