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Happy Easter!!!!

You know, even as a kid I could never buy into this Easter bunny thing. I could not figure out for the life of me, why the Easter bunny delivered chocolate on the day Jesus arose from the dead. HUH?????? Of course, now I understand the whole pagan-religious connection and how Constantine interwined the two to get people hooked.

Which leads to the question, why are the religious people so darn upset about The DaVinci Code and the Judas Testament??? I am not a particularly religious person but I definitely believe there is a higher power and something beyond this life. If I really thought this was it I'd probably end it now. So what would be the harm, really, if Jesus and Mary were married???? Personally it would make a lot more sense to me. Him being married and possibly having children seems to make his whole existence more believable, to me anyway.

And the Judas testament!!! Why would it be so incredibly horribly if Jesus asked Judas to betray him??? If Jesus orchestrated the entir…

It's all about the bike.

This morning was a bike ride. Now this ride was exciting for a number of reasons. First, it's the first morning ride since last September. We don't have a very long winter here (though this year was longer than normal) but we do have a couple of months where it's too dark in the morning to ride. For the last couple of weeks it's been getting lighter and lighter. Well, this morning was the first official ride. WooHoo!! Second, I rode around the backroads of my new neighborhood and it was totally fun. The entire area backs up to the mountains, so the views are spectacular, and it is primarily flower farms, so it's pretty and smells good. Yeah!!!! Thirdly, where I live I can literally ride from the mountains down to the ocean and back home again in under an hour. Sweet!!!!
The numbers: 9.33 miles in 50 minutes. Just cruising, keeping the heartrate down. A really great morning.

I've found this website that I really like. It's They have training program…

2000 Meters!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a rest day and this morning it was swimming. I'm working on base building right now so don't have a real plan for swimming. Also, I'm trying to get over my freaking in the water and I figure the best way to do that is just go slow and get really, really, really comfortable in the water. Okay. So I headed off and on the way just decided to swim for 30 minutes non-stop. Just go and go and go; that's all. I also decided to go really slow and do some serious work on my form. I've got the idea of the form down I just need to perfect it and have it become so natural that I can continue it when I get tired. So off I go. I decided to hit my watch every 250 meters since that's what I've been doing lately. The numbers:

1st 250: 7:41
2nd: 7:32
3rd: 7:48
4th: 7:33
5th: 6:48
6th: 6:59
500m: 13:43

Totals: 2000m in 58:08

Not too shabby. More important is I was not exhausted; my arm did not go numb; I could have continued but it was getting late. A really, really good…

Benny, you are an IRONMAN!!!!!

Benny did it in just under 13 hours. How awesome is that??? I am absolutely in awe of the man. Having followed his journey it blows me away that he trained inspite of working and going to school and it being winter in Utah!!! Congrats Benny!!! You truly are amazing!!!!!

Wow, I still can't believe it. I followed his progress all day yesterday and was totally blown away. He really did an awesome job!!! He has totally inspired me. I am definitely aiming for a 70.3 next year and a full in 2008. He really is an inspiration.

Okay, on to me after all this is my blog ;) Yesterday I went for a run. I have a plan I'm following, it's pretty basic, but there is lots of base building. Yesterday was to be a 45 minute run. I went out and ran around my new neighborhood and so much time looking around that I didn't run very far at all. I did 2.5 miles in 40 minutes. Okay, that's pathetic but I was busy enjoying the view. I'll do better next time.

This morning was…