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What's it worth to you??

Commodore got me thinking today. Actually, that's not totally true but, as often happens with blogs, it helped me focus a bit and define a problem I was overlooking.

I have, in many ways, given up my quest to lose weight. I've realized by focusing on trying to lose weight I was actually defeating myself. You can't focus on the negative, you must focus on the positive. So I shifted my focus. Instead of focusing on losing weight (the negative), I've been working on my running, strength, and cardio. This is definitely working towards the positive. I can measure improvements and see positive results. This is a good thing. I've been pretty focused and consistent for the entire month of December. But there was something missing. Then I read Comm's post today.

I watched the end of the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night and was duly impressed. These people did an amazing amount of work, they lost an amazing amount of weight, and they all looked fantastic. But t…

Well now I've really done it.....

Since I went ahead and registered for the Lanikai tri this morning, I figured I'd better get ready to start swimming. I have no goggles, old swimsuits, no plan, you get the idea. So I've been online spending money like a drunken sailor. I've ordered 2 swimsuits from SwimOutlet (they were on clearance) as well as new goggles and a very 60's swim cap :) I also ordered the Total Immersion DVD to work on my swimming. Oh, by the way, the swimsuits, cap, and goggles are all in shades of pink ;)

I've now got to work on my mental game. I always consider myself a poor swimmer. As a result of that thinking, I swim pretty poorly. In 2005 I took that stroke clinic and the instructor told me every class that I was a good swimmer. He had very little criticism about my stroke and I really only needed to make minor adjustments. With his praise ringing in my ears, I had the swim of my life at the 2005 Na Wahine. After that my swimming went downhill quickly. What this tel…

Well now I've done it.

This message is generated as confirmation of your recent registration on You have been successfully registered for the following:
Registration:Bikefactory/Jamba Juice Lanikai TriathlonPurchase Date:12/22/07Category:IndividualEvent Date:04/13/08Name:Florence *******
CLICK HERE for a complete version of this registration.

I'm in. I've signed up for my first tri of the year. I'm very excited and very scared. I have got to start swimming :)

Warning: very unholiday like rant ahead

I am so incredibly sick and tired of hearing the term "give back" What the f*ck does that mean exactly? People say all the time, it's a chance to "give back." Give back what????? And to whom???? Last night I heard someone who was donating toys to Toys for Tots that it was her way of giving back. Again, I ask, give back what and to whom?? Did those underprivileged kids give her something I don't know about?? Maybe the Marines gave her something?? I don't know, but clearly someone, somewhere gave her something and now she's giving it back. But, unless it came from the kids to whom she's donating the toys, it really wouldn't be giving back would it? It would be paying if forward.

I hear a lot too of "giving back to the community" Huh???? What exactly did the community give you? I know I give the community far more than it gives me so I don't feel the need to give anything back. Considering the exorbitant amount of …

Second thoughts.

I was talking to my boss today and we were discussing the 10k on New Years Day. She lives where it's run and has run it before. She then proceeded to tell me it was the hardest 10k on the island. Huh??? What??? Turns out the course is mostly uphill. Both ways. Seriously. You start with a gradual uphill, those ones you can't see but sure can feel when you run it. That goes on for about a mile or so. Then you turn up a pretty short, but very steep hill. When you reach the top there is a long, steep downhill. Then you run up a short, not too steep hill and turn around and come back. That long, steep downhill is now a long, steep uphill. Of course after that it's mostly downhill from there to the finish, but this long, steep hill is really long, and steep. This knowledge is making me have second thoughts about this race. I want to challenge myself but I don't want to kill myself the first time out. There is a 5k the Sunday after, maybe I'll just do th…

Technology challenged

A while back I got a Garmin 305. At first I loved it and used it all the time. But then I realized some problems with it. I didn't like that the HR was displayed so small at the top of the screen. There were a couple of other things I didn't like that I can't remember right now, but trust me, it bugged me. Then I got my Nike + and decided that was way more fun, except it didn't have a HRM. Oh the dilemma. So this morning I go to run and my Nike + is dead. Oh, poo!!! I bust our the Garmin and, since I was early, looked at the instructions only to realize I could customize the display screen. DOH!!!!! I swear, it's the little things that trip me up. So I got in a 3 mile run and had a blast and got to see my HR the whole time - woo hoo!!!!

Tonight I did my weight workout. I missed last night because I had to take Rocco to the vet. If you're interested the whole story is over at Flo's Place. So I did Day 1 tonight and then I did this interval worko…

I'm still here....

I've had a thing going on the last few days and I find myself withdrawing into myself. I can't let that happen, that's when things start to go wrong.

I have broken my streak. I had planned to workout every day in December. Unfortunately, life got in the way. Sunday I woke with a major headache. I thought I was getting a migraine. I have not had a migraine in over 25 years but I still remember what they feel like coming on. I was sure that I was getting one. I pretty much felt like crap the whole day. So there was no run. There was not much physical activity at all. My head really hurt and I was not going to take the chance on bringing on a migraine. So there was no workout on Sunday. My streak has been broken.

I did however, walk around Wal-Mart for about 3 days looking for gifts. Hmmm. Maybe that was part of my headache?!?!? I got hubby a 26" HDTV for Christmas. He is going to be so surprised. I told him there was no way he could buy a new TV. The one…