19 December 2007

Second thoughts.

I was talking to my boss today and we were discussing the 10k on New Years Day. She lives where it's run and has run it before. She then proceeded to tell me it was the hardest 10k on the island. Huh??? What??? Turns out the course is mostly uphill. Both ways. Seriously. You start with a gradual uphill, those ones you can't see but sure can feel when you run it. That goes on for about a mile or so. Then you turn up a pretty short, but very steep hill. When you reach the top there is a long, steep downhill. Then you run up a short, not too steep hill and turn around and come back. That long, steep downhill is now a long, steep uphill. Of course after that it's mostly downhill from there to the finish, but this long, steep hill is really long, and steep. This knowledge is making me have second thoughts about this race. I want to challenge myself but I don't want to kill myself the first time out. There is a 5k the Sunday after, maybe I'll just do that one :)

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Vickie said...

Flo, either one you decide on is okay. Just sign up and don't turn back!

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