11 March 2007

A pleasant surprise.

This morning was the first Honolulu Marathon Clinic. The man, Dr. Schaff, who started the Honolulu Marathon started this clinic in 1974. He is a cardiologist/runner who trained heart attack patients to run the Boston Marathon. He decided Honolulu should have one too. So he started the marathon and decided if he could train heart patients to run, he could train the average Joe to run a marathon. Hence, the clinic was born. Also, back in like 1975 he wrote the first book on training for a marathon for anyone and it is still around today. I have a copy and it is what started me running 12 years ago.

At 7:30 this morning everyone and their uncle showed up to register for this clinic. There are a number of cool things about this clinic. First, Dr. Schaff still runs it himself, although now he walks. Second, all the "coaches" have done a number of marathons. Third, none of the are elite runners. They are just average folk who like to run. The speedy group is not all that speedy. Fourth, it's free. They are all volunteers and do this for nothing. Totally cool!!!

After registration and the introduction they said to break up into groups; advanced, intermediate, beginner. I was torn. I'm not really a beginner but I'm slow so I decided to go with that group. Today's run was just going to be a slow, easy hour, 2 laps around Kapiolani Park. We head out and the group leader says we'll be running at a 15 min/mile. Okay, I'm slow but I'm not that slow. I stuck with them since the intermediate group was already gone but next week I'm definitely moving up. Usually I'm one of the slowest runners and it was a nice surprise today to not be.

That's it. Came home and cleaned house and now it's time to chill for the rest of the day. Soaps are on the DVR and the couch is calling my name.


Vickie said...

Nothing wrong with finally getting to be one of the "fast" ones. Sounds like a great opportunity to train with others and help meet your goals. And its free besides! Who can argue with that?? We have a couple of group clinics but they charge. I'm always afraid to pay to join these groups since I'm not a masochist who wants to pay for abuse and being ignored!

Fe-lady said...

15 min miles is called "walking"- you aren't! Good for you! :-)

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