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Feeling a little selfish...

I haven't blogged recently because I've felt a little self centered and didn't want to come across that way. I've had a rough weekend and was feeling very whiny and poor me but watching the wrath of Rita it kind of makes me feel small and selfish.

We've had 2 hurricanes moving off to the east of the islands here and it's been making the weather really miserable. The temps been up around 88 but the humidity has been up around 500%. It's that kind of weather where just breathing works up a sweat.

Friday night it rained so much that my road flooded and I couldn't get home from work till 9:00 p.m. Saturday I was supposed to go to my marathon training group but due to the late arrival Friday night and the damage around the house from all the rain I decided to skip it (okay, also the weather was horrible). I was going to run Sunday but again the weather was unbearable and I wimped out after 45 minutes.

I did however go to my group last night and it was g…