02 December 2005

We have a saying here...

Lucky we live Hawaii!!! And this is one of the main reasons:

This is looking out from my beach this morning during sunrise.

And this was the sunrise. It was the most clear beautiful morning I've seen in a long time. Of course, because it's so clear that means it was cold this morning (clouds hold the heat in), right now it's 68 F and that's bloody cold for Hawaii!!!

01 December 2005

Okay, this is getting old..

I've been sick all week and I'm tired of it. It started out as a head/sinus cold but yesterday afternoon it moved down into my throat and I now have a deep raspy cough and no voice, none, I can barely even whisper. This sucks big time. I actually feel better than I did yesterday I just can't talk. If you knew me in person you would understand what a problem that is. I talk, sing, laugh, a lot!! Now I can do none of that - ugh!!!!!! I have been resting a lot and getting to bed early trying to shake this thing. The marathon is only 10 days away and I'm beginning to worry just a little. I haven't run at all this week (funny, I had such a hard time getting up to exercise but now that I can't that's all I want to do), I'm tentatively planning to run with my group on Saturday since it's our last group run before the marathon, I just hope I can. Oh well, I'm doing everything I can if it doesn't go away it doesn't go away. I can't force myself to get better so I'll just have to roll with the punches........

On the work front we are so busy it really sucks. I haven't been able to take any sick time because we are so dang busy. I have been leaving early everyday though so that's been good. And I really have been getting tons, and tons of sleep which I figrue is really the best thing.

Okay, enough. Time for more tea and to get some work done. Please send healthy thoughts my way :)

29 November 2005

I'm a dog!!!

What Common Breed of Dog Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

This is what happens when your at work and taking cold medicine. I have tons of tests I should be running instead I'm sitting on my butt at the computer reading blogs. As the cockatoo would say, "Bad, bad."

Anyway, I found this from Linda and it seemed like a good way to waste a few minutes. A Malamute though??? I was thinking more along the ilnes of pit bull :)

28 November 2005


Yesterday afternoon I started feeling a little stuffy. This morning I woke up with a full blown head cold. Ugh!!! I've got to shake this, it's only 2 weeks until the marathon. I'm at work today only because I have a pile of tests to get done before I leave on vacation but I'm skipping marathon group tonight in order to go home and rest. I don't think missing training at this point will bother me. We've begun our taper anyway so it will just be cruising through the next 2 weeks. The thing I hate about having a head cold is that I feel like I'm moving through a fog. I hate that!!!! Okay, I'm off to get some of these tests done so maybe I can cut out a little early...

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