22 June 2008

I got a lot done this weekend

and none of it was training related :) I'm thinking I finally got the moving bug. I have a lot of stuff that need to be gone through if we are moving back to the mainland. I have a year but I think it's begun already.

In the computer/birdie room I had a very large desk, 6 shelf bookcase, dresser, extremely large bird cage, 2-drawer file cabinet, smaller parrot cage, and lots of training gear. After my weekend I now have a very large desk, 2-drawer file cabinet, extremely large parrot cage, smaller parrot cage, 7-drawer plastic stand. Everything else is gone and there is so much room in here it's awesome. And I've caught 2 mice in my Rat Zapper. All Hail the Rat Zapper!!!!

Then today I also tackled the living room. Our living room is kind of small. We had a small couch, coffee table, 4-shelf bookcase and TV on a stand. That's it. Well, over the past year or so the dogs have gotten stiffer and stiffer and their beds have gotten larger and fluffier. I finally realized that the only reason the coffee table is there is to collect my various magazines. Since I've cancelled all but 1 subscription, I no longer need that big table. So out it went. There is now room for both large dog beds and too walk around the living room. Who knew???

I am very pleased. I've got a ton of stuff together for a garage sale that we will have in the not too distant future. I got rid of some junk. I'm very happy with my work this weekend.
Tomorrow morning it's back to our regularly scheduled working out.

In other news, I was down .2 lbs at my weigh-in yesterday. That was actually pretty good. When I got up yesterday I felt kind of bloated so I wasn't expected a loss. I was pleased.

The bad part to all this work this weekend is that I didn't track my food. My eating got thrown off when I took the test on Friday and it's been a little screwy all weekend. I haven't recorded anything and so many things I ate on the run so I'm not sure I could remember everything. The good part is that I think I ate pretty well as I wasn't full or stuffed at any time. I think I'm good. Starting tomorrow it's on again.

I think that's it. I'm off to fold laundry and head off to bed. I'm tired.

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Comm's said...

where do you think your moving too?

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