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Well, after yesterdays fun with fellow bloggers it was back to the routine today. Since I didn't run yesterday, I got up this morning did my weights and then went for a short run. It was good. My pace was 12:04/mile. You have no idea how excited I am about that pace and that I repeated it and that it still hasn't killed me. I'm a very happy runner. When I started out I was actually doing 11:34/mile but slowed down on the way back. Happy, happy, happy!!

Tomorrow I'm doing something that I'm really very excited about. I'm taking a class to become part of EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service). I will train to assist animals in disasters. I'm really looking forward to this. I plan on getting into rescue type work with the next dog I get and I figure this is a great place to start. So I'll be in class all day tomorrow but it will be worth the effort. In the event of a disaster, I know my animals will be okay because hubby and I have a plan for t…

In health news.....

I'm always reading up on health and fitness stuff. I'm a voracious reader anyway and will read just about anything. Recently I've been hearing about chelation.

As a chemist I know that chelation is the binding of metal ions. That's a very simplistic explanation but basically that's it. They say that it's good for the body too. Now, I honestly don't know a lot about that but I'm curious to learn. They say that EDTA will enter the bloodstream and bind with the heavy metals. They will then be eliminated from the system. Now I know heavy metals are not good for the body but some metals are necessary. I've read that metals and even minerals, can build up in the bloodstream, accumulate and harden, and that's really bad. Now, in theory that's a great idea. Since blood supplies oxygen to the organs and muscles, making the blood flow better would supply more oxygen and that would be a great thing.

I've read that chelation therapy is used…

Celebrity Blogger Meet Up

Today I had my first blogger meet up and it was cool. Fe-Lady and her husband are in town for the day only and we had the chance to spend some time together. And what fun it was.

I tried to come up with something to do that would be fun and different and not necessarily touristy. I had thought to take them up to a waterfall with a pool you can swim in but it rained last night and was raining in the mountain when I came over so I knew the trail would be a muddy mess. So we decided to head up Makapuu. It's a nice paved trail up to a lookout that allows you to see the windward side. There's also a lighthouse you can look down on.

On the way to Makapuu we stopped at the infamous blowhole and took some pictures.

Here is Fe-lady and her sweetheart of a husband at the Blowhole. If you look closely you will see rain clouds in the background. We did get rained on a little but not too badly.

Here we have Fe-Lady and I overlooking from Here to Eternity Beach. It was very windy toda…

It never fails

I get up early with the best intentions and then get sidetracked. I hate it.

I got up early this morning and decided to do some computer maintenance before I worked out. Well, I got busy, lost track of time and before I knew it, it's too late to start working out. That's bad. But, I'm thinking it may be a good idea. All day yesterday my knee bothered me a little. I have no cartilage in my right knee and while running usually doesn't bother it, I have to build up the strength of the surrounding muscles to support the knee. Since I just started running again, some of the thigh muscles are not as strong as I'd like them to be. So maybe a day of rest is a good idea. Tomorrow I have off. Hopefully I'll be meeting up with Fe-Lady and her hubby. If not, I still plan on going out and playing. I'm dying to do some hiking so I think that will be on the agenda.

So that's my story this morning. I'm sitting at my desk watching a beautiful sunrise, it…


Well, because I'm a complete idiot I can not post the graphic that shows my awesome run this morning. So you'll have to take it in words.

On the calendar was a 2 mile run this morning. I did so well on Sunday's run that I was a little apprehensive. During the worst of the foot/hip/back problems a really good run/workout was followed by the run/workout from hell. So I was a little nervous about this run. But I laced up and headed out.

As I left my house I knew my pace was faster than normal. Generally I start reallllly slooooooow to warm up. But I felt good so I kept going. I'm cruising along at a good pace, really enjoying the music, and just reveling in the morning beauty. Suddenly, my Nike+ says in my ear, 1 mile, 12:00 minutes. Whaaa!!! I ran a 12 minute mile and felt that good doing it. Yippee!!!

At the halfway point of all my runs I take a little walk break. At first it was for a minute, now it's down to about 20 seconds. I just walk and kind of re…

Do you know what I hate??

When some supposed authority says something bad. It really doesn't matter what the thing is or who the authority is, it just drives me crazy.

First off, very few things are outright bad. Most things fall into categories of grey. So for anyone to say something is bad is usually downright wrong.

Second, in some instances that thing may be the better choice. For instance, let's say some expert says coffee is bad for you. Well that's debatable, but given the choice between drinking coffee or drinking soda, I think coffee would be a better choice. So, faced with 2 not so great choices you pick the "bad" one because it's better than the other.

I hope this is making sense. I was reading some stuff tonight that was saying how bad the elliptical machine is. They were saying that you aren't really using any muscles it's all momentum. That you work up a sweat and breath hard because that's what your body does anytime it moves. It ticked me off a little…

I are a runner again

and I'm so pleased I just can't tell you.

I went out for my "long" run this morning. I decided to go 2 miles. That is the longest I've run in months and months and months and months......well, you get the idea!! It felt so good and I was so tempted to keep going but common sense prevailed. I do not want to get injured just as I'm starting. So I stopped at 2 miles.

The exciting part?? I ran 12:30 min/mile!! That's amazing for me. That's speedy!! For me anyway. I was very excited when I got done and saw the time/pace. I was so excited.

Then I came home and completely rearranged my computer/birdie room. It was hard work but it looks awesome and I'm very happy with it.

So that was my day. I'm very tired but it got so hot here I couldn't even rest. UGH!! It was weird. I was sitting at the computer here and I literally felt the temperature go up suddenly. Finally, the sun is now going down so it's starting to cool off.