27 February 2006


I'll try to recreate this mornings swim. It was so incredibly cold and windy when I got up it did cross my mind not to go swimming. Then I thought of all the bloggers who get up and go swimming when there is snow on the ground and I decided not to be a wimp. But it was so cold that the first part of my swim was a blur but I'll try to remember.

500m warm-up going really slow and working on form: 16:07
100m: 2:14, 2:34, 2:41, 2:42, 2:48,2:45
75m: 2:08, 2:06
250m: 7:19
400m: 9:33
100m cool down goofing off: 3.22
Total: 2000m 1:25:08

I think that was it. It's weird I know because I kept losing track of what I was doing. Not too shabby though. Considering I clearly was not focused on swimming I think I did okay. I'm rather impressed by that 400m, not sure how I did that, hhmmmmm.

Okay, that's it. Have to get to work and leave early so I'm outa here..

1 comment:

mipper said...

great swim! i was inhaling water for 30 minutes. good on you!

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