14 October 2007

Quiet Sunday afternoon

It's been a typical Sunday and I like it. Since 2 of the 3 birds went home last night it's been a much quieter day - Yea!!! I cleaned the house this morning although, because Tatu is still here, didn't get to clean the birdie/computer room. That will happen tomorrow night when Tatu has gone home.

I also went to the bird club meeting. That's always fun. If you're a bird lover it's really fun to see so many birds in one place. The president is stepping down and I'm probably going to get more involved with the club. It's a good way to meet bird people and it's a fun, not to difficult, thing to do. So that will be good.

I'm doing a lot of computer work now, blogging for dollars and mystery shopping, and my computer is older and slow. I'm thinking of getting a new one and I'm considering a laptop. As a rule I'm not a huge fan of laptops. I don't need to carry it with me for work or anything,although I could to have it handy for mystery shopping stuff. I'm also not a fan of their keyboards, my fingers are too fat. But I guess I could get a wireless keyboard that's regular size and use it at home. I don't know. This will bounce around my head for a while before I decide.

In other things, I realized an interesting phenomena today. I've been a little stressed over the past week because of the birds. Now in the past I would have turned to food. Not this time. I turned to spending money. It's true. I bought an iPod Nano, an armband and charger for it, and the Nike+ for running. Now granted I went online and got good deals, but it was interesting to realize what I was doing. So today I went to the book store and got a triathlon book so I can start planning my training for next season.

That's it. I'm done. Hope you all had a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I added a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and a external hard-drive for when I am home, and the laptop has turned out to be the best option.

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