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September 1

You all know how I love new beginnings. The first of every month I turn over the calendar page and it's like a fresh, clean slate just waiting to be drawn on. I love the thought of possibilities. What can be? I do believe the possibilities are endless and great things can be achieved in 30 days. That's what's going to happen this month. Starting today, I'm back into serious tri training mode.

Very shortly I'm going to hop on my bike and head out for a long ride. I haven't ridden a lot lately so I'm hoping to get about 15-20 miles in. I'm looking more for time. I want to ride for 1-1 1/2 hours. I really need to give my new bike a good test and today is it.

During my ride I'm stopping at the running store to buy a new pair of shoes. I have managed to tame my plantar (notice I didn't say it's gone!) by wearing my Asics 1120 for a few weeks now. Those shoes do not bother, and in fact help, my plantar. However, I've been unable to fin…


I'll spare you the details, but my body has been going through some changes lately. I'm getting older and changes occur. For the last few weeks I've been experiencing hot flashes like you wouldn't believe. All of sudden I'm covered in sweat where a minute ago I was totally comfortable. Weird.

I've thought about taking something for these symptoms but I don't know what. I've read that some people have had great success with progesterone to help control all kinds of hormonal imbalances. While I'm not thrilled about taking pills or anything, you can get progesterone cream. Maybe that's the way to go.

I am a cautious about anything that messes with your hormones. Hormones control every single function in your body and I do not want to screw things up. But, on the other hand, for centuries women have been using things that mimic hormones to help ease symptoms of PMS or menopause. So maybe a natural progesterone cream wouldn't be so bad. It…

It was 10 years ago today

that Princess Diana was killed.

I have been a huge anglophile my entire life. I started reading about the royal family when I was like 12 and have been doing so every since (real books, not tabloids). I have read the histories of most of the kings and queens. I have followed the lives of the current royals with absolute fascination. When I was about 15 I used to say I was going to marry Andrew since he wasn't likely to become king, the queen might let him marry an American :)

I was fascinated with Di from her first photograph as Charles' girlfriend. I followed her story faithfully. I remember getting up at like 2 a.m. to watch their wedding live. I remember thinking, "she did it. She got the fairy tale ending Disney told us about. She absolutely got it!" Well, things didn't quite end up a fairy tale for her and her life ended all too soon.

The day she died is like the day Kennedy was shot. I remember exactly where I was what I was doing and how I found…

Already making strides.

I just signed up for the Honolulu Century Ride on Sept 30th. I'm only planning on doing the 25 or 40 mile option, but I'm doing it. Yeah!!!

One step forward, two steps back........

Or, old habits die really hard. Or, can't see the forest for the trees. Okay, enough with the cliches and on with my point. Today I had a light bulb moment. The truth was illuminated and kicked me in the teeth. To really understand the depth of my enlightenment we need to go back a few days or months....

At the beginning of this year I had decided I would devote this year to losing weight. I took up weight lifting and interval training and Precision Nutrition. I was very excited and very motivated. I was finally going to lose this last bit of weight, get to my goal and be lean. If I lost this weight I would be faster, more competitive, able to place in my age group, a force to be reckoned with. I was off and running.

At first things went well. I did lose a little weight and could see muscles developing. I was happy. But then I wasn't so strict with my eating. A week's vacation lead to a week of eating out and lots of beer. There were parties and dinners out and t…


I've been thinking about food over the weekend for a couple of reasons.

First, I started doing Precision Nutrition and Turbulence Training at the same time in the beginning of July. Since that time, although I feel awesome, I have not lost any weight and in fact my weight has creeped up a couple of pounds. That got me to thinking about my eating.

Although I've tried to keep the caloric intake within reasonable limits, I think I'm eating too much. I also think I'm not exercising enough. I was looking back over my blog and FitDay records. When I started this blog I was almost 20 lbs lighter and working out morning and evening. So there are some changes in the wind.

I am seriously going to start shopping for organic foods. I figure that, since they are getting so prevalent now, foods with lesser chemicals can only be good.

There are all kinds of organic products available now. It's really amazing. I know that the term organic doesn't necessarily mean a lot, …

A couple of random things.

I took my new bike out this morning and OMG!!! What a great bike. It's considerably lighter than my Bianchi and therefore much wobbler. I have to relearn how to steer. I really couldn't hold a straight line. I did get into aero position for a couple of minutes. Again, I will have to work on learning how to steer in that position. In the aero position everything is so close to the center that the slightest move and the bike is going that way. I will have to practice, practice, practice. But it's fun.

While I was at the bike shop yesterday I noticed they had a note on a board that said 11/4 - Sprint Tri. I was thinking maybe I'd do that one. I believe it's the Haleiwa Tri which is the very first tri I did 3 years ago. I thought that would give me enough time to train and it would probably wet my appetite for more. I went online and can't find info anywhere.

Which leads me to my next topic, what the hell happened to I used to like looking…

Don't let this happen to you!!

How exciting is a new bike???

I went to the bike shop this afternoon and got my fit. My bike is so purrrty!! It's pink and silver, with pink pedals. I love it!!! After my fit I took the bike home and took it for a little ride. It's very different from my Bianchi. It's much lighter, it steers differently, it rides differently. I was too afraid to get into the aero bars. Maybe tomorrow :)

Tomorrow morning will be my first real ride. Oh yeah, the computer has cadence!! I've never had that before, it's very exciting. I will really put it through it's paces tomorrow and see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Now that I've got the bike and am ready to do tris again, maybe I should look for some
Luminox watches for me.....

Just a quickie this morning

Having an aging, lame dog is a lot like having a small child. Nala had to go in the middle of the night and she couldn't get off the bed. I had to get up and get her out the door. She then went to the backyard, did her business, and proceeded to lay in the yard. I had to drag her back in, get her settled in bed. Finally I could go back to bed. By that time I was wide awake. After about 10 minutes I'm laying there wide awake and I could hear her snoring. Ugh!!!

Then, hubby's phone rang about 2 a.m., the alarm at the yacht club was going off. So there I was awake again. Ugh!!!

Needless to say, when the alarm went off I said no way. So I slept in a little. That's okay. This afternoon I get my bike, wheeee, and I'm working on a new training plan. I'm very excited about doing tris again and I want to get back into it. So, starting Sept 1, I'm going to embark on a new tri training program. I'm thinking of doing a month of bike focused workouts,…