23 October 2007


Well, because I'm a complete idiot I can not post the graphic that shows my awesome run this morning. So you'll have to take it in words.

On the calendar was a 2 mile run this morning. I did so well on Sunday's run that I was a little apprehensive. During the worst of the foot/hip/back problems a really good run/workout was followed by the run/workout from hell. So I was a little nervous about this run. But I laced up and headed out.

As I left my house I knew my pace was faster than normal. Generally I start reallllly slooooooow to warm up. But I felt good so I kept going. I'm cruising along at a good pace, really enjoying the music, and just reveling in the morning beauty. Suddenly, my Nike+ says in my ear, 1 mile, 12:00 minutes. Whaaa!!! I ran a 12 minute mile and felt that good doing it. Yippee!!!

At the halfway point of all my runs I take a little walk break. At first it was for a minute, now it's down to about 20 seconds. I just walk and kind of regroup and get ready for the return. So I walked for a few seconds and then took off again. I was pretty stoked about the 12 minutes and wondered if I could keep it up. But I didn't push myself, just went at a pace that felt comfortable.

During the last 1/4 mile I realized that this is probably a good pace for me right now. I was pushing myself but not killing myself. I was really glad to see the end but could have gone a little further if I had to. I think I will stay at this pace until it becomes easy. So I finished my 2 mile run with an average speed of 12:01 per mile. I'm very, very satisfied with that number.

I am really beginning to feel like a runner again. And I had forgotten how much I enjoy running. I love the feeling of moving through space at a rapid pace. It's all starting to come back to me now.

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Vickie said...

Just keep moving, steady, and you will soon go farther than you thought you could! Say hello to Cheryl for me!

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