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A very good day.

First, let me introduce the newest member of the family. This is a female Moluccan Cockatoo named Frodo (that name has to go). We moved her in last night and she is still not sure about all this. I know it will take a few weeks for her to adjust so we all just have to be patient.

She is 10 years old and has a very extensive vocabulary. Her cage is taller than I am. When she sits on the upper perch there is no way I can reach her.

But she's a very sweet girl and once she adjusts to us, and us to her, life will be great for her. I've been toying with the name Lady Bird. She calls herself birdie bird and pretty bird. It's a thought.

So after a very busy evening getting the bird and her huge cage into my tiny house, this morning started very early. I got up for my Friday swimming, got my act together and headed out the door. First I hit the treadmills for my HIIT. I was so freaking excited, I did it again. My recovery running was at 5 mph (for me, that's fast for …

New month, new start.

I may have mentioned how I like new beginnings, no?? Well, this one comes at the most perfect time. Rocco had his surgery yesterday, so basically that crisis is over. I had my total food meltdown last night, so basically that's over. And I've missed my last workout. Today is not only a new day, but a new month, and a new start.

I read on Flatman's blog how he plans to run everyday in February. I've decided to steal that concept. Actually, not only steal it but take it further, but wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I need to work on my running so I will run everyday in February. Well, that's not totally true Since I have no cartilage in my right knee, running everyday is not the brightest idea. So, I will run 4 days a week and elliptical 3 days a week. I'm excited about that. They will be mostly shorter runs of 20-30 minutes with longer 1 hour+ runs on Sunday. The elliptical workouts will be 30ish minutes. Okay, that's my February challenge …

What exactly have I done now?????

This covers a couple of things.

First, I have been very, very tired the last couple of days. It's either a) relief from the Rocco thing; b)PMS; or c) pure unadulterated laziness. I actually believe it's a combo of a and b.

Second, because of the first thing I have not been working out as much as I would like.

Third, I was soooooo craving pizza tonight that we ordered Pizza Hut for dinner. Now this is odd on many, many levels. A) hubby HATES pizza so we have it once every 5 years. B) we NEVER order delivery because well, Pizza Hut stinks and the really good places don't deliver. C) I've been eating really well and the pizza was not within my daily calorie allotment. Nor were the breadsticks. Or the cinnamon sticks. Or that icing - yum!!!!

Fourth, and this is the biggie, I may just be the new owner of one of these:

Not this one, this is my bosses. But a friend of hers got one about 5 years ago. They are having marital problems and the bird is only making things wor…

Latest Rocco update.

So after I updated Saturday's post about the surgery being scheduled for Friday, I thought - wait, did I schedule it or not??? I also had a couple more questions for the vet. So I called the vet and left a message for him to call me back. I didn't hear from him.

Sunday morning I called and left a message asking the vet to call me. Not a word all day Sunday. Okay, now I'm starting to get mad. Oh yeah, the girl checked and the surgery wasn't scheduled. Now I'm pissed.

This morning I called and read the receptionist the riot act. I told her that I NEEDED to talk to the vet and he wasn't calling me back and if he didn't want to talk to me fine, just let me know. I was really, really ticked off. The receptionist called me back not 10 minutes later to tell me what the vet had said. Okay, that was it, I was livid. He can't even call me back!!! He has the receptionist do it!!!! Oh, yeah, I'm pissed.

I got the estimate, $1200, and scheduled the su…


I use Bloglines to keep up on the blogs I read and overall I'm very happy with it. Sometimes a post doesn't show up or the same post keeps showing up but other than that it's pretty cool.

For the last few days though it's been weirding out. It keeps showing that someone will have 25 new posts and I'll go and look and they are from a year ago. This has happened repeatedly on a number of different blogs. I wonder what's up.

After the last few days with Rocco, I decided I needed to get my butt back in gear. The best way for me to handle things is to keep training, that makes me strong mentally too. So I decided to do the weight workout I missed yesterday. Umm, yeah, not so much. Apparently a week of eating out and 3 days of junk food and little to no water is not conducive to good exercise.

My Saturday workout is a little bootcampish. I will work a muscle group, say shoulders, then do 1 minute of hard cardio, work another muscle group, another minute of har…