18 November 2006

Rocco's okay.

Rocco had his surgery yesterday and he's okay. They took a chest x-ray to see if the cancer had spread and it hadn't. Yea!!!!!!!!! He has a huge incision on the side of his face, it's about 8 inches long, and his face looks kind of caved in. They must have taken a ton of tissue out from there. I read that's the procedure with mast cell tumors because you have to get it all. They've sent the edges off for biopsy to make sure they are clean. I'm so relieved!! My stomach was in knots all day yesterday just waiting to hear. It's just amazing how attached we get to our animals. He cost me a bloody fortune, cancer surgery is not cheap folks, but it was worth every penny to know he's okay.

As for me, eh, not so hot!!! I didn't workout yesterday because we had the whole vet thing in the morning, plus I had to take Nala to work with me. I should workout this morning and I probably will. Oh, I don't know.

Anyway, I'm happy and broke and off to hug the dogs :)

17 November 2006

Okay, this was stolen from LouBob who stole it from Running Mama.

Yourself: Tired

Your Partner: Late

Your Hair: Grey

Your Mother: Gone

Your Father: Gone

Your Favorite Item: Bike

Your Dream Last Night: Money

Your Favorite Drink: Tea

Your Dream Car: Boxster

Your Dream Home: Beach

The Room You Are In: Spare

Your Ex: Junky

Your Fear: Death

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Healthy

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Dogs

What You’re Not: Negative

Muffins: Blueberry

One of Your Wish List Items: Thinner

Time: Brief

The Last Thing You Did: Drove

What You Are Wearing: Shorts

Your Favorite Weather: Sun

Your Favorite Book: Stand

Last Thing You Ate: Candy

Your Life: Busy

Your Mood: Down

Your Best Friends: Away

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Money

Your Car: Escape

What Are You Doing At The Moment: vegging

Your Summer: Short

Relationship Status: Comfortable

What Is On Your TV: Junk

What Is The Weather Like: Clear

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Today

16 November 2006

Apparently I'm under the influence

of something.

I swam on Tuesday and thought I was swimming 1000m at a time. Huh!

Today I'm swimming and counting my laps and just enjoying swimming when I realized that my totals were 500m not 1000m. 50 x 10 = 500 no matter how you do the math.

I kept thinking that 1000m in 12 minutes was waaaaaaay too fast for me, but I kept coming up with those numbers. Now I know it was waaaaaaay too fast for me. It was 500m in 12 minutes, that's more like it. Especially since I was going slow, really slow......

In any case, I still had fun again this morning. I ended up doing about 2000m in 45 minutes (that's real!!)

I never, ever use fins when I swim because I don't want to get too used to them. But today I did. And guess what?? They were fun!!! I go superfast with fins. So I've decided I can use them a little since they are so much fun :)

Tonight it's running. Supposed to be a track workout but there are no tracks convenient to me. So, I'm going to just do sprints; run slow for a couple of minutes then sprint for 30 to 45 seconds. That should work for now.

Okay, back to work. There is no rest for a Jedi master :)

15 November 2006

Your results:
You are Obi-Wan Kenobi

You are civilized, calm, and
have a good sense of humor,
even when those around you don't.
You can hold your own in a fight,
but prefer it when things
don't get too exciting.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Darth Maul
Boba Fett
Princess Leia
Emperor Palpatine

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Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Quiz

14 November 2006


My workouts lately have not been all they could be. I have been doing them (mostly) but I have not been inspired. I've even been questioning whether I want to continue doing triathlons.

I've been avoiding swimming (that's how I do it, I don't like it just avoid it :) and my running has just sucked.

This morning was swimming. On my way to the gym I decided that I needed to make swimming fun again. When I was a kid we would spend entire summer days in the pool just playing. Even when I started swimming again in January, I had fun. Well, lately it hasn't been so much fun. So this morning fun was on the agenda.

I decided to swim, just swim. I thought I'd do 1000m and see how I felt. I did not set my watch timer, I did not try to go fast, I just swam. When I was done I realized I had done the 1000m in 12 minutes. That won't set the world on fire but it was respectable. More important, I had fun. I was focusing on feeling my hands push the water and how my legs kicked and turning to breathe, not to try to correct anything, just to enjoy the feelings, and I had fun.

After 1000m I decided to kick for a while just for something different. I kicked for about 300m just watching the other folks swim and bob around. It was fun!!

I then decided that another 1000m were in order. As I was starting to swim I decided I used to love flip turns, so flip turns were in order. I did the entire 1000m doing flip turns the whole way. I really enjoyed it and I had fun.

I was in the pool for 45 minutes and ended up doing almost 3000m. I was very pleased and felt good about swimming again.

Tonight was running. Okay, this has really sucked lately and I was not looking forward to it. I'm following Jeff Galloways program and doing a walk/run thing. So I start off on my warm up and am walking.

My first run interval comes up and I'm dreading it but take off. After that interval was over I felt pretty good.

When the next one came up I was actually looking forward to it. When the next one came up I was eager to start. In the middle of it I realized that I was enjoying running. I was running like I used to run and I really enjoyed it. I was having fun. I ended up doing an extra interval I was enjoying it so much. I had fun.

As I was driving home tonight it hit me! One moment of absolute clarity. I remembered why I enjoy these things. Why I like doing triathlons. Why I get up at 4:30 to train.

All that muck I've been dragging myself through lately is worth it. And now I remember why I do it. Because it's fun.

13 November 2006

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.....

Oh, if only it were that easy.

I almost forgot to post today. I'm waiting for Heroes to come on and I thought I'd throw something up.

Today was tough. Everyone at work are bird people so we talked about little Mango all day. It was emotional and, needless to say, I got very little work done. But I must say I do feel better. Talking about her and talking about how terribly guilty I feel really helped. So I'm better.

Now, I have to see if they save the cheerleader :)

12 November 2006

Today is better.

I'm slowly getting over Mango's untimely death. Her cage is sitting in the corner of this room and I just can't bring myself to clean it out. I will, in time, just not yet. I did vacuum earlier and there were a ton of feathers on the floor. She really lost a lot of feathers in the last couple of days.

I've also done some research on mast cell tumors and am actually quite hopeful. We won't know what's going on until the excision and the x-ray. Once they determine if it's spread or not, how far, etc, they will determine the stage it's in and the appropriate treatment. Rocco's appt. is Friday so we'll see then. I can't change anything so worrying about it does no good. I'll just have to wait until Friday and see where we go from here.

I went yesterday and looked at a sulfur crested cockatoo that's available for adoption. Turns out these people can't tell a male from a female (in a cockatoo it's pretty easy), the bird is a serious plucker, and she gets carsick. Since I would most likely be taking this bird to work everyday I don't think that would work.

Right now I don't think I want another bird anyway. I have my little cockatiel and I think she'll have to do for a while. I still feel so horribly guilty over Mangos death, I'm not ready to take on another bird yet.

I wasn't in the mood for working out this morning but I figured it would help my mood, I was right. So I dragged myself out the door for a walk. I ended up walking 5 miles while listening to a book on my iPod. It definitely helped.

That's it, that's all I've got today.

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