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I can swim.

Near as I can figure I haven't been in the pool since 9/29. That would be 5 weeks ago. I wasn't sure I remembered how to swim. But I do and that's a good thing :)

It finally stopped raining here so getting out of bed was a tiny bit easier this morning.

I actually enjoyed the mental battle I had this morning, probably because I won.

Alarm goes off and I turn it off.

I should get up.

I don't want to. It's Friday, lets just stay in bed. We'll start tomorrow.

But I feel like crap.

Swimming won't make that much of a difference.

It can't make me feel worse.

But the pool might be crowded, it might be cold, it might not even be open.

Yeah, and tomorrow might never come.

At that I jumped out of bed and got moving.

So the swimming wasn't spectacular but I was just there to swim. No goals, no times, no expectations, just swim. And I did. I did 1000 m in 33 minutes. I did 200 m kicking, 100 m backstroke, 200 m pull, and 500 m just swimming. I did not push it and it felt r…

Another day.

It has been raining here for 4 days I think. It's been awhile. I just can not get out of bed when it's pouring rain. I just can't. So I haven't the last couple of mornings.

Also, my back has been bothering me, I think I pushed to hard with the aerobics I was doing.

Well, that' it. Nothing to say. I guess I'll go to work. I must say, not exercising in the morning gets me to work earlier and I'm actually getting caught up.

Have a great day......

November 1st.

Okay, new month, new routine.

First, it's NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. While I'm not going to enter the competition, I am going to blog everyday - so get ready it may get ugly :)

My Honu training begins this month. I think it starts around the middle of the month so this will be exciting.

Today I slept in, actually I did yesterday too. It's been raining for 2 days here and I just have a hard time getting out of bed when it's pouring rain. So I didn't. I also think it's PMS time which seriously tests my motivation. When will this be over?????

Since I'm not working out, I think I will get to work early. I have a ton of stuff to do and have been stressing a little over it all.
Save the Cheerleader, Save the world!!!!
I love this show. I'm absolutely addicted. I'm sitting here waiting for it to come on right now. It's been a good couple of days. Thankfully, Tatu has gone home. Whew!!! Birds are a lot of work. I have my routine with my 2 but add another one in and things escalate. I'm glad she's gone home. Well, it's almost time for Heroes. I've got to put my birdies to bed and get ready, woo hoo!!!!