24 June 2008

Synapses firing, connnections made

It truly amazes me sometimes how dense I can be. I make a connection between two things and I have to make that connection over and over and over in order for it to really stick. Usually it takes 2 or 3 times. I will get the initial ah-ha!! Then the next time it will be a, oh, right!! Then, usually the final time, it will be a huge, DOH!!!! That was me this morning, DOH!!!

Friday I didn't workout because of my test. 1 day missed. Saturday I got into my mouse cleaning frenzy and didn't workout. 2 days missed. Sunday I wanted to finish the house so I didn't workout. 3 days missed. Yesterday was my regularly scheduled rest day. 4 days missed. The problem was that by yesterday I felt like the Pillsbury Doughboy, all soft and squishy. I really did feel pretty bad. My eating was good but I still felt like crap. It felt like nothing was digesting. Weird, I know. So I'm reviewing in my head things I've eaten and trying to figure out why I'm feeling so crappy. Then it hits me - DOH!!! I haven't worked out in 4 days. Yes, I've done things. But I have not had a heart pounding, sweat pouring, gasping for breath workout in 4 days. So I got up this morning and did a heart pounding, sweat pouring, gasping for breath workout. It was awesome. 50 minutes of hard intervals on the bike and then a 30 minute run. Fantastic.

As I'm running I'm reveling in how good it feels to workout hard. I love pushing myself and I like the way my body feels when I do. I'm thinking how I hate that Pillsbury Doughboy feeling. I'm thinking how when I feel like that I don't feel like eating right or working out. It makes me feel fat and lazy and it's hard to get going again when you feel that way. That's when it hit me - DOH!! It's hard to get going when you feel that way. I used to feel that way all the time. The bad feelings create an environment for continued bad habits. While the good feelings from exercise and eating right create an environment for continued good habits. Of course!! I knew this. I've learned it a hundred times in the past 10 years, but there it was like something brand new again today. My lesson for today?? I have to do some workout every day in order to feel the way I enjoy feeling. DOH!!!


Benson said...

Amen Sister. You got it right there.
Nice job on the whole cleaning frenzy and that vid is good giggle.

Michelle said...

You said it sister! I start getting scared around Day 4. That's when I could start to slip into the abyss, also known as My Couch. Glad your back at it!

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