11 August 2007

Trying to sleep in.

I had thought I'd sleep in a little today. Hubby had to work so he was up and out early. Having the bed all to myself, I sprawl out. After a few minutes I feel some movement on the bed. Ignore it. A few minutes later I have a wet nose in my face. Ignore it. Do you know how hard it is to sleep with a dog staring at you? I finally couldn't ignore it anymore and got up. Oh well.

I rained around 5 a.m. and now that the sun is coming up it's unbelievably humid. Yuck!!!! I need to get off my butt and go workout, but the humidity just saps my strength.

They are getting ready to spray paint the house across the street and they are hanging dropcloths from the gutters to contain the spray. Just imagine how humid that's going to be - yuck!!!

Well, I have lots to do today, I'd better get my butt moving. Since I couldn't sleep in there is no point in lazing around. Maybe next time instead of dogs I'll just get some big plush animals. I bet they won't wake me up early :)

10 August 2007

It's Friday night...

This was a good week! I worked out every time I planned. Work was good. This weekend is going to be busy but who cares - It's the weekend!!!!!

I'm very excited. I'm getting a flat panel monitor this weekend. I do blogging for dollars and some mystery shopping. This requires spending a fair amount of time in front of the computer. The monitor I have is ancient and the viewable area is slowly shrinking. I didn't even notice it, but hubby used the computer one day and asked what happened to the screen. Since then I've noticed it's gotten a little bit smaller. So it's time for a new one and I'm very excited. Woo Hoo!!!

I may also do some shopping this weekend. I need some shorts so I may hit the mall. Last time we were at the mall hubby bought me a beautiful turtle necklace. Maybe I'll take him again and see if he'll buy me some more jewelry. That would be nice. Oh, this is a little self-centered. I guess this weekend it's all about me :)

It's Friday....

as I point my fingers in the air and dance in a little circle.

Some random things.....

-I thought I ate pretty well during my weeks vacation. I was wrong. I can tell by how long it's taking me to feel normal again. Still not quite.

-I read somewhere that if you want to kick your fat burning up do your intervals really hard so you feel like you're ready to puke when you're done. I did that this week. It is not fun during but it feels good after.

-I've written a couple of really good (at least I think so) political posts over at my other blog. If you're interested, go check it out. Flo's Place.

-I've been wearing my running shoes for 3 days now and my PF feels considerably better. Of course, these are the model that Asics no longer makes. I'm going to try and find some good work shoes this weekend.

- A friend of my husbands went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling right. Turns out he has a heart condition and some other problems. My husband, who has refused to go to the doc for years, said this morning he's going to make an appointment. He has been feeling really tired and run down lately and can't seem to shake it. I do hope there's nothing wrong, but I'm glad he's going.

- Vicki tagged me but I'm ignoring it until this weekend. I have to think about some of the questions and I have to decide how much I want to tell you. I do have a very checkered past. It has been interesting reading these on all the blogs. Some of you people have done some wild stuff.....

Okay, guess that's all I have to say. I should probably get to work since I don't plan on doing much today.

09 August 2007


I'm trying to get back into the routine that really worked best for me. I have to take one day a week off from working out or I burn out quickly. I find that if I take Thursdays off I'm generally good to go for the weekend. If I wait and take a weekend day off I tend to over do the laziness factor. Thursdays are just a cardio day so if I take them off I can make up on the weekends by doing something both days. Makes sense, no???

This weekend is going to be busy. I have some mystery shopping to do, 4 of them. I have to get the house ready because I'm bird sitting. I want to go to the parrot club meeting on Sunday. I have to do my regular chores, make biscuits, clean house, do laundry, etc. And of course, after 2 weeks off, it's back to real estate hunting. Looks like I'll be pretty busy all weekend.

As for my foot, I'm ready to do something drastic. I'm considering a cortisone shot or some such nonsense. It's really gotten out of hand and I'm at the end of rope as to how to deal with it. I was noticing this morning when I got up that not only did the heel hurt, but all the way up the ankle hurt too. This is the ankle that I repeatedly sprained 2 years ago and that aches when I run. Is it possible there is something mechanically wrong with the ankle that is causing the PF?? Maybe it's time to go to the Dr. and have it checked out. It's just frustrating knowing there is not a lot they can do. Ugh!!!!

Okay, that's it for this morning. I'm going to go get ready for work. Hope you all have a great day.

08 August 2007


I swear, I have so had it with my foot. So last week my PF didn't bother me at all. Monday, as soon as I put my shoes on, it came back with a vengeance. Ah ha!! It's the shoes. Tuesday I wear a different pair of shoes. It's better but not great. Today I wore my running shoes. My feet never bother me in my running shoes. I wear them and the foot feels great all day. I just took my shoes off and put my Crocs on and I'm in agony. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm really, really, really tired of this. Every time I think I've figured out what's wrong it comes back with a vengeance. I'm icing and stretching and nothing seems to be helping. Ugh!!!! Thanks for listening to me whine.

07 August 2007

Scary Movies

I love scary movies. I have since I was a little kid. We would sit up late (like 9 pm) on a Saturday night, all huddled together, and watch such classics as The Blob, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Day the Earth Stood Still, oh god I still love those movies!!!! I love to be scared. I love nightmares, I really do!!! My favorite author is Stephen King!! I love scary stuff. As I got older I still loved scary movies. One of my favorite movies was Halloween the movie. Mike Meyers!! How freaking scary was that character?? Jamie Lee Curtis screaming - Love IT!!!

Now Rob Zombie has redone Halloween. This should be insane. If you're unfamiliar with Rob Zombie, he is actually a musician. He was front man for White Zombie. He's kind of crazy looking and has a fascination with horror movies. He's already done a couple of horror movies, House of 1000 corpses and the Devil's Rejects. I did see House and it was bizarre. I can't wait to see what he does to Halloween the movie.

Tyler Mane plays Mike Meyers and Malcolm McDowell plays the shrink. I love McDowell, he plays an awesome creepy guy.

I have to tell you a secret though. I can't watch scary movies in the theater. I have to be at home, snuggled up on the couch preferably with a dog or the hubby, and have the ability to scream, and hide, and generally make a fool of myself. That is the best way to see scary stuff.

06 August 2007

New Shoes

So for the last week I haven't been wearing shoes except to workout. I wear Crocs around the house and rubba slippahs when I go out (sorry, it's a Hawaiian thing :). Anyway, my PF has not bothered me at all. Not even a little bit. The only remnant I have of it is a slight heel pain in the morning when I first get up.

This morning I'm getting ready for work and put my shoes on. As soon as I stand up my PF starts acting up. You could see the lightbulb go on over my head for miles around. It's not my foot or leg per se, it's my freaking shoes. Since I had no other shoes, I had to wear the ones I normally wear to work and once I got moving my foot felt okay. But now I had the answer.

So cruising the net looking for info on shoes and what not, I find this place. They find shoes from all over the net and then you can compare prices. I love sites like this because I hate going from site to site to site to find the best deal. So I looked up my shoes and found this of course these are the shoes I currently wear so I'm not sure I'm going with them again, but they have some great prices on them :) I can also find my beloved Sketchers there, although I think my latest pair of Sketchers may have started this whole fiasco.

Anyway, they have all kinds of shoes, not just running, and all kinds of styles and they make it very easy to compare prices. So if you need new shoes check it out.

Back to work

::heavy sigh:: Here I am, back at work. Not really too excited about that, but it's not too bad.

I didn't sleep well last night. Actually, I haven't been sleeping well the last couple of nights and I think it's because I've caught up on my sleep. I would go to bed at my regular time and then lie and read for an hour - very unusual for me. So knowing that it was back to the routine today, I went to bed a little early last night. I fell asleep quickly enough but by midnight I was tossing and turning. The neighbor dog started barking and I woke up. There was a cat fight, and I woke up. A tree branch or something fell in the yard, and I woke up. You get the idea. So I didn't get a lot of sleep. But I'm not tired this morning, that's what leads me to believe I'm all caught up on my sleep. Oh well.....

Work seems okay. I'm the only one here yet and there doesn't seem to be anything major going on. Hopefully today will be an easy day as I slip back into the routine of my days.

05 August 2007

Hi, my name is Flo

and I am a freaking idiot. Sometimes I really amaze myself. Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day I can be such an idiot.

So here's the story. For months my back has been bothering me. For a while it was really bad, but working out and yoga has helped a lot. This week I've been off. Every morning I would wake up and my back would feel great. I would sit at my computer and within 1/2 hour my back would be sore. It would then bother me the rest of the day.

Well, it only took me 3 days to realize it was my office chair. Doh!!!! What a freaking idiot. So I tell hubby I need a new chair and since we had a Sam's Club trip scheduled that was added to the list.

We went to Sam's and I got my new chair, among other things. I bought it home and got it assembled and what a difference it makes. I looked closely at mine and the back was all wobbly and falling backwards (it couldn't be adjusted anymore). Also, my old chair only had a small back pad. This new chair has a back pad that goes from the seat to the upper back. There is good lumbar support and the back doesn't move. The entire seat can tilt backwards but the back stays firm. I love my new chair.

I believe you're all supposed to say 'Hi Flo' now :)


and vacation will soon be over. BooHoo!!! It's been a good week though and I'm glad I took a break. I was getting so stressed out and I needed a break. But I'm actually glad to be going back to work. After a few days off I start to get bored. I had things to do but still I was getting a little bored.

I got the house all cleaned, laundry is washing as we speak. We are going to Sam's Club to stock up on some things and then is rest and relax for the rest of the day. Maybe we'll go look at houses, ehh, probably not.

We've looked at quite a few houses in the last couple of months and one thing I've noticed is that the bedrooms tend to be quite small. That's really pretty common here. The bedrooms are small but the living areas are usually larger. We have a queen size bed and some of these bedrooms, even the masters, won't fit a queen size. Well, at least not with any room to move. We could always get some bunk beds but I don't think the dogs would like it. They couldn't crawl into bed with us :)

Well, I have to get ready to head off to Sam's.

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