23 June 2007

What to do???

Hubby's birthday is coming up. It's August 1. Not that close but it will be here before I know it. We've reached the point where I really don't know what to get him. If we want anything we pretty much just buy it. If it's too expensive we save for it. But most things he wants now are very personalized and I could not buy him. Like golf clubs. I he would like new golf clubs but I would never attempt to buy him some, that's just crazy talk.

He is into poker though. Him and his buddies get together at least once a week to play, most weeks two times. I've thought about getting him some poker stuff since he doesn't really have any. Maybe poker tables and poker chips. Maybe a nice poker table top that would just lay over the table he has outside now. I don't know.

I do know I better come up with something soon or I'll be running around the day before trying to find anything to get him. Just like last year.

The weekend...

Online Dating+

So there you have it, I'm not fit for young children. But I've always known that :)

So here we are on a beautiful Saturday morning and I'm sitting at the computer. Actually, I plan on going for a bike ride I just slept in a little bit and am having my morning protein shake right now. After I finish it and let it digest a few minutes I'll be on my way.

Lots of folks doing races this weekend. There are a couple of Ironman going on, some smaller ones, and the Western States 100 miler. I have a friend running in this one and my boss will be her pacer starting at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. I'm not sure what makes people run a 100 mile 30 hour race but hey, if that's what you want to do - go for it. In a little over 4 hours my friend had gone 16 miles, it's going to be a long day :)

Well, I need to start getting ready to ride. Have a great weekend all and everyone who's racing have fun!!!

22 June 2007

Some people!!

The lab I work in is located in an industrial area in a strip mall type building. It's a long warehouse type building with a bunch of businesses located all down the building. Two doors down from the lab is a plumbing company. They have this lady that works there that needs a lesson in how to dress. She's in her 30's, so not real young but not too old. She wears these short shorts. I mean short. And they are tight so when she walks you can see her butt crack. Then she wears these stiletto heels and of course a polo shirt with the company name one it. She walks by here 3 or 4 times a day and I've seen her change outfits 3 or 4 times a day. She looks like a hooker. I really can't believe someone doesn't say something to her, like that's not appropriate work attire. Sometimes I wonder if she's wearing open tip bras, I swear it wouldn't surprise me.

Back to it....

Okay, after a couple of days break I was back at working out this morning. I've started a new program, Turbulence Training. This is very similar to the Afterburn that I have been doing for the past 16 weeks. I finished the Afterburn and could either start over or switch it up, so I decided to go with TT. I'm starting with the beginners level only because he says to, but I'm using higher weights than I did when I was really just starting out. I was using 15 lbs for dumbbell rows - that's pretty good for me. Anyway, that's where I am.

The good thing is that the weight training is back down to 3 days a week. This opens up more days for more variety. I'm going to start swimming again even if it's only 1 day a week (you have to start somewhere right?). I'm thinking of biking 2 times, running 2 times and swimming once. I think I'll try that out next week and see how it goes.

Also, I've got to get back into my running. The marathon is getting closer and closer and I'm not running enough. I will need to run at least 3 times a week. Maybe I'll add a night run in somewhere. I did that last year and it worked out pretty well. That is something I will have to work on.

Okay, that's enough for today.

21 June 2007

My back...

I have this weird pain/soreness in my back. I have not exercised in a couple of days because mother nature thinks she's funny. This morning when I got up my back muscles on each side of my spine feel sore. At first I thought this was a reaction to not working out for a couple of days. But quite honestly, it feels like a cramp releasing. I was wondering if my back was really tight from working out?? The muscles that are sore are the ones I've been working really hard for the past 4 weeks. Hmmm...

Other than that things are good. I feel like a little tubbo because I haven't worked out in a couple of days. But that will go away once I start working out again. Which will probably be tomorrow.

I'm bird sitting again. Tatu, the Moluccan Cockatoo, is over again for the weekend. Her mom is a pacer in the Western States 100 mile race this weekend. So it's a pretty full house, 2 cockatoos, 2 cockatiels, 2 dogs, 2 humans, OMG do you see a pattern here????


This is another of the pay to blog companies. When they started a while back there was a little controversy surrounding them, but it seems things have settled down and I've decided to give them a go. People seem to be pretty happy with them now, and that's good.

So Bloggerwave works like the other pay to blog companies, register, look for opportunities, post, get paid. Pretty simple. When I first started this paid blogging I didn't quite understand it. Now that I've gotten into it and page rank and backlinks and all that good stuff, I get it. By bloggers posting links to sites that helps the websites ranking which helps it overall. Also, buying links is relatively inexpensive and word gets spread to millions and millions of people that would not normally see these sites. So it's a good deal for all.

There's a lot of controversy about paid blogging. I can see both sides. It's my blog and if I want to take money to write posts that's up to me. On the other hand, blogs are generally written for a particular market (niche content) and adding random paid posts is like reading ads - ugh!!

But, from my perspective, I have earned enough money to; pay for Nala's acupuncture treatment; buy myself a new digital camera; pay for my gas (at $40 a fill up this helps a lot); treat my husband to dinner a number of times; have extra spending money for random things. Right now I'm saving up to buy a pair of Newton running shoes. They cost $175 shipped here to Hawaii. That's a lot for a pair of running shoes but blogging is paying for it.

Anyway, there's a new kid in town and they seemed to have worked the kinks out so go check them out,Bloggerwave

20 June 2007


Sometimes they just come.. I've been doing this paid blogging for awhile now. I know there are a lot of people that disagree with the whole concept, and I can see their point. But, the truth of the matter is, getting paid to write stuff rocks. Plus, every once in a while you get more than paid.

There is this company, Canvas on Demand, that takes a digital picture (or regular one for that matter), blows it up, adds brushstrokes and prints it out on canvas so it looks like a painting. So, you can get a custom painting for much less than a real painting would cost you. You are basically getting a photo enlargement that looks like a painting.

Okay, all you runner/triathlete types need to go check this one out. How cool is that..... Wouldn't you love to get something like that as a present?? I know I would.

But, on to the perks. Because I do this paid blogging and I have now told you all about Canvas on Demand, I get one for free. I'm going to get a 16" x 20" of my favorite digital photo for free. I will then be writing another post to tell you all about it and to show it to you guys. I'm going to attempt to get a really good picture of my dogs for the canvas. Wish me luck, they are not very cooperative.

This morning.

things are not a whole lot better. I'm really not sure what's going on but I would like it to stop now please.

One thing is that it's put me in a very crabby mood. I'm grumbling about everything. Oh well, sometimes it goes like that.

I didn't exercise this morning because the cramps were too bad again. The good thing is that I also seem to have lost my appetite. That could be good.

That's it. I'm cranky, crabby, and crampy. It's great to be me :)

19 June 2007

Time for a new computer???

I do believe my computer is nearing the end of it's life. It's slowing down and nothing I do seems to help it. It also hangs up a lot. I have a desktop that I've had for about 4 years. I really like it but it might be getting near time to move on.

I was looking at HP (which is what I have now and I absolutely LOVE) and their laptops are really reasonable. I'm thinking of getting a laptop and going wireless. That way I can have a new computer before this one bites the dust.

I will definitely want to get a monitor for it though. Maybe I'll get a viewsonic monitor. Sweet!!!

I'm always looking

for new things. Specifically nutritional stuff. I have found that eating clean is so incredibly good for my blood sugar that I kick myself for not doing it years ago. You know, I heard of eating this way 10 years ago, but I thought to myself 'ugh! That would be hard!' It's not hard, it's easy and I wish I'd had started it 10 years ago. Ugh!!

Anyway, I'm always looking for nutritional things and I've found one, Rice 'n Shine. There are times when I'm out and about and just don't have the ability to eat the way I know I should. The meal replacement drinks that are on the market have a lot of sugar - the one thing I need to avoid. Rice 'n Shine is made from rice, has amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and has a low level of carbohydrates, which I'm hoping means not a lot of sugar.

This might be worth a try. It would be nice to have something I could take with me just in case. I like eating every 2-3 hours. It really makes me feel good and it's a lot easier to stick with my eating plan. I just may check it out.

Okay, the body is going crazy...

This is probably way too much info for most of you but man it's driving me crazy.

I have got the worst cramps, you would not believe. If I don't take ibuprofen the pain literally doubles me over. Ugh!!! The worst part is that I just had my period 2 weeks ago. What's up with that??? I'm approaching menopause!!! My periods are supposed to be going away not getting more!!!!

So it's been a pretty crappy day because of that. I could not even finish my workout this morning the pain was so bad. I got most of the weight training done but could not do my intervals. It was miserable.

On a completely different subject, I just got off the phone with Rocco's vet. I explained to her his new lumps and that we've decided to do nothing. She understands and recommended Benadryl if he develops a histamine reaction. Oh, this is not the fun part of pet ownership. I'd hate to have to make decisions for myself, I really hate having to made them for someone I love so much!!! I want my pets to live forever.

Okay, enough. I'm going out to have a burger and beer for dinner and forget about these things for at least a few minutes. There's my boy. Isn't he a cutie!!!

18 June 2007

I went to the store yesterday

and had the strangest experience. This family, man, woman and ~12 year old girl, are standing in front of the milk section. The woman pulls open the door and proceeds to yell, "ewwwww, this is gross, look at this, ewww." Well, me being me, I can't help but look over. The woman closes the door and the husband and daughter proceed to make some similar type comment. Then the woman opens the door again and reaches for a gallon of milk. The husband says, "that's gross. Don't touch that. That's gross. Why do you keep going in there. I think you need to wash your hands." By now I'm firmly convinced there is some dead body in that refrigerator. I'm going to walk over there and find a bloody, gory mess. Maybe the butcher lost it with the dairy guy.

So I walk over there, since I need milk also, and say, "What seems to be the problem?" The daughter says, "There's some spilled milk in there and it smells sour." Okay. You're joking right?? All this commotion over spilled milk ( I swear I don't make this stuff up..) So I walk over to the door and look inside. Some of the gallons do have some gook on them but most of them are fine. I open the door and take a clean gallon out and turn to the family and say, "If that makes you sick, wait till you see where the cockroaches end up." I am so nice to our tourist population :)

The dogs....

Well, things are not looking great on the dog front. Nala seems to be doing really well with her acupuncture. She's moving a little better though she is really stiff in the morning. Rocco however, is another story.

Just a quick recap; Rocco had a mast cell tumor removed in November and another one removed in February. Both times his chest x-ray was clear indicating the mast cells had not gotten to his internal organs. Well, last week I found 2 more lumps on Rocco and a little fat deposit he's had for 8 years is now growing. I'm afraid it's back. The only way to be absolutely positive is to do a biopsy. The problem with that is that any irritation of the lump can cause a reaction. Last time the tumor burst open after the biopsy. Hubby and I have decided there will be no more surgery. He's been through 2 in the last 8 months and each time it's a little harder on him.

The other consideration is the cost. We've spent over $3000 on him in the last 8 months due to biopsy, chest x-rays, surgeries, etc. We can't keep throwing money at what appears to be a losing battle.

When the dogs were all young I first heard about pet insurance. At the time they were young and healthy and I thought we wouldn't need that. Now, 10 years later, I wish we'd gotten it. It would help with Rocco's tumor bills and Nala's hip problems. I jokingly refer to them as the million dollar dogs. We haven't spent quite that much on them but it's close.

Also, in the last 10 year veterinary medicine has made huge advances. There are now specialized vets, just like people doctors. Heck, Nala goes to an acupuncturist!!! Health care costs for pets has gone through the roof and it's only going to continue to climb. Did you know I could get Nala's hip replaced for about $6,000?? If I had insurance on her I might consider it. Now, of course, it's too late to get insurance for them. They are too old and have pre-existing medical conditions. If I knew then what I know now........

One thing you can absolutely count on. The next puppy I get is getting insurance right away. I'd really rather pay the premiums (which aren't that high).

Sorry, part 2

I've been thinking about this post, Sorry, and the thing that happened that caused me to write. Now I still can't say exactly what's going on, but that really doesn't matter. I realized I've accomplished something really great here and I wouldn't have done it had it not been for the sport of running and triathlon.

Let me explain. Almost exactly one year ago a situation arose that I had little experience with but had to deal with. I had to figure out what to do, make a plan, and execute that plan. After some careful consideration I decided to tackle it just like I tackled my first triathlon. I did extensive research on the Internet. I read lots of "programs" looking for the basics. I figured out what were the basic requirements, worked out a personalized plan, and went for it. It worked.

Now, while still not an expert, I have a good handle on the things that need to be done in order for me to succeed. It's the same way with running, triathlon, and fat loss. I know the basics, I can do what needs to be done. I don't always do that but I always know what I should be doing.

This is exciting. It really makes me realize I can tackle anything. I can do anything. I have the skills, the power and the determination to do whatever is necessary. They say in law school they don't teach you the law, they teach you where to go to find what you need to know. Well that's how I feel. I now have the knowledge to go out, find the info that I'm looking for, analyze it, and formulate a game plan for me. I'm very excited about this!!

17 June 2007

Just one more thing,

I really need a vacation. I'm more and more convinced of that as the days pass. I really need to get away. I don't know where I would go, but I need to go somewhere.

Now considering I'm becoming all frugal and all, it doesn't make sense that I go on a vacation. But by using Condo Hotels I might be able to save money on food. I don't know. It's hard when you are working towards something big, really big. and you want something else that's kind of big. Ugh!!!

Why couldn't I have been born rich instead of beautiful???? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.......

Okay, I have to go eat dinner now. Maybe that's what's wrong. Lack of food is making me delirious.


It's been a busy day. I've been getting things in order. You know, I try so hard to be organized and stay on top of things and I'm not so good at it. I cleaned off my desk today and I'm hoping by the end of the week it's not a mess again, that's the usual pattern.

I've been going over things and trying to get all my stuff organized. I went to college late in life, so I am saddled with some pretty hefty student loans. I've been cruising around the web looking into student loan consolidation, only to realize I already consolidated my loans!!! Oh well, I guess I'm stuck with my payments. Hey, it's only 30 more years :)

I've also been looking into ways to save money and earn things. You know how some credit cards give you like airline miles and stuff. I'm thinking about that. There has to be a way to earn something for the money I spend. Also, I was at the gas station today and they had an ad for their card. You can save 15% if you use their card. I'm paying $3.28 a gallon. That would save me 49 cents on every gallon. If you pay off the card every month so there's no finance charges that could be a huge savings every month.

So that's been my day, looking for ways to save another buck.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


I apologize up front for this post. I have ranted in the past how people are so cryptic in their posts that you have no idea what they are talking about and why bother to post at all. Well, this is one of those posts.

I have been working sooooo hard on a project for months. I would get discouraged and want to give up but would manage to drag myself through it and continue on. I plugged away when I wanted to just chuck it all and go shopping :) I carried on when I didn't see how I could. When there seemed to be no way at all to make forward progress, I searched and searched until I found a way. There were times when I would be making forward progress but I would keep getting slapped in the face and I would think there is no way this could work out.

Well, today it has started to pay off. It's not over, not by a long shot, but forward progress is now being made in leaps and bounds. You have no idea how great it feels to finally have things start to work out.

I am over the moon about this. I do wish I could share all the gory details but I'm just not in the place to do that yet. I am sorry, but I so had to get this off my chest.

Oh yeah, because of the things that happened here this morning I never got my run or my swim in. That's okay. Right now that pales in comparison to other things. Yeah!!! It is a beautiful day. Now if I could just get that drug dealing asshole to quit playing that rap crap. No wonder they have no sense of pride, they listen to that rap crap which does nothing but bring you down. Where the mind goes the body will follow.

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