23 April 2005

This is the trail. There were lots of areas with steps like these and tons of tree roots crisscrossing the trail. Also, lots and lots of rocks. It was tough running but really, really fun.

This is where I ran to today. Beautiful Maunawili Falls. It was a gorgeous day. The people on the left side there climb up and then jump into the pool at the bottom of the falls. It's great fun except that water is probably contaminated..

What an awesome day!!!!

Well, I've learned a lot today.

First, I thought I was eating really well and basically on Core. WRONG!!! I used 25 flex points today. I only get 35 for the whole week. Bummer.

Second, I thought my exercise more than made up for the things I ate. WRONG!!!! I think I have found where the problem is with my weight loss or lack there of.

It's really been an eye-opening day. I haven't been journaling or logging in any real way and thought I could do it in my head. Boy, was I wrong. Here I was thinking I was doing so incredibly well and getting pissed that I wasn't loseing weight and all along it was my fault.

That was really the whole point of this new start. To find out where I'm going wrong and correct it. Already after the first day I have a pretty good idea what is happening. I'm doing Core, counting Points, and tracking calories on FitDay. I really need to get a handle on my nutrition and I'm not sure the best way to do that so I'll do everything. I'll do that this week and see how it goes and what plan is best for me.

I'm very pleased with today and tomorrow will be just as good. I do need to plan because Charlie will want to go out to breakfast. If we go to Nick's I think I will have an omelet with hash browns and not eat the toast. I will have some pancake as those are just too good to pass up. I will get up and run before we go anywhere so I will have exercise under my belt before the day starts.

Okay, I'm getting tired.....

Okay, it's a brand new day and a brand new me!!!

Today I am starting in for serious. No more fucking around. I have 15 pounds to lose and a body to shape up and it starts right here and now. I bought a spiral bound notebook yesterday and began a written journal that will include motivation, workouts, receipes, etc. All the things I need on a daily basis to keep me motivated. I WILL workout every single day, though some days will be active rest, and I WILL log my food intake every single day. I am going to redevote myself to the Core plan and I'm going to beat this monster into submission. I am tired of this and I want to reach my goal. I know I will be living like this the rest of my life but I want to focus on being at goal instead of trying to get there.

Okay, so I'm off to the open market to stock up on fruits and veggies. Then it's to WW to see where I'm starting and off to run in the mountains. I can't wait. More later......

22 April 2005

Days 5, 6, & 7........

So I've been slacking the last few days but only in blogging.

Day 5 was Tuesday and the night of Jimmy Buffet. I exercised in the a.m. and did nothing the rest of the day. I left work early to go to the concert. We got there late and had trouble finding a parking spot so we didn't have time to eat. By the time we got in to the concert I was really hungry and getting really pissed off. We had some tacos and nachos and a beer and things got much better. The concert was great and I LOVE JIMMY!!!!!

Day 6 was Wednesday. Since we didn't get home till midnite I decided to sleep in - which was just wonderful. By the time I got home from work I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. So needless to say nothing got done on Wednesday. Also, because I was so tired I was starving all day. I literally could not get enough to eat. It was terrible. But on the good side, I didn't go crazy. I ate lots of extra fruit.

Day 7 was today and it was a good day. I got up this morning and ran. I think I may have finally solved my knee problems. I'm using my insoles in my running shoes and in my work shoes and they seem to be doing the trick. My knee is not bothering me at all. Then tonight I did my strenght training that I was supposed to do last night. So I'm feeling great and righteous.

So that's my week. Not great but not bad at all. I am just really glad it's Friday tomorrow....

18 April 2005

Day 4

What a great day. I love it when a plan comes together. I got up this morning and did some step aerobics. I only did 1/2 an hour because I didn't get up as early as I wanted to. I ate well all day and came home and did strenght and functional exercises. I feel great.

The really exciting part was that by the time I got home and walked the dogs and sat and talked to Charlie for a few minutes it was after 7pm and I really didn't feel like doing them. I had in fact convinced myself that I was not going to exercise since I had to cook my own dinner. Exercise would take an hour and dinner would take 20 minutes or so; I wouldn't be able to eat till 8:30 at the earliest. I do not know exactly what happened but I said, NO, You will exercise. And I did!!! I got up; got dressed; and did it. I don't know where that came from but I need to find it and tap into it more often. I had thought I'd walk during tv tonight but it was really late and I do want to got to bed soon so I think I'll save that for another night. It's funny how things become habits and you don't even realize it. It used to be that I'd not exercise at night more than I would. Now it's the complete opposite and I just assume I'll come home and exercise. It's nice to feel that way.

So a great day and I'm feeling strong and in control. Here's to tomorrow :)

17 April 2005

Day 2 & 3

I totally forgot to check in yesterday. So here I am checking in for 2 days.

Saturday, Day 2, went pretty well. I slept in (which I really needed) and got up in time to go to WW. Afterwards I went for a trail run. Now this was really my first ever and I absolutely loved it. I had so much fun. Trail running is way more fun the regular running. I ran the Olomana trail for an hour. I ran out for 1/2 an hour and then back. It was awesome. I'm going to do this every weekend.

Here are some pictures from yesterdays run:

This is the trail I was running on

This is looking the other way on the trail.

This is the view from where I was.

The view looking the other way.

This was definitely worth the time and effort. I'm going to do this more.

As for Day 3; I got up this morning and was sore!! My legs felt like I never exercise at all. So I wisely chose not to exercise today. I did however shampoo the carpets so that's something.

Eating hasn't been too bad on either day. Not near perfect but okay. I went shopping and am all set for tomorrow. Tomorrow starts a new, seroius effort. I want to lose weight by Memorial Day. More importantly, I want to be really toned and shapely by then.

Okay, this post has taken like 2 hours since I'm an idiot with the picture stuff. But I got it done. So, that's all folks.......

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