30 April 2005

Wrap up of Week 1:

Not a bad week if I do say so myself. I pretty much just kept track this week. Once I saw how bad it was going I did try to reign my eating in but otherwise I just ate like I normally do. Here is the summary:

Average daily calories: 1925
fat: 67
protein: 106
carbs: 207

Average daily exercise calories: 450

Overall, not bad. There are definetly a few places I need to work on. I need to become more consistent in my diet. My daily calories ranged from 1700 to 2100, whick is not really that bad but I'd like to be around 1700-1800 everyday. I would also like to increase my activity calories to around 600 per day. Since I took 2 days off this week that shouldn't be too hard.

The whole point of this week was to see what exactly was going on with my eating/exercising and now I know. This coming week I will try to tweak it some so that it's more in line with how I want it to be.

I have to say though, I did not stuff myself once this week; okay except for Sunday breakfast. Other than that I was full or most times just satisfied and not stuffed. Sometimes at lunch I felt a little full but since I mostly have salads for lunch, that passed pretty quickly.

Well, I'm declaring this week a major success. Now I need to plan for next week (which starts today) and get ready to head off to WW........

29 April 2005

Some days are just harder than others.

I just do not feel like exercising this morning. I was tired yesterday and used it as my day off. This morning I got up but I just can't seem to drag my ass away from this computer. I guess it's okay. My body needs rest and I need to listen to it but sometimes it's hard to distinguish between needed rest and pure laziness.

Last night I came home and went for a swim; it was brutal. First, my tooth is killing me and every breath I took was painful. Then on my way out my goggles broke. My favorite goggles :(
I managed to get them functional but they leaked and fogged and pressed on my nose and were just generally uncomfortable and annoying. So I swam for 10 minutes and called it a night. Plus it was getting late and dark.

I think part of the problem is it's nearing TTOM. That always makes me lazy and not inclined to exercise. I'm hoping that starts in the next day or so.

I have a race Saturday morning and I need to get with it more if I'm going to pull that off. It's a 10k on the marine base. That should be fun.

The last few days have been good. Eating is under control and exercise is in hand except for this morning.

Well, that's all I have to say. Tonight I'll write more......

27 April 2005

Just a quick note before bed.

I went for a swim after work (one of the keys for me is to have the activity in my head all day and that makes it happen much easier). The swim was awesome!! I planned on swimming straight for 20 minutes but that didn't quite work out. I did 4 laps and was pooped plus it was getting dark. I did 4 more laps and called it a night. It took 15 minutes. I figure I went about 500 meters. Not great but not too bad. I was completely stoked and happy with myself. After that I did my functional exercises. Things are going well.......

I feel really really good. I was full when I ate lunch but not stuffed. And again tonight at dinner, I got full but not stuffed by any means. I like this feeling. I need to remember it so the next time I want to pig I'll refrain....

26 April 2005

It has been an interesting couple of days.

I have been hovering at my current weight for almost a year now. I was really unclear as to why that was. I thought I was doing everything right. I was exercising - a lot- and I was eating Core (or so I thought!).

Last week I decided it was time to get really serious. I want to lose weight (I'm only 15lbs from goal) and I want to get fit and in shape. I decided it was time to see exactly what was going on. In truth I wanted to see which plan worked best for me. So I bought a spiral bound notebook to keep track of my exercises and my days. And I bought a new Journal from WW to keep track of my food. I'm keeping FitDay to track my calories, fat, protein, and carbs. In my Journal I'm tracking both the Core plan and the FlexPoints to see whick works best.

I quickly learned that I was not doing the Core plan or the Flex plan for that matter. I was doing Flo's plan. I was justifying what I was eating by saying it's cause I exercise so much. I do a lot of running and strength training and in my mind that meant I could eat more. What I didn't realize is that I was eating way too much. And while I thought most of the foods I was eating were were; there were a lot of high point foods that made up the difference. Oh yes, also, I was hungry.....

So the first couple of days I was hungry and ate more. Yesterday and today my appetite has gotten back under control and I'm not starving all the time. I actually ran for 40 minutes this morning without eating my banana first.

So what have I learned? I must journal everyday no matter what plan I'm following. I must follow a plan. I must exercise every single day. And I must make better choices....

Now I understand why I haven't been losing weight and now I know how to battle it.....

Monday, Monday....

Another really good day under my belt. Do you have any idea how awesome it feels to have a good weekend and a good Monday??? Infuckingcredible......

I'm trying something new. I'm cutting back on my tv/computer time. Tonight when I came home I did not even turn the tv on. I fired up my computer and starting playing music. Then I started my strength training and was rocking out including running in place between exercises. It was great. I worked out hard and ended up almost as sweaty as when I do aerobics. I really enjoyed my workout tonight doing that. Tomorrow night no tv until House at 8:00pm and only if that's new. I think I'll start my withdrawal by slowly weaning myself. No just turning the tv on and leaving it. I will only turn it on in order to watch something. No more channel surfing. It'll be easier once summer is here because there'll be mostly repeats.

Well, all this healthy living and exercise has made me tired. I'm off to bed....

24 April 2005

Wow, I made it through the weekend

fairly well. Weekends are usually my worst time because there is no structure and because I tend to exercise more which increases my appetite and/or sit around more which causes me to eat more. But this weekend was pretty good. Today went really well. I'm very, very pleased with myself. Also, now that I've had a good weekend it sets me up for a good week. I'm just stoked.

Today was good. I got up and went for a 6 mile run. But because of the trail run and bike ride yesterday I was just wrung out today. I had a hard time finishing, my legs were killing me. But I did it and decided not to do anymore. I do want to get stronger and increase my endurance but I don't want to injure myself. Also, my knee was bothering me and it hasn't in a week or so.

Lyle (the neighbor) got a hot tub and seems to have it working. That will be great. After all the workouts I do a hot tub will be awesome to have around.

Okay, I have nothing to write about. So I think I'll stop now.......

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