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Come Saturday morning....

So I had intentions of sleeping in some this morning. Not a lot, maybe just till now. But, alas, it was not to be. Hubby got up to go to work and felt it necessary to talk to me. Why exactly does he do that?? I don't ask much of him. I think letting me sleep in on a Saturday morning would be a little thing, but no!! So I'm up, half awake, and a little ticked. Luckily he's buying lunch so that will probably redeem him :)

Not too much going on today, just getting ready to head out for my training. My birthday is coming up and hubby has started asking me what I want. Now, he generally does this to see if there's anything special I want. If not, he'll go off and buy something and he does a magnificent job of picking presents so I'm not too worried. But I was cruising around the internet and found these Irish gifts. Now I'm not Irish but I love Celtic stuff. Every year in Honolulu they have a Scottish Festival and some folks come and sell Celti…

It's Friday night.....

and I'm sitting here blogging. So exactly how pathetic am I???

I begin another job tomorrow. About 6 years ago I worked for Nutro dog & cat food. Nutro doesn't spend a lot of money on advertising. Instead, they put people in pet stores to demo the product. It's a lot of fun, you spend time talking about your and their animals, and you meet some great people. It's only for 4 hours and the pay is decent plus you get free dog food. It's fun.

The only problem is that you have to stand for the whole time, some people can't take that. I stand at my job now so it's not a problem for me. One lady I used to work with developed a medical condition, they let her use folding chairs so that was okay.

Anyway, that starts tomorrow. I train for 3 days, tomorrow, Sunday, and next weekend, and then I'm on my own. That should be fun.

Okay, see what I mean about blathering on and on about nothing??? I can do it!! Well, it appears dinner may be ready so I'…

Just a quick update.

I completed a full week of working out this morning. You don't know how freaking good I feel!!! I got up even though it's hubby's day to sleep in. I woke before the alarm, as I've been doing most mornings, and did not have to force myself out of bed. I was ready to get up. Yes!!!!

The eating part is not going as good as I'd hoped. I am well within my calorie range everyday but, I've had desert 2 nights now. I'm shooting for 90% compliance which means with 6 meals a day for 7 days, that's 42 meals. 10% screw up factor means 4 meals a week. Well, I've already had 3 and Saturday is lunch with hubby which usually involves beer so that will be 4. Hope I can be really, really good today. No room for error.

That's it. I've got lots and lots of work to do and I want to get out of here a little early today.


So what exactly did we do before technology?? And how do we live when it's not available???
As most of you know, I live in Hawaii. That puts me 3 hours behind the west coast and up to 6 hours behind the rest of the country. As a result, I tend to do a lot of my blog reading at night, after I get home from work. Well, tonight I sat down to read my blogs and discovered bloglines was down. Oh crap!! I don't have any of the url's for the blogs I read cause I read them through bloglines. When I find a new blog I like I immediately add it. So I haven't been able to read any blogs tonight. UGH!!! That really is how I relax and unwind.

TriShannon first of all turned 30 today - Happy Birthday!!!! Secondly, she commented about the number of posts I do. Well, I just wanted to reiterate that it's because I'm now getting paid to do some of these posts. The rules are that there has to be a non-paid post between each paid post. So that's what's going on and …

Don't know what's going on

but I'm finding fault with everything today. I know part of the reason is the end of the month. We have a number of clients who have to test monthly and they wait until almost the last day of the month to sample. So generally, the last week of the month I'm swamped with samples. UGH!!! It really pisses me off because last week was really slow and they could have brought the samples in then. Also, they need the results by a certain date and waiting till the last day of the month gives me just that less time to run them. So I'm feeling a little grumpy.

But, on the health side of the equation, things are going well. I have now been shooting for perfection since Monday. I missed 1 meal on Tuesday and had some ice cream last night. Now, technically the ice cream was well within my calorie range for the day so I'm only counting it has half a miss (if that makes sense). Since I'm shooting for 90% compliance and I have 42 meals a week, that means I can err on 4 …

Life Insurance.

So, in a sort of twisted continuation of my I'm a child post. I've been thinking about life insurance recently. It's a very adult thing to be thinking about. I'm not sure of my views on life insurance. In one way, it's a great idea. If you die you won't leave you're loved ones in a dire financial situation. Also funeral costs are fairly expensive. I want to be cremated, even that's not cheap. So it's definitely something to consider.

On the other hand. Life insurance is basically you saying I'm not going to die, and the insurance company saying, bet you are!! It's seems somehow macabre to make money off some one's death. It's that old thing, you're worth more dead than alive. I don't know. As you can see I have some issues that I just waffle on.

But, there are some circumstances where having life insurance is vitally important. If you don't have money, I think it's a good idea. If you have little children, …

Oh the suspense.....

Well, we won't be hearing about the house today. The president of the board had a family emergency and had to cancel the meeting with the club manager. Hopefully we'll learn our fate in the next day or two.

So, just a little dreaming if it does work out.....

Yes, I know, I'm posting a lot!! That's because I'm nervous and jumpy and can't stand the waiting so this is a way to pass the time........

If this does all work out, hubby and I will definitely be taking a really nice vacation. We haven't discussed it because we don't want to get our hopes up, but it's out there that's for sure.

The other night while I was cruising the net I found a really good website that offers all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. The only problem with this is we live on a tropical, sandy beaches, island. Not that we can't visit another place, that would be fun.

So this site offers a variety of way to search for your trip. You can look for type of vacation; adults only, adventure, family, wedding, honeymoon, etc; that's really nice. Instead of trying to put together activities you want or, ugh, ending up at a family resort when you were looking for a quiet vacation. This is a really good idea.

Or, if you've been to …

I almost forgot.

Okay, not really, but I was trying not to think about it.

We find out today if we'll get the house at the racquet club. I've been torn over this. I've been trying to be positive that we would get it, because like attracts like, but I've been trying not to get my hopes up incase it falls through. It's hard.

The club manager seems pretty confident that he'll get us in so that helps, but frankly I'm on pins and needles just waiting...... The waiting is the hardest part........

Hopefully later I'll be posting the good news that we're moving. God, I'm so nervous.....

I'm a child.

No really I am. I am a 47 year old child. I have spent most of my adult life hating responsibility and fighting that adult yoke that is responsibility. Well, something is happening.

I've changed. Over the past year I've changed. A Lot!! I have been noticing small things here and there but last night it really hit me. Oh, god, I'm an adult!!! It was quite a blow to my childish ego and my selfish attitudes. I may have to have a funeral.

Seriously. I've spent most of my adult life acting spontaneously. Never really planning for the future. Trying to avoid what every one else was doing - growing up. I think part of the reason was having my daughter when I was 18. I had to take responsibility for her way to young and I think I've resented it ever since. Anyway, I did many of the things that were expected of me, but I did them grudgingly. I was the queen of procrastination, putting off those responsibilities until the last minute and then doing them only becaus…

So do you ever think about money??

No, I mean really think about money. Do you ever look at the paper dollars and wonder why it has such value?? I do. I find it very bizarre that we work so hard, worry so much, try to get more, of these pieces of metal and pieces of paper we call money.

There was a time when our money was backed by something. Gold and silver. So back in the day when gas was really cheap, like 25 cents a gallon, you could buy 4 gallons for a dollar. That dollar was worth a certain amount of silver. Well, guess what. That same amount of silver will still buy 4 gallons of gas. So what was worth $1.00 then is now worth $12.00 now. That also demonstrates how well gold and silver hold their value, what was worth 4 gallons then is still worth 4 gallons now. It's that the paper money has become cheaper, so what took $1 now takes $12. It takes more and more paper money to buy the same amount of stuff. It makes you see that it's not necessarily that things have gone up, but that paper money is …

Money, money, money.

So I've started doing these paid posts and making some money from this blog. I'm not going to get rich that's for sure, but hey extra money to buy new shiny things. That's good.

So one company I came across is Blogsvertise. It seems to work pretty similar to the other programs, you get something to blog about, they review it and approve or deny it, you get paid. Nothing magical, just basically what you're doing now only getting money for it.

There are some people out there who are really working the blogs and making some money. The way I look at is I blog anyway, why not make some money from it?? Anyway, just thought I'd fill you guys in. I had no idea there were all these companies out there until I started hunting around.

If this is Tuesday...

it must be interval day. I've moved to the next level in my training. I've been doing 3 intervals but today I moved up to 4. Whew, what a jump. It really felt good though.

A few posts ago I extolled the virtue of the Afterburn program. Well, truth be told, I wasn't following it as I should have been. I was doing pretty well on the nutrition side, probably 75% compliance rate. The exercise side was not so good. That probably only garnered a 50% compliance rate. Not very good and hardly an endorsement for the program. But, in spite of me, it's been working. I've gotten into smaller size shorts. I know I've lost fat around my middle and I see muscles on my arms and legs that weren't there a few months ago. So that's all good.

Over the weekend I was looking at some athletes and admiring their muscular, sculpted bodies and wondered if I could look like that. I then realized that 75% nutritional compliance and 50% training compliance was never going…

One of life's little annoyances.

While I love my hubby dearly, sometimes he makes me want to throttle him about the head and shoulders until sanity returns. Let me explain. Our house has a pretty large yard, front and back. In the front we have a garden, our first tomatoes sprouted - woo hoo!!! On the side of the house is a concrete pad where we wash cars. My husband is the type that has to have a hose every two feet around the house. God forbid he should have to unroll the hose it's entire length (because he can't use short hoses) and move from one area to the other. No. It's much better to have these monster hoses every 2 feet. Now, in theory I don't care, in practice it drives me crazy. First, these are long hoses and hence a pain in the butt to use. They are hard to unwind, they are heavy, and they are a pain in the as* to put away. One hose has one of those crank things but it never works right and I end up rolling the hose by hand AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!!

Well, I think I may have found…
I'm a B-list blogger. How totally cool!!!

Thoughts on weight loss

I read a variety of blogs covering a number of different subjects. When I first started in the blogworld I was primarily reading weight loss blogs. Through them I found a number of other blogs and I've expanded my reading to include such a wide range it would scare you :)

I've stopped reading many of the weight loss blogs because I outgrew them. I don't mean that as a derogatory comment on them, but as a comment on the change in me. I also stopped WW for the same reason, I outgrew them. There are a couple I still read because they have evolved in much the same way I have so I've kept up with them.

Lately however, I'm noticing a bizarre trend. People seem to be reverting back to past weight loss tactics, and it boggles my mind. When I was very heavy WW worked like a charm for me. I lost a lot of weight, it wasn't hard, and it was a way of eating I could live with - at that time. As I lost the weight and got more active I found it harder and harder to both…

Whew, glad that's over.

My boss picked up her bird and my house is now back to normal. As I was getting her bird ready to go you would not believe the noise level in my house. Both birds were going off, loudly, the dogs were barking at them, OMG it was insane. Right now there is total silence and I am digging it.

Well, it looks like the house at the racquet club might be closer then we know. Just keep thinking good thoughts so this works. God, I want to get out of this hellhole of a neighborhood.

Aside from take care of birds, clean house, and do laundry, I haven't done much today. I keep coming to the computer and reading blogs. You guys aren't writing much today, what's up with that???

Well, that's it. I don't have anymore than I did this morning. I just felt the need to share my quiet house with you all. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Rumor has it spring is here :)

You guys crack me up!!

So apparently I'm not the only one who sings cheesy old songs all the time. That is good to know. Like Trimama I'm usually singing and it's usually something old. I can usually find a song to fit just about any situation. How sad is that?? Cybercelt is right, I probably should write the soundtrack down before I forget them :)

This morning I wake up with Jackson Browne's, That Girl Could Sing, stuck in my head!!! The worst part is I can't remember all the words and while I could go look them up, instead I will work on the song all day to remember as much as I can. Then I'll go look them up. Nuts I tell you, nuts!!!

Well, last night was much better than the night before. At least we all slept through the night. My boss will be home this morning so by noon the house will be back to normal - Thank God!!!

This morning was marathon clinic but I was so tired yesterday from that horrible night and I was sleeping so good, I totally missed the alarm. Clinic star…