26 October 2006

I feel like such a slacker.

I'm reading everyone's blog and it seems like the entire blogosphere is in taper mode for IMFL. I feel like an absolute couch potato. Seriously though, I know you all are going to do great. I'll be busy trying to keep track of you all. For IM Kona you can track athletes on Wiggle Wireless. Everytime they cross a mat it registers on your cell phone. I did it for my boss and it was pretty cool. As I'm going about my normal Saturday errands my phone would beep to tell me her status. It was very cool.

Well, I have been doing some light exercise in the mornings so that's better. I'm heading off to bed soon because I'm really tired and there is not a darn thing on tv to watch.


Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Flo, I'm not on a taper but my training volume had been dropping until I picked myself up from the ground last week. Just gotta get right back on that horse! :D

Here's hoping you get back into groove soon!

Nancy Toby said...

It's pretty much a conspiracy by all of us to make YOU feel BAD about yourself!! NOT!!!!! Don't compare, silly!!!

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