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According to my HRM my max HR was 230!!! I'm not sure I lived through that. Am I really here????

December 7, 1941

It was 65 years ago today the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They are having major ceremonies today out at the Arizona Memorial not only to commemorate the day but because this is the last official reunion of survivors. They are all getting up there in age and this is probably the last year many of them will be able to make the trip. The youngest of them is 82 this year. I'm going to refrain from going into a rant about the Iraq war and the parallels to WWII... You're welcome.
The past 2 days I have just been bone tired. I've been too tired to eat dinner the last 2 nights. This happens every once in a while. I guess it's just the body saying it needs a break. So, needless to say, I haven't worked out in the past 2 days. I've decided to take tomorrow off also and to jump back in with both feet on Saturday.

I want to do a long run Saturday and I think I'm going to head over to the botanical …

I found it!!!

And I hadn't even realized I lost it, but once it was back I realized how much I had missed it.

I stopped to run on the way home. I did the same loop I did Friday night. I was doing this for a couple of reasons. I wanted to see if I could run 2 days in a row, I have not done that in a very long time. I can. I also wanted to get back on my training schedule of Mon and Weds runs.

So I stop to run, get my shoes on and get all ready to go. God, I did not feel like it. I did my 4/1 run/walk interval, so I hit my watch and started running. It was hard. My legs felt like lead and my breathing felt like I had asthma, ugh it was agony!!!

I got to my first walk interval and was so damn happy I could have cried. That minute was over all too soon and I started running again. Hmmmm, something happened, it felt better this time. My next walk interval came rather quickly. It was time to run again and I was starting to feel good, really good. The walk intervals were coming faster and faster (or so i…

Today was a great day (and it's not over :)

I have not been dwelling on California and their f*cked up state today. It's crossed my mind a couple of times but only as a profanity :) So that is very good.

I decided to run this morning. I have a 10k in 4 weeks and wasn't even sure I could cover that distance. My running has been so pathetic lately!!! So I headed out doing a 4/1 run/walk combo. It was fun. The turn around is right across the beach so I stopped and enjoyed the view for a few minutes. I was running really good too. I did slow down at the end and I walked more than I wanted to towards the end but I did it and now I have a base from which to work.

As soon as I got home I got into a tub of cold water (I didn't have much ice around) and sat there for a few minutes then took a lukewarm shower. That really helped - wow!!! Around here the physiology folks tell you to jump into the ocean after a run; same theory, cold water really helps the muscles.

Then it was off the the running store to get new shoes. My feet ha…