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Rest Day.

Last night I was sooooooo tired when I got home all I could do was lie on the couch. I was in bed by 9 and sound asleep by 9:01. Hubby went and played poker and didn't get home till 11:00, I did not hear a thing, I was out. I slept really well until the alarm went off. My mind said to get up but the body said, not this morning. So I reset the alarm and rolled over. God, it felt good. I am not doing anything today - nothing, nada, zilch, zippo, squat, you get the idea :)

Tomorrow is a long bike ride and Sunday is a run/hike. It's been so beautiful that I'm dying to get into the mountains, I may do that on Sunday. An hour of hiking is worth 2 hours of running easy.

I just found out they have reinstated my favorite run.

The Kolekole Pass 1/2 marathon runs over the mountains at the low point. This is all military land and the only time anyone is allowed on is during this race. They closed the pass after 9/11 and have not had the race in 4 years. They have agreed to have it this y…

Something is up with blogger.

I had a heck of a time posting and I can't comment on any of the blogs, WTF????????

Okay, so I may not rock as much as I thought last night. The alarm went off this morning and I could not get up. Now I remember why I don't exercise hard at night, I don't go to bed as early, I don't sleep as well and I have a hard time getting up. So I didn't get up in time to do my weights, and while I laid there trying to figure out a way to skip working out at all, I just couldn't do it. So I finally got up, got ready, headed out on my bike, and lord was it hard. I was dying. I was struggling badly and though I knew I was tired I couldn't figure out why it was this bad. About 1/2 way through my ride it hit me. I hadn't had any coffee. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

So I finished my ride; 10 miles in 50 minutes; did a very short transition run; 8 minutes I think; and got some coffee. It helped but not enough I'm still tired. I want to do my weights tonight, then it's off …


But I am so pleased with myself I have to brag.

This morning I just did not want to get up. I've been working out every day since last Tuesday. Every morning I've been up with the roosters (literally, we have roosters next door) and I just felt like staying in bed this morning; so I did. I slept in and drank a leisurely coffee and puttered around in my garden and then headed off to work.

Unfortunately, my guard was down and when I stopped to get gas I got coffee and a muffin. Okay, that in itself is not so bad, but..... Past history shows that a breakfast like that generally leads to a fast food lunch and some chocolate and who knows what else, and who knows how long it will last. But today I managed to avoid that problem. I ate the muffin and really enjoyed it, and that was it. I did not have my usual morning snacks, in fact I did not eat again until lunch at 1:00 p.m. Excellent.

When I left the house this morning I took my workout bag because I had a vague plan of go…


Sometimes I get caught up in the if..... Mostly I'm a positive, forward looking person but every once in a while I drift into the past and the if...... That happened on my bike ride this morning. I started down the if road:

-if only the truck hadn't burned.

-if only we didn't have to buy the new truck.

-if only we hadn't gotten evicted 2 days after buying the new truck.

-if only Mana hadn't died.

Notice that none of these things I had any control over. That's because I rarely think about the other option if it's a choice I made. I tend to dwell on the if's of things I can't control. So I'm cruising along thinking these things and I said to myself ,"Self, what is up??? You are one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth!! Get over yourself" So then I start thinking about all the good things in my life:

-I get to live in Hawaii.

-I have my health and am able to train for triathlons.

-I get to live in Hawaii :)

-I love my hubby and my dogs…

I hate blogger!!!!!

I have been trying to post all day and blogger either so slow I couldn't wait or I'd get an error message. UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

So, the reason for my post was my awesome swim this morning. Hubby left for work and I rolled over and decided to sleep in. Not 2 minutes later I'm bouncing out of bed running to get my stuff together to go for a swim. What exactly is happening to me???? It's all good!!!

So I get to the pool and decided on a 1600m workout. It broke down like this:

200 m warm-up: 5:12
4 x 50 (:15): 1:06, 1:06, 1:09, 1:09
200 m pull: 5:10
4 x 50 (:10): 1:08, 1:12, 1:13, 1:13
200m swim: 5:33
4 x 50 (:05): 1:09, 1:15, 1:19, 1:18
4 x 25 (right only/left only)/100m hard/2 x 50 moderate (:10): 10:55

Totals: 1600m in 48:55

For the last 3 sets I totally forgot to hit my watch, I was focused so hard on what I was doing and using the pool clock that I spaced my watch.

Anyway, I felt great but I can see how I slowed down near the end, I need to work on that.

Overall a great wo…

Excellent weekend.

It started yesterday with a bike to ride to WW... Weigh in went well and I was down!!! Yea!!! 3rd week in a row, I may be on to something here :)

Then I decided to ride around for awhile. I haven't had a long ride in a long, long time so I thought this was a great idea, plus it was an absolute beautiful day. I ended up riding for 1:45 and covered 21 miles. Not the speediest but I haven't been out that long for awhile and so I was just cruising. It was perfect. I felt great when I was done.

After I had to go to work for an hour, then it was off to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. That is becoming a Saturday routine too. Not sure if it's good or bad.

This morning was a long run. I was still on the fence about the 1/2 marathon next weekend so I decided to try and go long. I headed out and the first thing I noticed was how hot it was!!! My little temperature thingy said it was 77 when I got back but there were places along the way where there is no wind and I'm sure it was hotte…