23 January 2008

I bailed

last night on my cycling training. When I looked at the schedule I realized we were only going to be spinning in the park. I can spin at home. So home I went. I am definitely getting into this relaxing thing. It's kind of funny though how long it's taking me to 'catch up' on my rest. I've never really experienced this before so I really don't know what to expect. What I do know is that I'm sleeping better (hadn't realized my sleep was compromised); I'm more interested in doing the things I need to do; I'm not near as grouchy (which I'm sure makes everyone happy :). I never really seriously considered I could be overtraining since I know lots of folks who workout way more than I do (you know who you are). But I guess I was pushing the envelope, for me. Anyway, I'm feeling better and I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be climbing the walls :)

That's it. I've been working on other things. I'm putting together a newsletter for the bird club. I'm still getting my new computer set up. I'm reorganizing my financial stuff since it's tax time. All pretty boring stuff, but I'm enjoying it. Okay, off to work.

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Fe-lady said...

Time off is a good thing...but I have a difficult time doing as I say, so don't listen to me! :-)

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