18 November 2005

Scenes from a life....

This is the dashboard of my car. The newest addition is the snowball Jack.

This is one of Wyland's whaling walls. I pass it everyday on the way to the freeway.

Traffic!!!!! Even in Hawaii we have this blasted traffic...... I hate rush hour.....

This is the tunnel I have to drive through to go home. I live opposite Honolulu and it's either go through the mountains or go around them. Through is quicker :)

This is inside the tunnel.

I was playing with my Palm on the way home. Yes, it's Friday and I'm easily bored.......

Friday Ramblings........

It was tough. I did freak over my marathon and I'm not sure why. I've kind of set my mind that it's not going to be great (not near as good as the 1st one) and just move on. I've prepared and it's too close now to do much more so whatever happens happens. Mentally I've already moved on to next year. I've got another 10k before I leave and I'm looking for a New Year's race in the SF Bay Area cause that's where I'll be. Once I get back it's right back into the yearly race calendar. As you may have guessed we don't really have an off season here.


A while back I decided to do a 1/2 Ironman in June 2006. I've been rethinking that goal for this year. I'm thinking of focusing on duathlons (we have a couple here) and tris (we have tons of sprints and a couple olympic). The 1/2 Ironman we have here is a qualifier for both Ironman Kona and the new 70.3 championship in Florida. I think the competition will be a little intense. I'm considering looking for a 1/2 that's not a qualifier for my first one. I'd really like to find one that's not very popular or that's just small. I don't mind traveling for it, I'll take any excuse to take a vacation. I don't know, just some stuff to think about and consider.


I do know that once I get back from vacation in January I'm going to start looking for a new bike. I have an old Bianchi which is light and I really like and will be fine for the sprint tris, if I plan to go longer I need to get something faster (or wait, do I need to get faster??? It's NOT about the bike!! Oh yes, It IS!!!) Plus I want to start doing more moutain biking cause I'd like to do the offroad tris. Where I live is home of the offroad tris!! The start line is across the street from my house - I should do them.....


I really don't feel like working today. I have a couple of tests I can finish up and some dishes to do (lab work is very glamorous!!!) then maybe I can cut out early. Not that I don't have lots to do, I just don't feel like it!!!!


Well, I need to get off my butt. My back is starting to hurt from sitting here! Gotta run!!!

17 November 2005

Could I be freaking out????

Thanks La and Bolder, I think maybe I am freaking out a little bit.

When I trained for my last marathon by this point I was extremely confident that I could complete it. This time I'm not so sure and with it so close I guess it is getting to me a little bit. Also, I do have some issues with this coach and I probably won't join this group again, though I really like the people... Part of the problem is he doesn't do distances. Our training Sat., which will be our last long run before we taper, is set for 4 hours not a specific distance. That bothers me because I need to run 20 miles and know I've done it. It helps build up my confidence.

Last night we did some hills and it was great. We ran hill repeats (by accident) on this hill that's about 1/2 mile long and pretty steep. Due to lack of communication we ended running up and down it 3 times. It was tiring but it was good. We then ran around Enchanted lake for a total run of about 6 miles. I was running with a faster runner so even though she slowed down some, I ran slightly faster than normal. The really good part is I felt awesome this morning.

So I've decided on a compromise plan. I will continue to train with the group for the remaining weeks but I'm going to add some speed work in and some tempo runs to help me mentally.

It's funny how I wasn't this worried the first time I did a marathon. That time I was so sure I would finish that fear of failure never even crossed my mind. This time I am kind of freaked. Maybe because I know how hard it is before I was ignorant.

But you guys are right, I've done the time, put in the training, I just have to have faith that all will be okay.....

16 November 2005

I'm pissed!!!!

I've been feeling very discouraged about my marathon training for a couple of weeks and I was actually very close to not doing the marathon. I THOUGHT my trouble was due to my intestinal problems and ankle injuries and that's what was bringing me down. I was thinking that I really may not be ready for the marathon in 25 days and I was starting to get concerned.

I just decided to do some analysis of my running/training over the past year and try and figure out what happened and should I drop out of the marathon. Well, that's when I got pissed.

Earlier this year I was running between a 10 and 12 minute mile in all my races (and there were tons this year). Once I started training with this marathon group in September my pace increased to 14/mpm. I tried to put it down to longer races/training runs but a 1/2 marathon I did in June (while I was injured) was faster then my 1/2 2 weeks ago. I let this so called expert coach put me in a slower training group. And now that I've been training slower I'm running much slower. This totally sucks. When we started I thought this group was too slow for me but I rationalized it my thinking, well, if I can do it this slow I can do it faster. But now looking at my race results lately I see exactly what this slow training has done. God, this is a perfect example of how your training affects your racing.

Now, I have to decide what to do. Do I continue the next few weeks with this group and have a horrible marathon?? Or, should I just go back to my own training and try to do the best I can with the time I have left??? I have a turkey trot next Thursday. I could use the next week to train on my own and then see how I do in that 10 miler. I think I'm overall in pretty good shape. If I could get some good training runs in at my 10-11 mpm pace I could probably pull off a half way decent marathon. My initial goal was to break 5 hours, that probably won't happen but I could prevent it from taking 7 to complete.

I'm so pissed. I trusted this asshole. He assured me this was the best way to train and that it would work. But because I'm not a skinny minny he assumed that I couldn't run very fast. Okay, I can't, but I can run faster than these folks. I'm pissed. Here I am 25 days out and I have to revamp my entire training schedule. I'm pissed!!!!!!

Just a quick update...

This week is not going so well.

I have a habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep. I haven't done it in a really long time, in fact, it's been so long (years) I can't find my mouth guard. Well, this week clearly something has been bothering me because I have been grinding my teeth like crazy. This, of course, causes me to wake up several times a night due to the pain and noise. I then have trouble getting back to sleep as I try to relax my jaw so I don't grind. Needlessly to say this results in pretty crappy sleep and no desire to get out of bed in the morning. I've been doing okay up to today but now the cummulative effect is getting bad. I'm tired and don't feel like doing anything. So this morning, I didn't. I think I'll stop at Long's today and get one of those cheap mouth guards just so I can get some sleep tonight....

Tonight is marathon training. We are supposed to do hills again - ugh!!!! I don't know if I'll be up to it. You know, I joined this training group because I had a goal for the marathon. This group is not proving to be very helpful though. I am doubtful that I'll be ready for the marathon. I think I did better when I was training on my own. Well, due to my injuries I probably wouldn't be much better off than I am now but I don't think I'll be using a group again.

I know I'm rambling... Hey, I'm tired and I have to go walk the dogs.....

14 November 2005

Thanks Bolder!!!

Through the gracious help of Bolder in Boulder I now have the weather on my sidebar there. It's very cool. Now you guys can see how cold it gets here in Hawaii ;)

It's downright cold here! BRRRRR!!!!

It's hard to see but if you look close you can see a hazy white mist hanging just above the ground. Last night, for the first time since last winter, the temperature dropped below the dew point. This results in really wet grass and that white mist hanging over the grass. While I was walking the dogs there was a slight chill in the air. BRRR!!! Time to break out the winter clothes :)

Just a few minutes later I noticed the sunrise. This picture is the best of the bunch but it doesn't do the colors justice. The red was fireball red. Just beautiful....

Well, the reason I'm out taking pictures before the sunrise is because I dragged my butt out of bed and exercised. I have marathon training tonight so I did the elliptical machine and upper body weights. It felt great and inspired me to capture the morning in pictures.....

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