18 February 2006

Boys and their trucks, part II

Well, the truck saga is over and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

We ended up going to 2 dealers before we found anything. The 1st dealer was having this “Slash-it” sale. This is where you pick out a vehicle you want and than this guy will slash the price. Sometimes they slash it a whole lot. So we are looking around and all the used trucks (besides being ugly) are like $30,000. I’m thinking, there’s no way we are going to be able to afford a truck at that price. And these were used. The new trucks were around $32,000. Luckily, hubby didn’t see anything he liked so we left there.

We were driving around and decided to stop at the dealer where I bought my Escape and we bought hubby’s last truck. We are looking around at the used cars and he stumbles across an F-150, the same year as his, in the same color (red), with gold trim around the bottom (he’s a 49’er fan). The only difference is that his last truck was a step-side and this one is the style-side. Oh yeah, this one has a V-8 Triton engine.

The salesperson tells us the truck is $17,000 and we can get a $3,000 trade-in (okay, she doesn’t know about the fire yet). So, I have all these issues to deal with but I said let’s see if we can make it happen.

We go inside to start the paperwork and her manager turns out to be the guy who sold me my Escape, and the finance manager is the same guy from the Escape deal. We are all old friends. So we go over the situation with them, auto loan still on the books, no trade-in, no down payment. After much haggling back and forth, we got the truck. They are postponing the down payment until next month and they gave us the $3,000 trade in with no trade in, how sweet is that??? The financing is not the best but that is because of the other truck loan. Once the insurance pays that off, we will redo the financing and get a better deal. The financing is not set in stone until March 4, 2006. I’m stoked. This was way simpler than I anticipated and hubby is so happy he can’t stand it.

So here’s the new baby:

The interior is even the same color as his old truck so his 49'er floor mats match.

So overall not a bad day. I'm just tired and badly in need of a nap.

I'm going to put my jammies on and veg on the couch for awhile. Tomorrow I hope to get up to go swimming and biking. It's supposed to rain here so I'm hopin it will rain over night and be nice by morning. Okay, time for some TV......

Boys and their trucks

After having now lost 2 posts I am no longer going to type in Blogger. I will type it in Word and save it that way when I lose a post I will not lose it. Ugh!!!

Okay, today is truck buying day and I fear for the worst. The last 2 autos purchased were not purchased under duress and the sale actually went quite nicely. For my Escape, we just stopped to look at them. They had the color I wanted and it was on sale so I bought it. Done deal. For Hubby’s truck, it was similar. He wanted a new truck, we stopped to see what they had, he saw one he really liked and boom, it was his. Now that we are under pressure today, I fear it will not be that easy. We really have to find something today and I’m afraid it will lead to either a) arguments between use or b) settling for something he really doesn’t’ want.

Also, we are working under a few handicaps here. I still have 4 payments left on my Escape (WooHooo!!!!). The loan for his truck is still on the books. The insurance hasn’t even started the payoff yet, oh yeah; the payoff is going to fall slightly short of the loan amount. So it looks like we have 2 auto loans out and want to get another (that can’t be good). Also, since we were not planning on buying a car now, we have no down payment. Oh yeah, and I only want a 3 year loan which seems to be against all the rules now. Hubby doesn’t think any of this will be a problem and actually got mad at me last night for dumping this on him. Oh yeah, it’s going to be a really fun day.

The good news is everyone wants to move cars and trucks right now. Last night, every single commercial break had at least 2 ads for auto sales. Everyone is offering huge rebates and all kinds of factory incentives so it may turn out to be easier than I think. One dealer here is offering double the factory rebate for a total of $8,000. That would be sweet, we could use $4,000 for the down and the remaining money to pay off the truck and still have some left over. When I mentioned that to hubby he got a little testy. Don’t ask me why, it was a Ford dealership.

I am really hoping that I’m worrying and dreading this for nothing, but I’m afraid I’m not. One of the mottos I live by is, plan for the worst but hope for the best. That’s today all the way.

Okay kids, I have to get moving. Wish me luck. Hope I stay married for the rest of the day. If you hear news of a lady losing it at an auto dealer in Hawaii you’ll know who it was :)

P.S. I updated my monthly totals on the side there, look at that swimming - Woo Hoo!!!! I have got to get on that biking and stretching though. Clearly the areas I need to work on. If it remains nice today (and I survive) I will go for a bike ride this afternoon and do some yoga.

17 February 2006

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate


I wrote a great post this morning and just discovered it's gone! Just gone. What a pisser......

Oh well, I'll save my thoughts for another day. I'm trying to get out of work early, after all it is Friday of a long weekend. Wheeee!!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone...

16 February 2006

A variety of topics today.

It's Thursday and I have completed every scheduled workout so far this week. YEAH!!!!

I love this feeling. I feel tired, but that's from pushing myself. I feel strong, because I've been working all parts of my body. I can feel all the muscles in my body (or so it seems); I can feel them move and can see them under the skin and I just love it. I really feel like an athlete.
Last night it was lower body strength training. I love doing lower body because I really want a round ass. For my strength training I do this modified boot camp. I warm up on the elliptical for 5 mins then whip out the weights. I do my reps then hop on the elliptical for the rest period. It really works me hard and I get weights and aerobic training at the same time. I end up doing an hour with 1/2 being strenght and 1/2 being aerobic. Nice. So I'm feeling good about that...... This morning I got up and did my 5 x 400m run. It was good.

I got this iTunes program that you can use to set up intervals. So, I set 2:30 runs with 1:00 recovery for my run this morning. It's pretty cool. It abbreviates the songs, so everytime the song changes it's time to change your stride. Fun. I like it because I don't have to pay attention. I can just run and listen to music and change my pace when the song changes - nice.
I got into a conversation yesterday with another athlete about heartrates. This is something that's really bugging me. According to the charts and some very simplistic tests I've taken, my max HR should be around 176-180. Now that's all fine and good, BUT, I can sustain a HR of 169 for an extended period of time. During my run this morning (I did 5 x 400m) I had HR of 179 -and no, I was not dying. 80% of my max should be 144. At that HR I can go literally forever and sing at the same time. I wonder what my real max HR is. I don't think I'll ever know and I'm not sure a HR monitor will ever be of any use to me.

I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that I have been doing aerobic exercise since I was 19 years old. For those keeping track, that's 28 years. I began doing aerobics when they first hit the scene. I had an LP record and a picture book. This record lasted an hour and was incredibly unsafe and totally kicked my ass. I got my first VCR strictly to play aerobic videos. I have always done them and I think my heart has benefited from all this exercise. One of the things that attracted me to running and tris was that aerobics had really gotten too easy. I could not find something that would really challenge me; you would not believe the collection of tapes and DVD's I have if anyone is interested.

When I had been doing aerobics for about 5 years, someone told me that the best way to judge how hard you're working is your preceived exertion (can you hold a conversation and sing- not working hard enough; can you talk but not really easily - that's about right). They also said they best way to judge how strong you are getting is by how quickly you recover. These things have always stayed with me and I base my exertion on these principles. Now, I recover really, really quickly. I can push myself flat out, total effort, and once I stop I'm fine within a minute or two. Also, my resting HR is 45 bpm.

I don't know if this makes any sense at all but I really want to train right but I'm not sure how to do it. I guess I'll just continue to use preceived exertion and use my HR monitor and try to figure it out for myself. If I can run at 165 bpm for a sustained period and talk some I think I can safely assume that that would be about 80% of max and my max HR would be around 210. Have they ever tested this 220-your age on anyone. What would they do, run you till you die and say, Yup, that was the max HR.

What else. Blogger sucks!!! I've been trying to leave comments on some blogs and I'm not sure if they are there or not. I kept getting messages saying this page can not be displayed or I didn't enter the word verification right. Blogger - ugh!!!!

15 February 2006

Things are going well.

Yesterday morning I got up and did a 45 minute run. That was nice. I listen to Get Your Geek On during my Tuesday morning runs and I really really enjoy it.

Last night went home with every intention of hopping on the trainer for an hour. I pulled my bike out only to discover the back tire was flat, completely. I pumped it up and it seemed okay. Got the trainer out and went to put the bike one it and the tire was flat again. Okay, admit defeat and change the darn tube. I did and it took forever. Let's put it this way, I'm way better at swimming than I am at changing my tires. But I did it and it was fine. I still had 20 minutes before dinner was ready so I got 20 minutes in - NO LIMITS!!!!

This morning was swimming again. It wasn't as good as Monday but I can definitely feel that I've turned a corner in my swimming and things are improving. My 1000m took 32:22 today. My fastest 100m was 2:49, and my fastest 50m was 1:20. Total time 56:43, total distance: 1700 m. For the final 4x50 I did bilateral breathing all the way. That is a huge step for me. Also, counted strokes again and the most I did was 18 but the majority was 16 - not too shabby.

On a completely non-tri related topic. The insurance company has decided to total my hubbys truck and duke it out with Ford themselves. So they will pay off the loan and then try to recoup their loses from Ford Motor Co. as this was a recall problem. That's a relief, it's over. It will take a week or so to get all the paperwork done and the title transferred, blah, blah, blah..... I don't care about all that stuff. They are going to total it, that's really all I wanted to know. We will go out on Saturday and try to find hubby a new truck (actually a used truck).

So that's it. I'm really tired today. I think I may skip the weights tonight and just take it easy. I'm really, really tired. Okay, off to work.

13 February 2006

Pay close attention.....

I am now going to expose myself on my blog. Watch closely.... .. Okay, no, not that way. I'm going to post my swim times. Something I have never done before because I am slower than molasses in wintertime. But here goes.

Warm-up: 200 m - 4:26
1000m: 31:52
4 x 100m: 3:01, 2:47, 2:48, 2:55
4 x 50 m : 1:30, 1:17, 1:23, 1:33
Cool down: 100 m - 2:48

Total: 1900m 57:04

That's 1.18 miles in under an hour folks. For me, that's fast. What this means is that I would absolutely make the swim cut-off in a 1/2 Ironman.

2 weeks ago I was swimming 100 m at: 4:31, 3:54, 3:37, 3:44. I have knocked almost a minute off my time and I'm just swimming. I have not even started doing drills yet.

Today while I was swimming something happened and it was truly amazing. I was doing my 1000m and it seemed like I kept bumping into the walls. The length seemed to be much shorter today even though I was in the same pool I always swim in. When I saw that I did 1000m in 31 minutes I was excited. What I think is that my pull is getting much stronger. I can really feel the movement when I pull and now it only takes me 16 strokes to get 25 m. When I started it was 24 I think. Wow, I feel good.

What a great way to start the week after such a crappy weekend.......

12 February 2006

Today didn't turn out as planned either.

After my last post I got a little down about the whole thing. Sometimes I get so damn tired of being an adult!!! Anyway, I sat down to wait for my breakfast to digest before my planned bike ride, and picked up the new Stephen King book , Cell. I'm a huge SK fan and starting that book was a mistake. The next thing I knew it was noon and I hadn't gone anywhere. Worse I lost all motivation. So I sat on the couch and read. Screw it!!!

I had a hair appointment at 4:30 so I left around 4:00. I got to the place a few minutes early and was sitting in the chairs waiting. The wall opposite the chairs is mirror from floor to ceiling and covered in products for sale. There was a couple of people waiting and the way the chairs and the mirrors are you can thing your looking at someone who's not you. So I'm sitting there looking at these legs in the mirror thinking to myself, wow, that person is a runner. Look at all the lines and planes in those legs (fitness seems to present itself in lines and planes. Roundness tends to mean unfit; at least to me). You could see the muscles in the shin and in the quads. It was really impressive. Then they called my name and I stood up and the legs stood up too!!!! Oh my god!!! I have really awesome legs!!!! I am going to have to take pictures and share because they are spectacular. So that really made my day.

Since we are now down a vehicle I have been trying to figure out the logistics of work commuting. Hubby works very early in the morning near the Y where I swim. I may ride in with him. Have him drop me at the Y, swim, ride the bus to Honolulu with my bike and then bike to the lab. That way I will still get my swim in plus a short bike ride and then he will pick me up at 5:00. It will just be for a couple of days till we figure out what's going to happen with the truck. If they total it, we will run right out and buy him a new one. If they don't we will rent a car till it's fixed. We just need to know what's going to happen. God I'm tired of being an adult!!!!!!

So yesterday wasn't so good.

I was feeling particularly lazy yesterday and so I just went with it. Hubby and I went and ran some errands in the morning and I just kind of lazed around the rest of the day, it was nice. I find that I need to do this maybe once every 2 weeks or so and it really reenergizes me.

So a little background here. My hubby has a Ford F-150. About 6 or 8 months ago Ford issued a warning that the cruise control system in F-150 has started some fires. Apparently the truck could be cold, just sitting there and suddenly a fire would start. Now a recall was never issued and Ford had no way to fix it. You were supposed to bring your truck into the dealer and they would disconnect the cruise control until they figured out a way to fix it. Well, hubby and I argued about this many, many times. He used his cruise control and did not want it disconnected. I of course got pissed because if his truck caught fire it's parked right next to my car. I'm sure you can see where this story is going.

So last night, around 6 p.m., we were cooking dinner and hubby is getting his stuff ready for the ProBowl today. He looks out the kitchen window to see flames leaping out of the hood of his truck. What ensued would have been funny if it wasn't so damn scary. He's running around grabbing the fire extinguishers trying to put the fire out but the extinguishers were either not working or he couldn't figure them out fast enough. Meanwhile, I'm running around trying to find a phone to call 911 and of course I can't find it. So hubby grabs the garden hose and starts hosing down the truck while I'm on the phone screaming to the 911 dispatcher that my truck is ON FIRE IN MY CARPORT!!!!!! It was at this point I suddenly realize that my car is still next to his truck. I scream at 911 to send the fire dept. and I need to go move my car.

My car is now safely out on the street and hubby appears to have the fire under control, but we can't get the hood open, and we are still waiting for the fire department. Now the closest fire station is 3.5 miles away. I pass it on my bike rides and it takes me like 5 minutes to get there (if that). It took the fire dept. 15 mins to get to my house!!! I really wanted to scream at them. What if we hadn't got the fire under control??? In 15 mins the carport could have been gone and the house involved. I was really pissed but I was relieved that they were there (does that make sense???).

They helped hubby cut the hood release cable (it had melted in the fire and wasn't working) and get the hood up. The engine is destroyed. After examining it, disconnecting the battery, hosing it down some more and making sure the fire was out, they took all our information and left.

Hubby is just devastated and me??? I'm trying very, very hard not to scream, I TOLD YOU SO!!! I'm just very thankful that it happened at 6 p.m. when we were awake and paying attention and not at 4 a.m. when everyone was sleeping.

Now, I don't know about most of you, but I don't pay a whole lot of attention to my insurance. When we got the truck 3 years ago I went over all the insurance details, chose the coverage, deductibles, etc. But since then I pretty much ignored it. I pay the premiums every 6 months and make sure my card is in my car and that's that...

So I call the insurance company last night and we go over what happened and get a claim going. The guy tells me this is covered under my Comprehensive coverage and there is a $2,000 deductible, WHAT????? Who the hell has a $2,000 deductible???? But, because it's a fire we had no control over the deductible is waived, yeah!!! After this is all over I will have to examine my policy more closely. I'll be damned if I'm paying all this insurance and then have a $2,000 deductible, that's crazy. Anyway, the truck is off to the dealer on Monday so a determination can be made if it's totaled or fixable. What a freakin' night!!!

What makes this so unreal is that every ProBowl something happens to hubby's truck. The first one right after he got it, the truck wouldn't start. Just wouldn't start at all. Turns out a computer chip went. The following year he went out in the morning and a tire was flat. Now this. I told him maybe he needs to stop going to the ProBowl.......

Anyway, today will be much, much better. I just finished breakfast and I'm going to head out on my bike in awhile. Here are some pictures to show how gorgeous it is here:

Just before sunrise

The sun is just starting to come up

And there it is....

I love how the clouds get all wispy around the top of the mountains on nice days.

Monsoon season has arrived

and we got our first rain yesterday. Actually, it's still raining a little this morning. It wasn't a lot of rain, but it was rain....