07 July 2007

This will be fun.

Okay, got the new toy all charged up and used it when we took the dogs to the park. What a hoot!! It shows a map of the park with our route meandering all over it, it's funny. I can't wait for my run tomorrow.

On that note, I have decided that I will get in the water in the morning. I'm going to go for a run, then stop by the beach and swim. Even if I only swim for 10 minutes, I just need to get in the water.

I've been eating kind of badly the last 2 days and now I feel like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Tonight was the night I was supposed to take all my measurements and calculate my body fat percent. Maybe I'll do that another night.

Okay, there's nothing on TV so I think I'll go to bed and read my book, then I'll be sure to get up early for my run :)

Who Got New toys????

Now it's just waiting 3 hours for the thing to charge before I can play with it. UGH!!!!

05 July 2007

I ran again!!

I'm very proud of myself. I ran again. I did intervals this morning and it really felt good.

After my last post on running and extolling the virtues of my new mattress, my plantar started acting up and my back was a little tweaked. But I promised myself I would run and run I will. I headed out and within 1/8 mile felt awesome. My foot didn't bother me, the back felt awesome, I was running in good form, I was on fire!!! So I did my intervals, then came home to see how far I went. The other day I screwed up. I ran 2.3 miles in exactly 30 minutes. Okay, not a lot more but hey every little .1 counts. Today I was doing the intervals so I only ran for a total of 23 minutes, 4 - 3 minute intervals, plus 5 minutes warm-up and cool down (approximately :) Anyway, I covered 2 miles in those 23 minutes. Woo Hoo for me :)

What does this all mean?? Well, I'm not as slow as I thought I was. My goal is to run 10 minute miles by the end of the month. I think I might make it. More importantly, I'm pleased. I think I will be able to start some serious running in August - yeah!!!

04 July 2007

4th of July

When was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? If you're like me you're busy. Who has time to read things like that? I barely have time to read my mail. It's been a long time since I read the Declaration.

My local paper published it today, as I'm sure many do across this country, and I sat and read it. Out. Loud. To the dogs. If you pay attention to politics and all that's going on now. Then read the Declaration, it really makes you think.

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it's powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. "

Interesting no???? I think there are some of our elected officials (they are no longer leaders in my eyes) that have forgotten these basic truths. These are the principles our country was established on. The Government derives it's power from US, the people. And it is our RIGHT to alter or abolish that government. I think all elected officials should have to read and take a test on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, because I think they think they are in control.

Happy Birthday America!!!!

03 July 2007

I ran!

For the first time in a while, though I'm not sure how long since I forgot to check my calendar and I'm now at work, but I ran. And it felt incredible.

We got our new bed on Saturday and, as is typical with me, I didn't sleep well for a couple of nights. Well, it was the bed and everything else :( I never sleep well in a new place. It always takes me a night or two to get used to a new bed. You should have seen me on safari in Africa!!! We stayed at a new lodge every night, I got almost no sleep for 11 days - that was pretty miserable. Anyway, last night was the first night I slept really well.

In spite of not sleeping well the new bed is wonderful. The pillow top is so comfortable yet the bed is so supportive - it's amazing!! I'm a side sleeper and on the old bed by morning one, or both, of my arms would be going numb. With this pillow top there is no numbness - woohoo!!! Also my back has been feeling really, really good and I just realized yesterday my plantar wasn't bothering me. I suspected my plantar was actually related to my back problems, now I'm convinced.

I decided I really need to get back into running and this morning was as good as any to start. Last Friday I ordered a book on running, I forget the name, and the Garmin 305, so that I could get real serious about running again.

This morning's run was only going to be 1/2 hour, slow, easy run. I wanted to test everything and make sure my feeling good was not a hoax. I headed out and immediately noticed a difference. I was running upright, I have a tendency to lean forward. I was not heel striking, something I tend to do when my form is off. My steps were short and light and when I sped up I increased my turnover and not my stride length. About 2 years ago I worked for about 6 months improving my running form. I read up on Chi Running and the Pose Method and really worked on my form. It was at this time I was running so well and really getting faster. Then I got hit with injury after injury. Not only did it sideline me for a long time, I lost my confidence. I've been trying to figure out how to get that back. I think I may have found a way this morning.

I only ran 2 miles in 30 minutes but it felt so good during and after that I'm incredibly pleased with the run. I'm going to run 3 times a week and really work on my speed and form. I'm very excited and very happy with myself. Yeah me!!!

02 July 2007

House Hunting

We started looking at houses this weekend. We are not quite ready to buy, but I've begun my research. I think we are looking at the fall for serious looking. Before then we will have to line up a real estate broker. There are so many out there, picking one is going to be tough.

We met a bunch of them yesterday. I was in real estate for a number of years here in Hawaii and I know the Realtors that have been around for a while. I will probably end up choosing one that has been in business for a while. I want someone with a track record, not someone who got into it make a buck.


So I've been investigating a bunch of different things. I've ordered the Precision Nutrition. I'm doing the Turbulence Training. I'm really ready to get this weight gone.

One thing I've been reading a lot about is green tea weight loss. I've read in a number of different places that drinking green tea for weight loss is extremely effective. The things in green tea really help you burn fat and loss weight. Since I've read this in a number of different places I'm beginning to think they might be on too something.

I used to drink green tea everyday. I'm not sure exactly why I stopped but I did. I may have to go back to it. It's one thing I can do that's good for me and easy to do. Green tea for weight loss who knew. Time to get back on the green tea wagon.

I can't wait for my Precision Nutrition to get here. I'm really excited about tweaking my eating program. I eat pretty good but apparently not good enough since I'm not losing weight. I must cheat more than I realize since I don't think I do cheat that much. If that sentence made sense :) Well, that's something I'm definitely adding, green tea.

Thank you all

for your kind words. I still can not believe it happened. I'm still a little numb I think.

Well, I did manage to survive the weekend from hell. It really was a horrible weekend. I almost quit my job over this. I had gotten Xena from a friend of my bosses. Well, my boss got all mad on Saturday and started telling me what to do. I basically told her to go f*ck herself. This was not about her at all. She was only peripherally involved even though she did know the bird. I told her I was going to quit, to which she responded with a call for a truce, which I accepted. I'm not looking forward to work today, it's going to be uncomfortable. So we shall see what happens.

As you may imagine, my emotions were all over the board this weekend. Friday night hubby and I were so devastated I dragged us out of the house to the mall for a beer. We could not step into the house and see her cage without breaking down completely. So we went to the mall and popped into Sears. They had their HDTV's on sale and we were halfway looking at them. I said the next day, if the salesman had pushed a little bit harder he could have sold a TV. Off and on all weekend I craved sweets. I never gave into the craving because as soon as I stood in front of the sweets I didn't really want them. What I realized, with the TV and the sweets, is that I was trying to cover my emotions. Either by spending or eating. I didn't give in to either but it was interesting to be able to analyze this and see them for what they were. They say that every action has a good intention behind it. Both of those actions, buying a TV or eating sweets, would have made me feel better - for a moment. Neither of them would change what happened or how I ultimately felt about it, but they would have made me temporarily feel better. Luckily I realized what was happening and stopped it before I did something I regretted.

We hardly slept on Friday night. Saturday our new bed arrived. It's a big thick mattress with the individual coiled springs and a soft pillow top, ohhhh nice. Saturday night I slept pretty darn good I wasn't' sure if it was the new bed or being so tired from Friday night. When I crawled in it last night I realized this is a nice bed. Compared to our old bed this is like sleeping on a cloud. I love it.

Well, I didn't do any activity over the weekend and consumed a lot of beer. So this morning it was back to it. I got up and restarted the Turbulence Training program. I'll be doing this 3 days a week, running 3 days a week, and biking 1 day a week. The biking will be my 'rest' day, doing it basically just for fun. I also ordered Precision Nutrition last night. I know the reason I'm not losing fat as quickly as I would like to is because of the nutrition aspect. No, this was not a feel good purchase :) I've actually been looking at this program for a while now but have hesitated buying it. But they are starting a challenge and you can win some really cool stuff. I've decided to jump in, join the challenge and really get a handle on this fat loss thing.

Okay, I should get to work. My boss will be in soon and I want to be busy when she gets here.

Be careful where you step.......

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