18 August 2007

Prophecy & Honor

Last night we went to see this play. It's the story of the court martial of Gen. Billy Mitchell who was basically the father of the Air Force. Actually, the Air Force came to be 10 years after he died, but he was the one pushing for it as far back as 1919. It's a good story.

It was written by a local newscaster who is very into plays and acting. He does lots of stuff all the time with the local theatre. He also knows a lot of famous people and he got Richard Dreyfus and George Segal to appear in this play with him. Since this play was a fundraiser for the Pacific Aviation Museum, I'm guessing that Dreyfus and Segal appeared for free or darn cheap.

The problem I had with this production is that Dreyfus and Segal read their lines. Dreyfus carried a book with him the entire time and read his lines out of books. Segal had cards. Another actor also read his lines. Now I'm an actor. I have been in a number of productions. I know how hard it is to learn your lines. I know it takes hours and hours of work, especially if you are one of the main characters. I got it, no problem there. My problem is, these guys are actors!! This is what they do for a living!!! I know for a fact they were here last Friday. They could not learn their lines in a week??? They are supposedly professionals. Come on guys, at least pretend like you care. I have been in productions where 2 nights before opening they have changed entire acts. We've had to scrap the dialog we've been learning for 2 months and learn something new in 2 nights. As amateur we all did it. Why can't these guys, who are professionals, who get well paid for what they do, learn their lines in a week??? Granted they read the lines with excellent feeling and emotion and all that good stuff, but they still read their lines. I'm really surprised they remembered their blocking what with looking at their notes all the time.

Okay, I'm done. It was interesting and overall a good play. It just could have been better.

17 August 2007

Healthy Habits.

I don't think I mentioned this but a couple of weeks back hubby's friend, J, went to the doctor. J had not been feeling well and decided to get it checked out. J is 36 or 37 so really didn't think it was anything serious. He went and the first thing the doctor noted is that his blood pressure was way too high. The doctor listened to his heart and heard something. They ran some blood tests and his cholesterol is through the roof. Total was like 285 or something like that.

This, I think, got to hubby a little bit. Last Friday he told me he hadn't been feeling all that hot and was going to see a doctor. I was elated. Hubby will not go to the doctor at all. He has cut himself and taped it up with duct tape rather than go to the doctor. So I was really happy. He got in last Friday and the doctor told him his blood pressure was good, his heart sounded good, and they did an ECG and that all looked good. Yeah!! The doc sent him off for some blood work plus a test he had to do at home and scheduled a follow-up for last Tuesday.

Tuesday hubby goes back and gets the bad news. His cholesterol is too high. His total is 233 and his LDL is 158. The doctor wanted to prescribe him some pills but hubby said no. He told the doc, my wife is a fitness freak and knows more about nutrition than most people should. I bet she could lower it. So the doc said he'd give hubby 1 month. It will be retested in a month and if it's not coming down he will have to go on medicine. Now, why would the doctor...... okay, never mind. I'm telling a story here. I'll rant later.

So Tuesday night we sat down and went over what he should and shouldn't be eating. I must say, when he's around me his eating is pretty darn good. The problem is when he's at work. If you've ever been to Hawaii you know rice is big. They have it with every meal. So for breakfast they would go to this diner and get rice, sausage, spam, bacon, and eggs (not all at once). They were eating like this 4 mornings a week. Then for lunch they'd have rice, some kind of fried meat product, macaroni salad or potato salad. This was a standard lunch. So I told him that has to go. No fried anything. Dump the white rice. Nothing that's white and creamy.

So we've completely revamped his diet and I'm very, very happy about it. I eat really well but it was hard at home because he'd be eating all this crap that I didn't want to eat. Now he's not eating it either. We have been doing this since Tuesday. He's been to the health food store twice. He got some great recipes out of my Precision Nutrition. I'm very pleased with this.

I know he'll stick with it too. This is the guy who just decided one day he was going to quit smoking. And did. Never went back. He also decided in January 2006 that he wouldn't drink soda anymore. He hasn't. I think this put the fear of God in him so I know he'll stick with it.

16 August 2007

Thank you

for all your input, I really appreciate it. I have changed the design a little, if you want to check it out feel free, Flo's Place. I was just looking at that page and had a thought. I really like the design but I almost always work on it at night. I wonder if bright daylight makes it harder to read. I'll have to check it out tomorrow.

Life rolls on. Tomorrow is Friday and that's always good. Did I mention I'm birdsitting? My bosses' moluccan cockatoo. She's being a big baby and not much fun. She just wants to sit on my shoulder and peep in a tiny voice. She's too funny.

So, for a long time now I've been working my tail off working out. The past week or so I could not figure out why the scale wasn't moving and why I felt so bloated. It finally hit me today, the milk is bothering me. I love milk and drink 2 glasses a day (skim of course). Sometimes it just doesn't agree with me though. I don't quite understand why. If I was lactose intolerant wouldn't I be that way all the time? I'll stop drinking milk for a couple of days and I'll be fine again for 6 months. I don't understand it.

That's it for now. I'm tired and I have a Moluccan grinding her beak on my shoulder. Nails on a blackboard, nails on a blackboard!!

I need your help.

Could you please go over to my other blog, Flo's Place, and tell me if it's hard to read? Someone just told me it's very hard to read. I have horrible eyesight and I have no problem with it. Please do that for me, it won't take but a minute. Thank you.

15 August 2007

Another night and nothing to say.

This is getting to be a habit. A habit I don't like.

It's interesting living in Hawaii lately. First, we were threatened by hurricane Flossie. It was fascinating watching that. The authorities took no chances. They started issuing warnings last week. They were telling people to make sure they have water, medicine, gas, food, enough things to last 3 days. I guess after Katrina they want to make sure people understand they have to plan for themselves. We kept hearing, don't expect help for 3 days. Flossie was expected to hit the Big Island the worst. It didn't happen. Flossie petered out and just brought a lot of rain.

In the midst of preparing for Flossie, the Big Island suffers an earthquake. Luckily that turned out to be not so bad.

Then today, they thought the earthquake in Peru had generated a tsunami that would hit Hawaii around 2 a.m. Luckily they cancelled that warning and said no tsunami has been generated. Thank God!! Let's hope the natural disasters are over for now.

I'm bird sitting my boss' bird. I had thought I'd gotten over Xena's death and that I wasn't too worried about watching Tatu. Yeah, that's not true. Every time a small situation presents itself I go into major panic attack. I mean big time, heart pounding, sweating, total adrenaline rush. It's bad.

Tonight I was taking Tatu to help get dinner ready. She jumped off my shoulder onto the cockatiel cage. I totally freaked. I could not think straight I was so panicked. Now nothing really bad could have happened. When Tatu jumped on the cage the 'tiels went into the nest box to hide. So nothing could have happened, but man I totally freaked. This is not good, not good at all. Around animals you have to be calm and in control at all times. If I get panicked like that, I could cause a major accident. That can not happen.

Okay, that's all I have for tonight. Just some ramblings.......

14 August 2007

I have nothing to say

That's odd, because I can usually find something to write. For 2 days now - nothing.

I did Core work this morning and then went for a bike ride for my intervals. There are enough small hills around my house that I can get 30 seconds of hard effort pretty much anytime I want. Also, if I shift the bike into a harder gear that works too.

As you may recall, last January I was finally ready to buy a new bike. Then Rocco came down with his numerous cancerous tumors and my bike purchase was put on hold. The bike I have is an ancient Bianchi and quite frankly I'm tired of it. It only has 10 gears, the shifters are on the down sloping tube, it's old and I'm tired of it. Plus, I think I've out grown that bike, in terms of riding ability. So this weekend we had lunch at the Kona Brewery in Hawaii Kai. In that same shopping center is Koko Head Triathlon. I convinced my husband to go over there and look after lunch. They have a Fuji (I forget which model) for $1,000. The best part is it's pink :) I think I've convinced hubby that I need this bike. I probably shouldn't buy it but I'm riding the bike is my favorite thing and I've come to hate my bike.

That's really all I got. I'm working out. I'm working. There's not much more.

12 August 2007

Time crunch

Today is one of those days where I'm not sure I'm going to get everything done in time. Everything I need to do has a time factor to it. I want to go to the meeting of the parrot club, that's at noon. I have 2 mystery shops I need to complete, one of which is from 12-4. It's on the opposite side of the island from the parrot club meeting and I have no idea how long the meeting will last, I've never been to one. So as you can see I'm in a little panic for time.

In other news, hubby is once again talking about poker tables. Him and some friends play poker every Wednesday night and every so often he talks about getting a table. We'll see.......

Meanwhile, I took this diet quiz on a website just to see what it would say. I've pretty well got my eating down and my exercise is really going well. I just wanted to see how it would come out. It said I was an emotional eater, not so much anymore. It also said my exercise was in a routine and that's, ummmm, no! I change routines every 4 weeks. It also said I wanted to eat better but didn't know how. Yeah, wrong again. I find it interesting, they are trying to sell you a program so even if you give all the "right" answers they have to find something wrong so you'll buy their program. Hmmm...... Makes you think doesn't it??

Okay, I have to get laundry done, make biscuits, and clean the house before my noon adventure starts. Sitting here blogging is not going to get it done.
Okay, Vicki got me and since I'm slow moving this morning I've decided to do it. Don't be shocked and please, try not to judge me :)

Jobs I've held:

Key Punch Operator (my first job ever)
Switchboard operator (the old fashioned kind with all the chords)
Cashier in an adult bookstore
Insurance claim processor
Telephone Sales
Real Estate Appraiser
Telephone Solicitor for donations
Nature Tour Guide
In store demonstrator
Mystery Shopper

Movies I can watch over and over:
Anything scary

Guilty pleasures:
Afternoon naps

Places I have lived:
Jersey City, NJ
Redwood City, CA
Clear Lake, CA
Palo Alto, CA (actually I've lived in most cities in the Bay Area. We moved around an awful lot since I'm incredibly restless)
Kaneohe, HI

Shows I Enjoy:
Seinfeld ( I still watch reruns)
Grey's Anatomy
Criminal Minds (although with Mandy Pitinkin leaving we'll see how it goes)
ER (although for a few years they really sucked. Last year was pretty good though)
Boston Legal
Cold Case
I'm sure there's more I just can't think of

Websites I visit daily:
Sites for work

Places I have been on vacation:
Plus most of the states.

Flossie (which is a hurricane threatening Hawaii right now :)
Others I will never admit to

None that I can think of. I'm sure there are some but awards are not that important to me so after the initial excitement I forget about them. I'm looking around my room here and don't see any. I know there are 2 running awards hanging in the studio bathroom but I'm not sure what they were for.

What do I value most?
My hubby
My family
My pets
My health

Okay, there you have it. Now I'm supposed to tag more bloggers but honestly I've seen this all over the place and I'm not sure who's done it and who hasn't. If you haven't done it yet consider yourself tagged, but let me know so I can go read it :)

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