17 September 2007


Okay, this is serious. Every weekend (almost) we go out for lunch and have beer. We love to go to the local microbreweries and taste all their different beers. When we go to the store to buy beer we look for the new, different ones. Those from the Pacific Northwest are really good.

Anyway, I have seriously considered trying to brew beer at home. I found a site that sells Homebrew Beer Kits and they are pretty reasonable. They also sell the ingredients for making all kinds of different beers, Amber Ale, Bock, Brown Ale, and others.

I'm really thinking about doing this. I've always wanted to try it and I think it would be fun to make my own beer. Has anyone ever done this?? If so, how'd it go??


Duane said...

I tried making wine once, big mistake, but that was back in the 70s . I think beer is easier.

Duane said...

And congrats on doing the tri again!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

They NEVER come out well. My fathers, brother in laws, and boyfriends have all tried homemade brews, and they always come out disgusting. Maybe I am not from a family of master brewers, but... I mean choke-it-down bad. Our family does much better with "make your own pickles" :)

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