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Okay, that really is my butt.

I dragged that huge thing out of bed this morning and on my bike to ride to WW. I got there only to discover I gained 3.2 lbs in 2 weeks (I totally forgot to go during the move last Saturday - duh!!!). 3.2 LBS!!!!! Oh my god!!! I have no doubt that is what I looked like riding my bike today.

Aside from my ass, it was a great ride. From the new house the meeting is 7.8 miles of nice rolling hills. It took me 40 minutes to get there and exactly 40 to get home. Nice, nice ride. I'm going to do this every single Saturday unless it snows. I have to get rid of that butt somehow!!!!

Also, the roads behind my house lead to lots and lots of flower farms. It's almost entirely ag land back there and as you can imagine pretty quiet on the weekend. Well, you should see the bikes out. Apparently this is a very popular area with the weekend bikers due to it's seclusion and quiet. I felt like I was on a freeway of bikes, it was crazy.

I must go showe…

Another awesome swim.

I did 1000m in 250m increments. No arm numbness and I felt long and sleek while swimming - very cool.

1st 250m: 7:19
2nd 250m: 7:11
3rd 250m: 7:04
4th 250m: 6:38
50m breaststroke: 1:44
50m sidestroke: 1:39
50m sidestroke: 1:45

Total meters: 1150

I like how the 250's got faster even though I wasn't trying.

I've taken a step back with my training. I realized during my tri that I've lost some aerobic fitness. Probably due to the erractic training I was doing. Anyway, I'm back to basics. For the month of April I'm going to focus on building my aerobic capacity. That means slow swims, runs, and bike rides. I'll be living in my HRM and not worrying about speed at all.

That's what I did this morning with the swim. I started out really slow, concentrating on my form and not the speed at all. In fact, I felt like I was going super slow. But clearly this works because my splits got faster and faster. So that's what I'll be doing.

I've got a …

I have to get this off my mind.

But first, today's training. I headed off to the Y, rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes and did some light upper body work. This arm going numb is bothering me a little but I'm going to try and work it out. I'll do some light upper body work for a week or so and see if that helps. I also have to re-start my stretching program. At night while I watch TV I'm going to stretch. The dogs will help, they love it when I do that :)

Probably next week I'll be able to ride my bike and run outside in the mornings. I can't wait. I have to work out all the details. Maybe I'll drive to the Y then run from there. Then I can come back and do some strength training. I don't know, I'll figure out a plan this weekend.

This part is really just for me and has absolutely nothing to do with training, so you may want to skip this.

Where do I begin. Let's see. I lived in the house at the ranch for 13 years. I have never in my life lived anywhere that long. This house w…

Okay, I'm back.

Wow, it's been a wild week.

The move: Done. We're moved but it will take years to get everything unpacked. The new place is totally cool. It's really small but I really like it. There is a huge completely fenced yard which the dogs love. I really can't wait until we get settled.

There are a couple of drawbacks. The old house was set off by itself and we could not hear our neighbors. This is a typical subdivision with the houses right next to each other and we can hear everything the neighbors on both sides do. It's not bad it's just something we're not used to that's all. Also, one of the neighbors raises fighting roosters. As soon as the sky starts getting light the roosters start crowing. This too will not be an issue in a few weeks but it takes some getting used to. Finally, the neighbors on the other side seem to have 400 people living there and none of them work, so they stay up all night and their friends come by all night long. This is annoying. Th…