28 August 2007


I've been thinking about food over the weekend for a couple of reasons.

First, I started doing Precision Nutrition and Turbulence Training at the same time in the beginning of July. Since that time, although I feel awesome, I have not lost any weight and in fact my weight has creeped up a couple of pounds. That got me to thinking about my eating.

Although I've tried to keep the caloric intake within reasonable limits, I think I'm eating too much. I also think I'm not exercising enough. I was looking back over my blog and FitDay records. When I started this blog I was almost 20 lbs lighter and working out morning and evening. So there are some changes in the wind.

I am seriously going to start shopping for organic foods. I figure that, since they are getting so prevalent now, foods with lesser chemicals can only be good.

There are all kinds of organic products available now. It's really amazing. I know that the term organic doesn't necessarily mean a lot, but there are certain guidelines they meet. You can even get organic skin care products. Very cool.

I'm also going to increase my exercise. Not sure how that's going to go yet, but I'll figure it out.

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Almost Vegetarian said...

Muscle weighs more than fat. with all that exercise, you probably ARE losing weight (fat), but gaining the far healthier (and heavier) muscle. That's why you feel amazing.


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