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It's a small world??? Not anymore!!!

Disneyland is closing down their It's a Small World Ride for 10 months starting in January to refurbish it. Seems that boats keep bottoming out in 2 places along the ride. When this happens they have to ask people to exit the boat to lighten the load.

Disney officials, being ever tactful, say it's because fiberglass has built up on the boats over the years. They would never say it's because people have gotten fatter!!!! They are going to make the flume 1" deeper and the boats more buoyant. Right, that doesn't scream you're too fat at all.

When they do ask people to exit the boat they don't try to make them feel bad though. They give them a food coupon for their trouble. I'm pretty sure that's the last thing they need.

Stumbling into the lights of the city,

and then back in the shadows again
Hanging onto the laughter
That each of us hid our unhappiness in

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Name that song and win extra credit points.

So that's what I was doing this morning, stumbling into the lights of the city I headed out on my run before the sun was even peeking over the horizon. I shuffled my schedule a little. I'm doing a full blown, 1 hour weight/interval workout tomorrow, so I blew off the strength training today and decided to do a 5k. And it was awesome!!!

There was considerably less humidity than Wednesday so I had no trouble breathing. As I said, I headed out in the dark so it was nice and cool. And I was feeling strong and ready to go. I did the 5k in 38 minutes, 1 minute faster than Saturday - Woot!!!! And I really felt like I could have kept going, but I didn't want to push it.

Vickie's having the same problem I am, holding back. Except for my Monday run, I have been feeling so awesome that I want to go…

Did I tell you I ran yesterday??

Cause I did. And it was ugly. But it wasn't me this time. Well, unless you count my lungs as part of me.

Yesterday was weights and running. Now it has been raining here for like 4 days. It rained pretty hard a couple of days and the ground is wet. It will take the rest of the week for it to dry out, it rained that much.

So after my weights I looked out and saw that the sky looked pretty clear so I got ready to run. As soon as I stepped outside I realized this would be a tough one. It was just before 6 am and I could feel the humidity. This is not going to be good. I headed out.

I started slow because I just knew this humidity would be a problem. But the legs felt so good I kept speeding up. I would force myself to slow down but I inevitably sped up again. I got to the halfway point and turned around. I took a short walk break as I usually do then headed off again. The way back is more downhill and so I tend to go a little faster. I noticed I was going faster but did…

Lose it or pay

I was watching The Early Show on CBS this morning and they did a story on health insurance that I found fascinating.

It seems the cost for health insurance in Bentonville, Ar. county government was out of control. They were operating with a $50,000 deficit. They needed to do something to try and get these skyrocketing costs under control. They changed their deductible policy. In 2004 there was a $750 deductible. In 2005 they raised it to $2,750. A rather dramatic increase. But, they had a way for you to lower your deductible to $500 if you just did a few simple things. Got healthy. If you could pass a medical test that showed your cholesterol was below 160, glucose was below 126, blood pressure was below 140/90, and you didn't smoke, your deductible would drop to $500. This program not only worked, but after 17 months they had a $1,000,000 surplus in the fund.

They interviewed employees and they said when it first went into effect they were mad. They felt like their rig…

If I ruled the world,

so much of this stuff would be taken care of.

People are starting to come around to the wonderfulness that is chiropractic. TriShannon had her first visit today and was shocked by the improvement. I know many people don't like, believe, or whatever, chiropractic care. But I can't tell you how good I feel.

Okay, I was actually thinking about this today so I may as well do my post on it. The journey to wellness with chiropractic is not a straight, flat road. There are hills and valleys all along the way. For a few weeks I'd been feeling pretty good. 3 weeks ago I had an adjustment and for a few days after I felt bad. Things hurt. My back felt like it kept popping out of place and I had to do some yoga stretches to loosen it up. My shoulder was really bothering me. I thought for a while that I might actually have a rotator cuff problem. Apparently these passed.

I realized this morning that I feel good, really good. And I've felt that way for a few days now. Pr…

Dreary Monday....

It's raining again today. Already I've had enough of this, some sun please!!

I did manage to get my run in this morning between rains storms. It was a tough, brutal run. I felt slow (I was) and tired and really didn't want to do it. But I did, I dragged myself 2.5 miles and I was glad I did when I was done.

Yesterday I went and got new shoes because of my knee hurting. I got the Asics Gel Kayano for their heavy duty cushioning. I wore them this morning on my run and it was great. The shoes felt good and my knee didn't bother me all day. So I think I solved that problem.

What else?? Nothing really. I'm tired of the rain and ready for it to be gone.

Sometimes being right sucks....

I planned yesterday for it to be rainy today and is it ever. It's been raining, pretty heavily, since midnight. The way the sky looks and the fact that there's no wind makes me wonder if it's ever going to end. Maybe I should spend the day building an ark!

Looking out my window I can see the birds sitting on the telephone wires taking showers in the rain. How cute. Speaking of birds, you are now reading the writings of the new President of the Aloha Hawaii Parrot Association. We had a meeting yesterday and everyone wanted to do other things so I agreed to be President, unless someone comes along and wants the position :) The parrot club has been limping along for a couple of years now. For the last year or so 1 person has been running the whole thing. She has decided to step down and me and a couple of other people agreed to step up and help. The other lady, who is in charge of programs, has some really amazing ideas for the club. I really think it's going to…