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A break in the action

I decided to take this morning off from training. I'm a little sore and tired and I decided that rest was probably the best thing for me.

I have an appointment with a chiropractor next Tuesday. I've finally decided to do something about the shoulder/back/hip/foot pain that is focused all on my right side. Clearly an indication something is out of balance. This guy is supposed to be really good. He's a triathlete. He does ART and some other different types of treatments. My boss, the Ironman, swears by him so I figure he must be pretty good. He also does orthotics. Thinking about my shoe buying experience last weekend where none of the arches hit my arch right, it hit me, have orthotics made then I can wear any running shoe - doh!!!! So I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I'm registering for a tri next weekend. I'm so excited!! The Na Wahine Sprint is Sept 16th. I've done it the past 2 years but didn't sign up this year. Yesterday I got an em…
You Are a Pegasus
You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty.
You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste.
While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills.
People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you.What Mythological Creature Are You?

Hmmm...... Pegasus is a really good name. It denotes speed and mythology...... Hmmmm.... That just might be Pinky's new name :)

The Bike

Duane, this is for you. Apparently I never posted a decent picture of the new bike, so here it is:

I'm still searching for her name. I've been referring to her as Pinky because she has some attitude but is most definitely female. You definitely have to stay calm and relaxed when riding her or she gets all twitchy.

I'm getting used to the aerobars. They are really scary but very comfortable position to be in. I also noticed that I go faster in aero position. Huh! Who knew???

(Please notice the pink pedals. How cool is that?)

Let me tell you a story.

This story is about a girl who got a new bike. She was very excited about her new bike and couldn't wait to ride. She got it on a Monday. She rode it on Tuesday. Then she rode it again on Thursday. Then she rode it again on Saturday. Then on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And her body hurt.

I have never hit the wall, or reached a point where I just could not go on. In some races I've come very close but always managed to dig just a little deeper and keep moving. This morning there was nothing left. The riding I've done may not be a lot to most of you, but to me it's been a killer. I was supposed to do 12 brisk miles this morning. I headed out and my legs felt like lead, just like they have for the past 2 mornings. I figured this would pass like it has. I had worked out a 6 mile loop and thought I'd just do that twice. Some rolling hills so I'd get some interval work but nothing that should kill me. I got to the 4 mile mark of the first loop an…

Pieces of the puzzle.

I headed out this morning at 0'dark 30 for my 10 mile ride. When I leave my house I have 2 options, I can turn left which will take me up to the highway and lots of traffic. Or, I can turn right, which will take me to the back roads where all the cool bikers ride. If I turn right there is a slight grade for almost 1 mile. It's not serious but at 6 a.m. when I'm just getting moving it can really kick my butt.

Anyway, I did my 10 miles and as I was riding (there are lots of little hills all through the back roads, so it's a good interval workout) it suddenly dawned on me why I hadn't been losing weight. When I was losing weight I was working out twice a day for a total of about 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day. I did aerobics, weights, running, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilate's, etc. The point is, I was really active. When I started trying to lose weight earlier this year I focused solely on weights and intervals. That's it. I was working out 45 minutes a day a…

The end of a long weekend.

Wow, summer is over, essentially. From here on out it's holidays and cooler weather and bleah!!

Over on the sidebar you'll notice I've put up my training schedule for this week. I've worked out a plan for the century ride at the end of the month and added some running in just because I suck at it ;) I will update this every night and change it every Sunday. I'm very excited about this. Having a plan and something to work towards has really added a new dimension to my attitude.

I went out for a ride this morning and my legs were toast. I had a real problem getting a decent cadence going. So I just took it easy and cruised. I shifted to an easier gear, got the cadence up and just had fun. By the time I was done my legs actually felt better then they did when I started. Guess I worked all the lactic acid from yesterday's run out.

Anyway, it was on that ride that my earlier post kind of sunk in. I know I want to do the century ride but I didn't have a plan…

The haze clears.

I can be my own worst enemy. I have major doubts about the things I can do, even if I've done them before. I have an awful habit of doubting my abilities. I will keep trying, but there his always that little voice in my head saying those awful things little voices say. I work very, very hard to stomp that voice out, ignore it, override it with cheering, but the little bastard lives on.

I've decided to do the Honolulu Century Ride yet every time I head out on my bike I think, will I be able to climb the hills, can I keep up with everyone, what if I can't make it? I'm only planning on doing 25 miles yet you'd think I was doing all 100 from the voice in my head.

I push the voice aside and tell myself I can do these things. I've done them before, I can do them again. I used to ride 15 miles on a mountain bike, over some pretty good hills, every Saturday morning. If I can do that I can ride 25 miles on a sweet bike. I've run 2 marathons!! I can ride 25 mil…

Starting off good.

Yesterday I went for my morning bike ride. It was okay. This bike is so different from my old one that I'm really taking time to adjust to it. Yesterday was the first time I rode out in traffic. It. was. scary. The worst part is that the more nervous I got the more the bike wobbled. The bike responds to every little muscle twitch. I literally had to talk myself down, breathing and telling myself to relax. After a couple of minutes it was okay. I then rode for around an hour, just cruising around. It was fun.

I stopped at the running store to get a new pair of shoes. I, or should I say my plantar, has been doing really well in my Asics 1120. I haven't been able to find them anywhere so had decided to go to the local running store to try and find some new shoes. They actually had the 1120's. I couldn't believe it. I tried them on and they are different from the ones I have. The arch didn't hit in the right place. I then proceeded to try a number of d…