16 November 2006

Apparently I'm under the influence

of something.

I swam on Tuesday and thought I was swimming 1000m at a time. Huh!

Today I'm swimming and counting my laps and just enjoying swimming when I realized that my totals were 500m not 1000m. 50 x 10 = 500 no matter how you do the math.

I kept thinking that 1000m in 12 minutes was waaaaaaay too fast for me, but I kept coming up with those numbers. Now I know it was waaaaaaay too fast for me. It was 500m in 12 minutes, that's more like it. Especially since I was going slow, really slow......

In any case, I still had fun again this morning. I ended up doing about 2000m in 45 minutes (that's real!!)

I never, ever use fins when I swim because I don't want to get too used to them. But today I did. And guess what?? They were fun!!! I go superfast with fins. So I've decided I can use them a little since they are so much fun :)

Tonight it's running. Supposed to be a track workout but there are no tracks convenient to me. So, I'm going to just do sprints; run slow for a couple of minutes then sprint for 30 to 45 seconds. That should work for now.

Okay, back to work. There is no rest for a Jedi master :)

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Vickie said...

I wondered about the 12 min. thing, but I wasn't going to say anything except, wow, she's fast! As for the fins, they really can help get a better aerobic workout when you use them, so they do have a purpose other than to propel you. And here's a suggestion for doing sprints: do 20/40s. Run slow for 20 seconds, and as fast as you can for 40. That way, everything is on the minute. Once you get the hang of it, you can usually go for quite a while before you tire out. And by slow, I mean as slow as you want without breaking into a walk. We used to do this after a track workout, to test your speed and strength after the usual hard workout. Its something I have used in races when I am really tired--just slow to a 20/40 pace and non only do you forget about being tired, but you don't totally stop, making the time go by faster. Oh how I miss doing some real workouts!

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