26 June 2008

Another milestone

It's kind of funny how when things start to go right other things seem to kick in and go right. The Law of Attraction??? Hmmm....

This morning was a bike ride, 70 minutes. Again, I was going to go out on the road but I need to start by 5:15 and it's just starting to get light. I'm nervous in the dark so I hoped on the stationary bike. Did 2 - 30 minute programs. It was a good workout. While I ride I am reading a fantastic book that was written in the 70's and everyone smokes, everywhere. It's pretty funny. One of the characters is in the hospital and his visitor is smoking in his room. Right!! Also, there was a spectacular freeway crash and it involved a VW minibus filled with hippies. Brings back my misspent youth.

As I was getting dressed for work, I was looking for something to wear. I've said before, my workplace is very casual and I wear shorts to work. About 2 weeks ago I went to Old Navy (my favorite store) and bought some new shorts. I haven't worn them to work yet because 1) I work with chemicals and tend to destroy clothes (yeah, I will not miss that at all when I start teaching), and 2) I wasn't thrilled with the way they fit. They fit, just something felt a little off. So as I'm standing in front of my closet whining about having nothing to wear, I notice the shorts sitting there. I picked them up and thought to myself, 'I'm not going to like the fit' and tried them on. Lo and behold, they fit like they were made for me. Woo Hoo. They felt perfect!! Absolutely perfect!! I am wearing them now. I love when that happens. In fact, although I get hung up on the number on the scale, how my clothes feel on me is really way more important to me. Watching what you eat and working out regularly works. Who Knew???? I keep having these successes I'm going to need to stock up on ink pens to log everything :)

Okay, it's the end of the month so I expect to be swamped today. I'm off.

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Michelle said...

You are cracking me up with the links and how you work them in. Hilarious!

Congrats on better fitting clothes. These are my fave type of NSVs too!

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