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I had a post all planned and then I read this blog and it got me to thinking. What are my secret dreams??? There are lots of things I want to achieve that just aren't practical. I'll never compete in the Olympics. I'll never be a famous singer. I'll never ride in a space ship. But there are things I dream of that really are within the realm of possibility they would just require lots of hard work and sacrifice (more than Ironman training). I'm going to mull this over and think about my secret dreams and what ones I really want to work towards.

On other things, my mantra this week has been PAY ATTENTION!!! With all the training and stuff I've been doing the past few months, there were a couple of areas of my life I kind of let slide. These last 2 weeks I've been trying to get a handle on some of them and I've discovered that all I really have to do is Pay Attention. I've been paying attention to those areas and wow, things are starting to fall back in…

Here it is Wednesday and what do I have to show for it??

Not much.

Monday I was a little bit sore and very tired from my tri so I rested. Tuesday I got up and did aerobics; did strength training Tuesday night and began doing Core Performance (again). This morning I slept in a little bit too long.

I have learned a couple of things from the tri and this short rest period.

1) Plantar fasciitis is returning to my right foot. Not good.
2) My hip problem is pretty painful but I don't think it's serious.
3) I am so tight and inflexible it's not funny.

So, my new training routine will include some initial rest and recovery for my foot and hip, and some major stretching/yoga/pilates stuff. I have never been this tight. Even when I did nothing I was more flexible than I am now. UGH!!!!

Anyway, the transformation has begun. I am logging everything I eat on FitDay. I have given up all processed food (well, 99% of processed food) except for 1 sweet treat a day - small!!
It's been fine. Nothing to show for it yet, but soon.

I don't have anythi…

When I'm done I'm done.

I have a terrible habit that I've had since I was a kid. It used to drive my mother crazy. I'm always looking to the next thing. I can be working on something, anything, and as I near the end of it I begin to think of what I'll do next. Well, once I begin thinking about doing something new I want to start that and forget what I'm doing. For the longest time I would have all these unfinished projects (okay, I still have some) laying around the house. For example, I love to quilt. So I will get new material and design and cut a quilt and be all excited about it. As I begin to put it together I'm totally into it watching the design take shape. As I near the end and all that's left is the finishing, batting, actual quilting part, etc, I will begin to think about the next quilt. Once I start thinking about that one I get excited about it and want to start working on it. And unless I am really strong and disciplined, I will start on the new one and not finish the old…

My last tri of the season is in the books.

And it wasn't pretty. It was hard and I wasn't completely prepared and oh well.

None of the stats are up yet and I wore my HRM which does not have a lap/split button so I don't know all the dirty details.

I'll write a full report later. Right now I'm tired, pleased I finished and need to lie down.