13 February 2007

Some random thoughts.

I was driving to work listening to some guy talk about an NBA player who has written a book about being gay in the NBA. I don't know who the player is, basketball bores me to tears, nor do I care. What I wonder about is why do I need to know he's gay?? Why do I need to know any one's sexual orientation?? If that's all that defines you I feel sorry for you! There are people I know that I can honestly say I don't know if they are gay or straight and it doesn't matter to me at all. I like them for who they are not who they sleep with.

I have the same problem with people who constantly bring up skin color. Barack Obama is a perfect example. The media keep referring to him as the black presidential candidate, while folks like Al Sharpton say he's not black enough (okay, I'm not sure who said that but someone did). First off, his mother was white so he's not full black. More importantly, who the hell cares what color he is??? He could be green with pink polka dots, it would not change anything. I don't like him for the same reasons I don't like Hillary, they are socialists!!! Whatever happened to Martin Luther King and judging a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin??? I like people for who they are not because of the color of their skin.

My back has been really killing me. I may have to break down and go to the doctor. It's my low back and it's just sore. I had thought it was from stress or overuse. But the last week and a half have been relatively stress free and I haven't been working out as much. I'm not sure what's going on but it may be time to have it looked at. Big Sigh.......

So my stepson was visiting for the weekend. Him and a friend came out for the ProBowl. It was good to see him. It was really good to see him being independent and doing things on his own. We've had issues in the past with him being lazy and expecting other people to do things for him. Usually when he comes to visit he expects me to line up his flight and his dad to pay for it. This time he did everything on his own. They had a rental car and spent a lot of time sightseeing. It was nice to see him growing up. I mean he's only 25 :)

I have a race Monday, The Great Aloha Run. I've done this race every year for the past 10. I have not been running much the past few weeks and was a little nervous about doing this. Then I thought about it last night and realized that the first time I did this race I weighed 225 lbs and was in no shape to complete 8.25 miles. But I did it. Even though I haven't been running in a few weeks I'm in way better overall shape than I was then and I know I can complete the distance, I may not run the entire way but I'll finish. So I'm just going to enjoy it and have a good time. They have bands and entertainment every 2 miles and a huge amount of people do it so it will be fun and that's all I'm after.

I have been very busy working on my dream :) I've been doing a lot of things I've put off and really feel good about what's happening. Soon it will all become clear, standby.

Birdie is doing well. She's adjusting to her new home. I really feel sorry for her. She was so happy in her old home and doesn't understand why she's not there. We have good days and bad days but things are moving along. Oh yeah, birdie has a new name. She is now Xena, the Warrior Moluccan.

Rocco is doing well. I had the stitches on his side removed last night. The incision on his penis has turned into a nightmare. First he removed the stitches. I took him in and the vet put staples in and have him one of those cone head collars. He managed to remove the staples - yikes!!! Then Saturday I noticed that that area was huge. It had swollen up and looked like the udder of a cow. The vet was closed for the day so I figured I'd wait and call on Sunday. Sunday morning it was much smaller so I decided not to worry too much about it. I spoke to the vet Sunday afternoon and she agree with me, just keep an eye on it and apply warm compresses. So yesterday morning I wake up and it's huge and bright red, OMG!!!! Hubby was home yesterday and applied warm compresses a couple of times. By the time I got home it was much smaller and not red at all. So the vet looked at it last night and we've decided that the area is healing but him licking at it causes a swelling reaction. So at night he licks it a lot and it gets huge. During the day he doesn't lick as much because we are telling him not to and it goes down. This morning it was really down so apparently he didn't lick at all last night. So I think we'll be okay. That dog is driving me crazy.

There is a little black dog that lives a couple of houses down from us. He frequently gets out and comes to visit my dogs. Hubby and I refer to him as their little black friend (whoops, do I judge him by the color of his fur??? :) Well last night at midnight he came visiting and they were in the driveway playing. Needless to say it woke me up and I had to chase him away; he tried to get in the house!!!! So last night was not a great sleeping night.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say. If you are going to leave a comment please indicate your sexual orientation as apparently that's how people are defined. (I'm joking, trust me I don't care which team you play for :)


Duane said...

Hope the back hets better and have fun at your race! Aloha!

IronWaddler said...

Hope your back feels better-take care. You'll probably suprise yourself in the run. At least you have some awesome weather. Also ,I am glad Rocco is doing OK.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Please don't flame me, but there's something very distrubing about a gay NBA player sharing the same changing room as 4 other sweaty men. [shudder]

Hope that back heals up real soon. Maybe you do some strength training for the back (if you are not already doing so). Us oldies tend to lose muscle mass so strength training is a good idea if you are running and tri'ing. The seated row and back pull down are both good.

Hope Xena and Rocco feels better soon!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Good luck on the Great Aloha Race. I've got a similar race with weekend. Lots of history and change over the years I've run there. Those are some fun races.

angelfish24 said...

Good luck on the aloha race, sound fun. Or maybe sweaty torture, ha. That's my new name for running on a bad day.
Hope your back gets better, my hubby has issues with his too and it seems to come and go.
Yeah, I wish they wouldn't always talk about the color of someone's skin or sexual orientation. It's just about what kind of person they are. Will people ever get it and get over it? Probably not. Have a good week.

Comm's said...

I see my parents all the time. I think sometimes they are amazed at the complex and difficult and expensive things I have to deal with work and home, that they did not. I am glad that I have their approval. Be sure to tell your son, you see his maturity.

Ross said...

Didn't you hear, the great Dr. Martin Luther King's greatest quote has been altered slightly. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Changed to:"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character unless you can gain advantage by the color of your skin."

sharon said...

Your race sounds like it's going to be fun. Hope you have a great time. I'll look forward to the details on Monday

Unknown said...

Have fun at the race!!

Too bad Xena the wonder bird doesn't understand why she had to move. She talks, but probably isn't a good listener, huh? Hope she settles in soon.

Rocco sounds like he's on the mend. YAY!

Deb said...

I'm with you. Don't we have REAL issues to concern ourselves with?!
Have a great race and take care of that back!

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