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So, what have you done today???

Not what I planned.

I spent a number of hours working on this stupid blog. I'm kind of interested in HTML and playing with this blog is a cheap, safe, way to learn some stuff. But since I don't really know what I'm doing, every little thing takes me awhile.

I went to WW this morning and much to my surprise I was down. I feel so fat it was a huge shock - but a good one.

After WW we went to pick up my packet for tomorrows race. I'm not nervous or worried at all about this race. It's 15k or approximately 9.3 miles. I haven't really run in probably a month because of my ankle. But I know I can walk 9 miles so that's why I'm not too concerned...

Then we went off to the lab so I could get my work done. This week has been real hell at work and I finally figured out today why. I haven't been exercising. When I exercise I handle stress much better and I have not handlede it well at all this week. Yet another reason for exercise.

Then we went to Gordo…

Okay, I've had it with this unmotivated crap is over.

I really need to get my butt moving again. I haven't exercised since my swim Tuesday night. I feel like a big fat blob. I have to weigh in this morning and I know I'm going to weigh like 400 lbs. Okay, I know it's not that bad but it will be bad. My eating for yesterday was not great. I mean really, when you think of it what I want to do is not that hard. I want to exercise 6 days a week and eat healthy (mostly fruits and veggies and whole grains). I was doing that so well for quite awhile and now I've just lost it.

But you know what?? That's over. I'm tired of whining about my weight and exercise and blah, blah, blah!!!! I am going to shift the focus of this blog slightly. I have my first triathlon in 29 days. I'm going to put up a counter on the side bar to count it down, and my focus will be training and eating right. I'm also training for the Honolulu Marathon in December and there are a couple of other tri's I'm going to compete in this year…

Tatu Behati Minor

This is the bird I "work" with. Her name is Tatu Behati and she is 3 years old. Isn't she just the cutest????

Here she is in the sample fridge helping us get samples...

Why oh why can't I keep it together?

I do so well for a few weeks and then it all falls apart. WHY???? I don't understand.

I'm thinking of changing my focus of this blog. I think I'm going to turn it into strictly an exercise blog. No, that doesn't sound good either. I don't know what I want or what I want to do and therein lies the real problem.

What do I want?? Is it worth fighting for?? Is it worth working hard for? WHAT IS IT???? I need to know and I need to know now......

The mind is a very powerful thing.

It was just about 1 month ago I had a huge ephiphany about how my mind was controlling my weight loss/exercise and how it wasn't good. I realized I was engaging in a lot of negative self-talk and I was letting my fears get to me (this seems to be a theme in the blogs this week). For a couple of weeks things went really, really well. I lost weight and I exercised regularly and felt awesome. Well, last week I got a head cold and that slowed me down. This week I just haven't been able to get back into it. I did exercise Monday and Tuesday but yesterday and today I slept in. At least today I got up and walked the dogs; yesterday I didn't even do that.

I have got to get my positive attitude back. It's not that I have a negative attitude it's just that I'm feeling blah!! I can't seem to get motivated. So I have to get my faith and belief in myself back. As is the trend in a couple of blogs today, let's look at what I fear.

I fear failure. That's not totally…

So Far So Good.

This week has started well and I'm pleased with the way I feel. Yesterday morning I did the Firm Complete Aerobice and Weights and last night I did 25 minutes of yoga. This morning I got up and ran for 43 minutes. I would have stopped at 40 minutes but I was listening to a book and got caught up in the action.

I'm trying a new morning routine; I exercise first then walk the dogs. It seems to be working better then the reverse. I get my exercise in right away and if I'm running a little late I can shorten the dog walk some. I think this is the way to go.

Eating has been good so far except we are getting Jack in the Box salads for lunch. I know that's a lot of food and very high in points so I have a plan. I'm going to eat very slowly, putting the fork down between each bite, and I will stop when I start to feel full. Just because the salad is huge does not mean I have to eat it all.

Well, I have tons and tons of work to do so I guess I should get started...

Okay, I really need to get back on track again.

So last week I was sick and let my eating and exercise slide. Starting tomorrow that's over. I will get back on the exercise track and my eating will return to my healthy "normal" eating. I will follow the schedule I've laid out for myself and I will journal all my food and activity. Okay, I expect some interruptions this week (a possible 4:00 a.m. call on Tuesday) but I will recover and carry on. I will run 9 miles on Sunday and I will do the best I can. Okay, I will do this.

Wow!! What was I so worried about???

The race was not near as bad as I imagined it would be, can you believe that??? I was so nervous this morning I was shaking, physically shaking!!! I started really slow and took my time, was really careful on the course, and I did great. I took 3rd place in my age group and these are my lovely prizes:

A medal and a lovely Jamba Juice mug. The mug will come in handy as I do drink alot of water and tend to leave glasses all over the house. I feel great, the ankle is a little sore as the run was 3.75 miles and near the end I was getting tired but overall I feel great. Now, next Sunday I'm supposed to run 9 miles. I think I'll begin the freak out over that long about Wednesday.