07 July 2007

This will be fun.

Okay, got the new toy all charged up and used it when we took the dogs to the park. What a hoot!! It shows a map of the park with our route meandering all over it, it's funny. I can't wait for my run tomorrow.

On that note, I have decided that I will get in the water in the morning. I'm going to go for a run, then stop by the beach and swim. Even if I only swim for 10 minutes, I just need to get in the water.

I've been eating kind of badly the last 2 days and now I feel like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Tonight was the night I was supposed to take all my measurements and calculate my body fat percent. Maybe I'll do that another night.

Okay, there's nothing on TV so I think I'll go to bed and read my book, then I'll be sure to get up early for my run :)

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