17 December 2006

Botanical Garden Part Deux

If this is Sunday it must be time for our journey through the botanical garden again.

This adventure actually began last Thursday. We have a large piece of lab equipment (a stomacher or homogenizer for the other labsters) that broke and we needed to send it off to the mainland for repair. It weighs 85 lbs and I had to move it from the tabletop, about chest high, down to the floor and into a box. While I was doing that I pulled a muscle in my back; not really bad but I felt it.

The rain caused me to sleep in on Thursday (ha ha) and by the time I got home from work my back was hurting a little so I didn't run. I woke up Friday morning and could really feel the muscles in my back so I skipped my workout. Yesterday the back was still aching so I figured 1 more day was a good idea.

Well, today I was going no matter what. When I woke the back felt fine but the rest of the body was sore from 3 days off. I hate how that works!!!!

So off to the gardens I drag my butt. Now when you enter the gardens there is an immediate uphill. What I normally do is walk this and use it as my warm-up. So I did that and got to the top and began to run.

Ummmm, yeah, that hurt!!! The back was killing me.

Okay, that's okay. Let's walk for a while. Walking was fine but as soon as I started to run the back hurt.

Plan B, let's walk the botanical garden today. So that's what I did.

It was still beautiful and I had a great time so it was worth it. Because I was walking and moving slower I got to see some things I don't normally see. I also headed down some trails that I won't run on cause I'm a chicken. So here is my day in photos.

I found this bird's nest on the ground. I'm thinking that they were done with it and not that it fell out of the tree and killed the babies.

This is a charcoal kiln from the early 1900's. It sometimes is hard to remember that it wasn't that long ago that the native Hawaiians lived in huts and farmed. While the US was being born and the constitution written, the Hawaiians didn't have metal. Amazing!!!

Okay, I have 2 more pictures to put up but blogger won't let me. The whole process goes through like it's working but the pictures never show up on my post. Do you know what I think of blogger lately???? B*st*rds!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Be careful with your back. Backs can be tricky. Loved the photos, even if Blogger only allows you to post 2. :)

Vickie said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about Blogger being finicky about pictures. I try to add them frequently, but like you it says they are being uploaded but they never show up. I walked yesterday too because my shoulder was aching, so its okay with me that you walked!

sharon said...

Sometimes I don't know which is harder. Making my self "hurt" by going faster than my old body wants to or learning to slow down when I DON'T want to to avoid injury. You did the right thing and will heal better for it. I enjoyed the pics, thanks

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your back, that sucks. Good going on the walking though you were right to listen to your body when it hurt. I do too when I feel pain, I won't run much cause if I push it then it just gets worse I think.
Know what you mean by having trouble posting pics. I've tried everything and they work for a while like on imageshack.com and then it won't work. Now, I tried flickr.com and that worked but took forever. Now I will finally get high speed internet and that should help things I hope.


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