08 June 2008

Some random thoughts

I'm about ready to head out on my run and as I was eating a yogurt I was reading some boards and forums. Most of them were weight loss related and it was blowing me away. Many of the people on these boards are setting themselves up for failure. Before even starting they have their excuses all lined up and ready to go. 'I'm on X medication and it's hard to lose weight on that' 'I injured myself and can't do X' 'I have small kids/animals/elderly parents and can't find the time to eat right and exercise' Don't they realize what they are doing?? Everyone is super busy. Everyone has something in their life that makes this journey hard. If it was easy we wouldn't have these problems, we'd just lose the weight and be done. It just amazes me that people say the want to lose weight but............ and then give themselves an out. I know I do it with my workouts but I'm aware I'm doing it and trying to break it. Plus I go into something convinced I'm going to do it. Okay, enough. I'm off on my 5 mile run.


Irene said...

You are so right... Everyone is super busy, gets injured, has set backs of some sort. I don't know if it's human nature to make excuses or if people just don't realize how powerful they really are, mind wise.

Have a wonderful 5 mile run!

Benson said...

Good advice. "the body achieves what the mind believes."

Fe-lady said...

Yeah, last time I checked we all had 24 hours in a day and we get to choose how we use them!
My mom was making excuses for my sisters weight gains and she says "maybe they have a thyroid problem".

Sure. Right.

No maybe they have an eating and non-excercise problem!

Good for you for realizing lots of self-sabotage can get in the way...but not for YOU! :-)

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